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Best PFS modules for reading / lore?

Paizo Blog: Tales of Lost Omens: Chance Encounter

Paizo is full of weirdos and I love them

Transformation spell plz?

When does products become available on the Paizo store?

Catch me up on the SoM Classes?

Paizo Blog: Mwangi Expanse: No Place Like Home

Mwangi Expanse hype!

3-book APs and thoughts on the directions campaigns go. (long)

Anyone catch this month's Paizo Live?

Let's reflect for a moment

book of the dead hype!

How to handle players with differing desires?

2e Occultist?

Golarion vs. Home Settings

What does a cleric have to do if they commit an anathema?

Boons - what are they even

Armor for animal companion

Giant Skunk Line or Cone

Assurance just seems...bad.

What is the best / eaziest way to Earn Income.

The time has come! Introduce your warriors to the great tournament.

Poisonhide Grippli should have poison resistance!

Vehicles and amount of passengers

Ventilation in dungeons

Can you melt down an Adamantine weapon and harvest it?

Mandatory Items

Paizo Blog: No-Prep Character: Wendlyn

Famous Libraries on the Isle of Kortos

Dispel magic on Potion effects

Soulforger / Magus Combination

Versatile Heritages Seen Most

Fire cat?

PvP experience?

Things I need to know for planning my Strength of Thousands campaign

Paizo Blog: Tales of Lost Omens: Golden Splinters

Downtime Expectations

Paizo Blog: PaizoCon 2021: Pathfinder Arena Update

Gms of pf2e what upcoming books are you excited for as Gms?

Multiple Persistent Damage

Troop creation rules?

Charitable urge

Line of effect

Did anyone remember to feed Jack? (or, did good Stealth rules come out of hiding for 2e?)

What Makes for a Good AP / Stand Alone Adventure?

Do we need a Caster "neutral" archetype?

Animal Companions as Familiars?

Genie racial builds

Wizard spell slot # and Dual Class example quote

Flexible Spellcaster - Which class works best?


Compendium link to Roll 20

Waiting for Secrets of Magic and Strength of Thousands is PAINFUL

Ghorans and BEES!

Battle on the Big Bridge

Guess the next rulebook and classes

Book of the Dead - Eidolon option?

What New Ancestries / Versatile Heritages do you want to see in PF2?

Character help for Malevolence

Why does 2e have spells go up to 10 rather than 9?

Calling it now - The Book of The Dead will include the Lich class archetype

Korada, Qi Zhong, and Zombies. Oh my!

What are your burning questions related to Guns & Gears?

Mwangi Ancestries infomations

Is the behaviour of Champions (Paladins) more restricted than ever?

Knights of Lastwall

Question about the Japanese shojo

Can you use a higher spell slot for a lower spell, in P2?

More 3 part APs!

Monster stats spreadsheet and results updated

Thought on a Power DM Added to one Party...

Cleric take a architype

Wild Morph + Monk (Tiger Stance)

Absolute Power

Landing on monsters! ​How can we create God of War vibes in PF2?

I feel that monster attacks are very overpowered at low levels

An example of very cruel monster design

Odd attribute values (as opposed to even) at level 20

input requested for 2E Players Guide, Skull and Shackles

Foundry 20% off for 1 year anniversary

Opinion: Why I Believe the Investigator is the Best Class for a Martial / Caster

Is there a cheat sheet anywhere for the "observed states"

Extreme / unfair encounters

Pathfinder 2e Animated: Goblins

The lethality of posion

Spell DCs, Archetypes and Martials

From shmucks to heroes: A discussion on descriptions.

How many commoners does it take to screw over a giant?

New group advice - Monk, Wizard, Alchemist, Bard

Niche protection and archetypes

I think my players may have ruined Vidrian, and it's probably my fault.

Weapon archetypes and casters

Class idea - The Paragon / Powerhouse / Flying Brick

Swashbuckler's "Disarming Flair" should the baseline Disarm effect

What would the game look like with 4-degrees of success for martial classes?

Which PF1 Classes Are The Most Difficult to Adapt to PF2?

Alchemist's Fire and "proficiency" in its use

Ability Boost (Intelligence) and Number of Skills

why I can never go back to 5e & why I love pathfinder2e & things I hope come in the future

Secrets of Magic on Game Trade Mag #255

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