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Net cost of potency runes?

New base Speed and its consequences

New Dying Rules don't seem much better...

New Dying Rules: Help!

New Economy

New free utility!! Search any action fast!

New math for Proficiency Bonuses

New Pathfinder 2nd edition podcast

New presentation style is, overall, a win IMO

New roleplayer and Pathfinder 2 question.

New rule book please.

New Second Edition Forum Is Live!

New Treasure Management Tool

New vs. Old

News from Paizo Twitch 17 / 08 / 18 - Mark Seifter

No "Additional Comments" on Survey

No ability boosts after 1st level. Removed ancestry, background and class ability boosts:

No level progression table?

No more rcane spell failure?

No need for gendered pronouns to refer to nonspecific characters

No one is using light shields (solution)

No support for really basic concepts?

No veriant action martial stuff?

Noble Background - Lore & feat really don't work together?

non caster players

Non Lethal Damage.

Non-copy / pastable action symbols and monsters' statblocks ?

Nonlethal issues

Not exactly in a negative way, but... I think I'm on my way out (At least until the CRB)

Not just Sigil anymore

Not really Life Siphon

Notes on playtesting - week 1

Objective DCs and Table 10-2 should be friends, not enemies.

Obligatory First Reactions: Character Creation

OCR errors in the text version

Official Clarification on Splash

Official Release Date?

On Feats and Their Organization Structures

On Healing

On higher-level monsters, their stacked statistics, and generic physical attacker enemies: could a pre-buffed, four-PC 2nd-level party defeat an ettin or a weak hill giant?

On Rarity

On the topic of Hit Points Healing -- What about Stamina?

On-line character sheet

One guy’s optimistic take on PF2

One simple house rule to get that 1e power reliability feel in 2e

Ongoing Feedback - Home Campaign - Not Doomsday Dawn

Only Fighters Can Dual-Wield Now?

Only Fighters Can Dual-Wield Now? (Solved. Thanks you guys!)

Open air encounters fail to allow for 500' range of Fireball

Open discussion about the possibility of continued Paizo support for P1e (inc. PFS)

Open Innovation Tool to collect feedback

Open up class ability boosts

Opinion: Saving Throws and TAC are things of the past. Let them go

Opinions on Cleric Domain powers

Optimization challenge: how would you build a level 20 party to take on epic foes?

Organization of leveled abilities and equipment - Alphabetical vs Level-Alphabetical

Organization of Where Information Is Found In the Rulebook

Organizational Suggestions

Organized Play and a living world

Our group is also bowing out of the playtest - and reasons why

Out of combat healing. Should PF2 take healing surges from 4E?

Overall Recommendation

Overall thoughts after gencon

Page number missing

Paizo - Don't make Operatives 2.0 - About the Rogue

Paizo Blog: A New Part Dawns!

Paizo Blog: Ancestry and Class Surveys

Paizo Blog: Catching Our Breath

Paizo Blog: Forging the Heroes of Undarin

Paizo Blog: Halfway to Doomsday

Paizo Blog: On the Road to Sombrefell Hall!

Paizo Blog: Ongoing Changes

Paizo Blog: Ongoing Changes

Paizo Blog: Ongoing Changes

Paizo Blog: Ongoing Changes

Paizo Blog: Ongoing Changes

Paizo Blog: Order of the Amber Die--Doomsday Dawn Playtest, Part 1

Paizo Blog: Positives and Negatives

Paizo Blog: Raising the Flag

Paizo Blog: Sending Your Heroes to the Mirrored Moon

Paizo Blog: Shining Lights and Dark Stars

Paizo Blog: Thanks

Paizo Blog: The Pathfinder Playtest is Closed!

Paizo Blog: The Prestige

Paizo Blog: The Resonance Test

Paizo Blog: Your First Adventure

Paizo Friday Stream Notes November 16, 2018

Paizo Please Fix List - A Running List

Paizo Twitch and thoughts

Paizo you guys are making a HUGE brand mistake trending towards 5e.

Paizo, please introduce spellpower runes

Paizo: Very Important Question from my Wife :)

Paizo’s “Star Wars” Problem: Risks and Rewards of PF2

Paladin Champion Powers - Missing in the Playtest Book

Paladin Dedication should not give all armor types

Paladin Problem Design....REACTIVE not PROACTIVE

Paladin reactions

Paladin: Champion Powers

PaladinMCmonk unarmed die

Paladins of Pharasma Redeeming the Undead? A Study on Edicts, Anathema, and External Codes.

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