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Classes and archetypes you want to be added next

Classes use TEML instead of level

Classes without spellcasting, spell-like or supernatural attributes

Cleric of Gorum build

Clerics and Channel Energy: A compromise.

Close Match

Color coding magic item rarity...why.

Combat Feat Categories

Combat initial thoughts

Combat Reflexes query

comdition:Asleep [Can I take free action?]

Community Use Policy: action icons?

Compiled Feedback Document from the Pathfinder Discord

Complete 2nd Edition Playtest Feedback from the Folks at Pathfinder Academy (audio)

Concept: choosing your proficiencies

Concern: Accessibility for the Visually Impaired

Concerns about Criticals and Degrees of Success

concerns about the impossibility of a character who is secretly a necromancer

Conditions that affect all checks (as frightened) also affect AC.

Conflicting Rules About Natural 20s

Consideration on how +1 boosts are really much more than a "5% increase"

Consolidated document?

consolidating redundant terms

Consume all the base clases

Conversion Cheat Sheet

Converted Rise of the Runelords Playtest

Converting J1 or J4

Converting to 1st Edition

Cool characters?

Cool useless things you're sad you can't do anymore.

Core Mechanic Hack: Level Difference As a Modifier

Core Rulebook organisation and layout

Core System / Bestiary Issues

Could Flanking just give the Flat-footed condition to everyone?

Could it work?

Could some regional languages be common?

Could Spellcasting be a Class Feat

Could the Gods use an update?

Could we get a little more Dev feedback in the forums?

Could we remove bonus type from weapon traits?

Coup de Grace, Unconscious and Dying...

CR1 Monster stats

Crafting Questions, also starting level 7 heroes

Create Undead???

Crit Hit Damage Calc Question

Critical failures and level modifiers give weird results to outclassed characters

Critical Hits on a Strike as Class Features

Critical Problems: RAW vs RAI

critique from outside the numbers......

Crits are a lot more fun with more dice involved, IMO

Crits hits should be less good, allowing for better normal hitting odds

Crossbows / Slings vs Composite Bows

Cure Wounds alternative idea

Current balance between attributes

Current skill system extremly static and boring! Solution Talent instead of Ability affect skill!

Current state of the Cleric

Current Tier list

Custom Character Sheet (Google Sheets)

Custom Monster Table (for homebrewing and converting)

Cutoff for surveys?

Cutting down on rules repetitiveness

D&D 4.75e or Old is Old, my reaction on my first read through...

Damage assignment with armor & shield

Damage doesn't scale to keep up with creature HP

Damage Resistance; Sonic Damage

Damaging items and Hardness and sunder attacks?

Dazzled and Blinded conditions

Dead Before Start

Deadmanwalking's Main Problem With PF2

Deadmanwalking's Reaction Thread

Deadmanwalking's Remaining Pathfinder Playtest Problems After Update 1.6

Dear Paizo

Death by fluffy bunnies: What happens when the drained condition reduces a creature's maximum hit points to 0?

Death Mechanics deeply flawed

Deconstructing the Problem: Monster Skills, Monster Perception, and the Skills DC Table; Fixing the Item Bonus Assumption Problem

Dedication Feats + Class Feats question of interaction

Degrees of Failure / Success on attack rolls

Degrees of success order

Degrees of Success Unchained

Deific weapon issue

Design Goals

Design intent - Combat Fighting Styles

Design Question: What's the point of having more than the four main classes?

Destroying walls and buildings

Detecting magic

Developing for Pathfinder 2e (The Gunslinger)

Dex to Damage (Again)

Diagonal Movement Around Hard Corners

DICE WILL ROLL plays: Doomsday Dawn!

Did a lot of classes have their early levels give less class stuff because of higher to hit + iteratives?

Did most ancestries purposely get slower?

Did you use shields in the playtest? What did you think of them?

Difficulty does not mean lower success rates

Dirty tricks

Disappointment in direction game (and rpgs in general) are headed

Disarm and Trip seem inconsistent.

Discrepancy Between Prepared and Spontaneous Casting

Ditch the Outdated Stereotypes

Divine Decree worded poorly

Divorcing Crafting from Normal Skills

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