Crits hits should be less good, allowing for better normal hitting odds

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Only hitting ~50% of the time does not feel good. Since every attack bonus increases crit range if we want to have better attack bonuses and keep the +/-10 crit paradigm crits have to become less swingy.


Lets take a look a a big strong melee character who does 1d12+6 on a hit.

Assuming she needs to roll an 10 to hit, on average he's going to miss 9 times, hit 10 and crit 1 out of every 20 swings (given an infinitely large number of swings it'll average out to this)

That means an average damage output of 7.5 per strike.

If we increase her attack bonus by 2 this becomes miss 7, hit 10, crit 3

That means an average damage output of 10 per strike.

While the numbers don't look to big here, a +2 to hit has sudden increased expected damage by 33.3%

This is because every bonus is giving an extra crit so is effectively providing 2 extra hits.


So if instead of every crit being worth 2 hits, they were worth something less having a more variable attack bonus is less problematic.

Empowering is one solution, but seeing players struggle with the empower metamagic and vulnerability suggests that wouldn't be a fun/fast way.

Leaves us with maximizing instead.

If we do that our hitting on a 10 becomes 7.15 damage and we we add +2 to hit our damage is 8.95.

This is instead an increased of 25.2%

A much more manageable value, and one that makes

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