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Advice equipping my Sorcerer?

Affair at Sombrefell Hall

After update 1.6 the min / maxed cleric has 10 wis. Not quite what was planned, right Paizo?

Ah lads, it's not all that bad, now

Aid Action - Missing in the book?

Aid Becomes Automatic on High Levels

AIMM's PF2 playtest feedback (spoilers: minor lost star mentions)

Alchemist and Hands Errata issue

Alchemist as a healer

Alchemist clarificaton request - how many formulas known per level?

Alchemist Formula Book - Here is the design I have for TOS 2nd - Constructive comments welcomed!

Alchemist Issues

Alchemist review

Alchemy and its own new system, yet is specifically presumed attached to Arcana?

All I want for Christmas is a General feat...

All Natural Criticals

All these TPKs. Curious:

Alphabetical order vs Level

Already with the houserules!

Also leaving the playtest... feedback with attempted constructive criticism

Alternate Solutions to Resonance

Alternate ways of giving detailed feedback

Alternative character creation rules.

Am I missing something with Dedication feats?

Am I missing something? RE: Ranger traps


An alternate take on PF2- Trying to fix the 'feel' of the game

An alternative to +1 to everything every level.

An alternative to Armor Check Penalty

An Analysis of the 1.6 Paladin Variants

An argument against tight math

An Argument for Signature Skills

An example of why I love "Secret" rolls for certain things. (DD Part 2 Spoilers!)

An example of why I LOVE the simplified math (Heroes of Undarin spoilers)

An expression of exasperation towards the end of the playtest

an Honest Feedback

An odd implication of dwarf changes - they are no longer known for their heavy infantry.

Analysis: Armor Class Benchmarks

Ancestries & Class - Half Dwarf? Dwarf-Gnome?

Ancestries and my initial thoughts.

Ancestries and my initial thoughts.

Ancestries are getting overhauled in 1.4, says the twitch stream

Ancestry "Kits"

Ancestry Ability Score Bonus Clarification

Ancestry Representation in the Rulebook

And PF2 just lost us...

And so the short adventuring days become shorter

Android alternative racial traits

Animal Companion Actions

Animal Companions (Give bears some love)

Animal Form Static Bonuses

Animated Objects are too powerful

Another group out

Another playtest?

Another take on resonance

Another way to handle +1 per level progression

Any Chance of an Updated Doomsday Dawn PDF?

Any one thinks classes should have more feats?

Any Updates?

Any word on Ease of Play?

Any word on the Errata today?

Anybody got any up to date L17 characters they're willing to share

Anyone else disappointed there are no more Neutral Clerics of Evil Deities?

Anyone else frustrated with how the rule information is laid-out in the playtest book?

Anyone else notice that orcs are a fan of big knives?

Anyone made a fillable sheet they're willing to share yet?

Anyone NOT using Doomsday Dawn to test?

Anyone working on a Google Sheets Character Generator?

Anyway to edit the core PDF?

AoO suggestions

Apparently this forum is now for press statements

Arcane Spell Failure - Still a thing?

Arcane Spellcasters in PF2E – quo vadis?

Archetype / trope / theme challenge

Are conditional bonuses and penalties capped at + / - 4?

Are Line of Effect changes Intentional?

Are Potions the Primary Concern Over Resonance?

Are some classes not needed under the 2E artchype system?

Are the rulebook updates folded into the rulebook at all?

Are you your own ally in 2e, or, Retributive Strike might get nasty

Are / Is there sample "proper" statblocks for PCs?

Argh, the layout.

Armor - Paizo, these numbers are incorrect.

Armor and weapons min strength suggestion.

armor check penalties are pretty rough on former-combat-maneuvers

Armor Class discrepancy

Armor Proficiency Rules are Missing and Weapon Proficiency is Locked Down

Armor should function as Damage Reduction

Armor should have no speed and skill penalties

Aroden the Martyr! [In-Game Conspiracy Theory]

Art Looks... Dated

Assorted Attempts At Augmenting Assurance

Athletics by level vs FORT & REF defense by CR

Attack Bonus and AC appear wildly disproportionate: What am I missing?

Attack format in the stat block

Attended / unattended objects never defined

Aura vs. Burst Centered On You

Automatically confirmed critical hits, expanded critical ranges, and crit-fishable multiple attacks for all creatures add up to combat being too luck-based and Russian-Roulette-like

Autonomous Animal Companions

Background weird feat assignment

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