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Hi folks,

Couldn't find this on the forums. Apologies if this has been answered.

I'm creating a level 7 Paladin for the 3rd playtest module. He's got 4x 2D8+2 heals per day, which I hope counts as innate healing...

My paladin has master crafting, skill level 9 (INT bonus 0). He's going with a hardness 10 shield and going to shield allies. But I understand that the shield will break super quick, so have taken quick repair skill feat.

With regards to creating an item for a high level starting hero.

How do I know what the DC is to create an item? Example in the book shows DC17 for a 4th level item. Does this mean an item is generally 13+LVL difficulty to create?

How do you handle a level 7 character wanting to create a stack of potions for his team? In theory they'd all be half price as could just buy the half price ingredients, then spend as many days as required to reduce costs to zero for second half of the process.

How about the 10% lost ingredients on critical fails?

Any rules on this that we've missed?

Scarab Sages

Each character begins with one 6th-level item, two 5th-level items, one 4th-level item, two 3rd-level items, and 125 gp to spend on any additional items. The wealth can only be used to buy additional items you are not allowed to craft anything prior to the start, you could possibly have time during the adventure to craft, ask your GM about that. The crafting section in the rule book answers everything you asked.

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