Critical Hits on a Strike as Class Features

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As the title, they could make critical hits (at least the double damage part) on a Strike as class features exclusive to martial classes and some advanced monsters, not unlike how they treated AoO's in this playtest.

Would this help solve the deadly monsters? If so, how much?

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And what, exactly, does anyone else get? What about clerics or martially-focused bards? What about Sorcerers or Wizards that take Magical Striker? Shouldn't they also be able to meaningfully crit? Saying "they'll auto-hit" isn't any sort of consolation prize: 20s on a die are already more than likely to hit.

Frankly, this is just not a suggestion that will result in fun. There's no reason to take crits away from only *some* players in a particularly critical focused edition. It'll just result in disappointment and less fun when someone not with the 'feature' rolls a nat 20 on their attack. And removing them generally would just further destroy verisimilitude on top of it. Basic mechanics should work the same for everyone at the base-line.

Monsters being deadly with crits cannot be properly fixed by taking away crits with fiat. It changes none of the reasons why those monsters are getting those crits, or why they are so deadly with them, in the first place. Removing crits won't stop monsters from currently being overtuned, or that the math currently really doesn't like equal-level or higher encounters. A change like removing crits would just be ignoring the cause for the symptoms.

I don't think players would find this fun.

Completely different point, but I'd rather see more spells counted as Strikes, some of them are functionally the same as it is (though I am aware that they actually crit differently, and in a way that might be slightly more fun), and I think the interactions could be quite fun. E.g. imagine sneak attacking with ray of frost, or following up a mildly tweaked 1-action Harm with Commanding Lash.

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