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LO Setting Question: Is this a thing?

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Bestiary Token Pack for Foundry VTT

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thoughts on Guns and Gears, and the setting?

Does Command Undead work?

Does "Improved Knockdown" trigger "The Harder They Fall"?

ChatGPT as Gamemastering tool

Treasure Vault Hype and Guessing!

Infectious Ennui

Making a martial dragon disciple work?

Are thaumaturges, like, really silly for anyone else?

SURVEY Pathfinder 2e adventure paths

Does the striking rune seem overpowered to anyone else?

How long should it take for a build to come online?

Edgewatch: Missing Person, Dart Barrage

Trying to find information on "Non-Golarion" setting for PF 2nd.

Student of Perfection archetype

What stories do you want to do with Mythic?

Why are all mid level aquatic adventures not conduced via wheel chair?

Handwraps. What are they really?

Impossible Lands love.

Incubus for 2E

Harm Blasters

Clarification Request: Air Cartridge Firing System

Air Repeaters in Alkenstar

Hopes for boarding in Treasure Vault

Can a druid survive Frostpunk with Wandering Oasis?

Ideas for Mythic Archetypes

Arcane Cascade Suggestion

Comprehend Languages and metaphor

Refined Hide

General fiction compatible with Pathfinder

Favorite trope subversions?

How does the Tian pantheon work?

Skill feat ideas?

What character concepts are we still unable to build? Let us seek their essence.

How to Describe Technology?


Lingering traditions of alignment?

Kobolds: The Goblins of 2e?

Barbarian, sudden charge I and my master

A samurai with some flavor

Any Plans for More Pathfinder One-Shots?

Coins of Absalom Kickstarter

In your experiance, is a character with one of the healing archetypes (medic,herbalist, blessed one) enough?

The new class balance after the release of the Psychic

Feats for the different Wizard Schools

What Ancestries do you want more for?

Happy Thanksgiving

Paizo Blog: A Better Author List? Impossible!

My Psychic Friends Network

Builds for Bards of diffrent genres?

The Planes in relation to the Prime Material?

Any hope of an insect Ancestry in 2e?

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder RPG Art Proudly Featured on Toy Vault Jigsaw Puzzles

Why are Gunslingers so bad with Combination weapons?

Rules Question Regarding "Reborn Soul" Background

Isn't the Unfolding Wind Rush focus spell missing the air trait?

Pitch your ideal 2e book

Foundry Pathfinder Second Edition Actual Play in Support of Extra Life! Saturday, November 19, 2022 10:00 AM

GnG Multiclass dedications kinda suck.

Mortal Healing and Divine Summoner

Is Pathfinder, or Golarion, entering an industrial revolution?

Bleachlings should be implemented as an archetype for gnomes

Cyborg Heritage - how would you make it?

Who / what would you make with playable Drow?

Adventures on Androffa (Space adventuring)

Wish List for Products Similar to Kobold King Anniversary Edition

Scion: Golarion (Or Toril)

Why Most Inner Sea Nations Fail (and why Andoran will rule the world)

Do magic items resize if equipped by different creatures?

Pathfinder Metal Compass announced

Question for the devs: why are none of the ancestries outside the core common?

How to make the game world feel more like antiquity?

Paizo Blog: Cook Up Some Impossible Lands Cuisine!

Paizo Blog: Wrath Of The Righteous Season Pass 2 Detailed

Any appetite for 'set piece' based adventures instead of smaller 'dungeons'?

Horror villains / monsters, Pathfinder style.

A few questions for those that already got their Impossible Lands LO book

What is the point of the caltrop snare?

Help - Build Sauron in D&D

Halloween Monster builds?

Paizo Blog: Embrace the Unnatural: Pathfinder Lost Omens Impossible Lands

Why was there no inspirational media index for 2e, and if it had been made, what would have been included in the video game category?

Temporary abilities; do they get much use?

Paizo Blog: Back the Coins of Absalom Kickstarter Today!

Paracletus first? Aeon wyrd first?

How do you read your Pathfinder 2E books?

Idea generator: Origins and names for Medium draconic ancestries

Throwing Knife defined twice (but not exactly the same?)

Class feat charts are back

Recommended Party Size?

Brewmaster's Compendium 2022

Paizo Blog: Remembering the First

Paizo Blog: The Ultimate Faeries Kickstarter is here from Legendary Games!


On The Picking Of Locks

Book of the dead: Skeleton companions

What New Classes do you want to see in PF2?

Okay Paizo - after rage of elements..

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