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* more customization
* preserve high power progression without +level
* simpler?

Turn all automatic class features into feats, almost perfectly matching this generic level table:

Odd Level: class feat, general feat, skill increase.
Even Level: class feat, skill feat.
General feats & ability boosts as normal.

Treat classes like skills and gate their feats by proficiency instead of level.

Signature Skills become applications of the class skill, such as rolling a Cleric check for Medicine.

Use Skill Increases granted by Hero Level to buy class proficiencies (or use a separate Class Increase). A Hero can become Legendary at level 7, about where they become superhuman ( our-expectations-2).

After that, a Class Increase may instead be used to purchase a feat or two? Or use it to multiclass.

The +level system can be removed while retaining high power progression.


A wizard could focus on spell casting and have spell level keep pace with Hero level. Or he could focus on meta magic for versatility. If spell points are generalized to spell casts as well as wizard powers, this could be balanced as more casts vs stronger spells. A 7th level wizard casting a 7th level spell may not be able to do anything else that day.

A Druid could become a non-caster wild shape master while training in the Monk's animal style kung fu.

NPCs could be lv8 Diplomat, etc., treating their primary skill like a class.


* Speed of class proficiency controls power curve.
* Caster Level Increase feat instead of Castable Spell Level Increase, class proficiency adds to spell level. Slows spell level progression.
* Spell related feats raise effective caster level. No boring feats.
* split classes into tighter focus, master 2 or 3 to be comparable with a traditional class, or compose as desired.

TEML Advantage system:

Untrained, roll with disadvantage. Trained rolls normal, expert has advantage, double and triple advantage for master and legendary respectively.

This stacks with (mis)fortune.

This pushes masters consistently into the high end of what's possible for a human to achieve, but doesn't push into the superhuman.

Trade 2 dice for +10 to achieve the impossible. Enables a player to hit an epic DC.

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Given all the changes, I don't think that referencing "thealexandrian" for what level to make something is really valid. Plenty of people have expressed that one class or another has been nerfed and things that at one point were achievable at some specific level now requires a higher level. I don't think you have an argument to bring legendary down to 7th level as a base.

Otherwise, giving each class a class feat at each level does sound like something generally positive. But that would potentially require turning things that were class features potentially into feat choices. You have an interesting idea of bundling caster level or other forms of advancement into Caster type feats... making it an extra bonus, but allowing the caster to choose to get something else. [and meaning if someone multiclasses across, they might lose some caster level] That is an interesting idea, but some of the implications might make it hard to fit into some of the core assumptions in the game currently.

As to your TEML Advantage system: It seems similar to ideas I've thought through. You have them rolling quite a few dice, and it doesn't necessary address the 'complexity' of your target roll. You have a legendary getting to roll three extra dice against some target. Yet said target DC may be based on a legendary difficulty in the first place.

My suggestion would be that most DCs have a Rank. If your comparative rank is below that rank, you roll twice and take the lower result. If your rank is the same, you roll like usual. If your rank is higher, your roll twice and take the higher. A legendary roll against an untrained target DC would still just roll twice, taking the higher, but they also have a target that is gated some five values lower than they regularly get on a normal roll.

This means that means that AC would need to have the DC associated, as well as the rank, since presumably then someone trained at their weapon striking a monster with an untrained AC would get to roll twice and take the better result. However, if a character gets a master fireball thrown at them, they will be more likely to get a crit failure if they only have an expert save, as they will roll twice and take the lower.

Doing this would certainly make the Rank associated with a skill/ability far more important than just the + number associated with it as most people assume is the most important.

My concern with adding some many extra rolls is that it would make critical success/failure so much more common that they might actually become more common than normal successes or failures. That might be able to be adjusted by making the spread more than 10, but 10 certainly works as a very nice and easy spread to remember.

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