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I have a two part question I was hoping to get some clarity on. My friends and I played a session a few days ago but we were unsure exactly how the dazzled condition worked and how the blinded condition worked.

1) The enemy had failed there save and recieved the dazzled condition for 1 round. It was an Orc we were fighting. What should have happened?

2) The enemy which was a Giant failed its save and was blinded until its next turn. What should have happened?

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Dazzled makes everyone concealed (20% miss chance) if you use eyes to see. So a dazzled Orc would have to pass a DC 5 flat check to succeed at an attack on its turn.

Blinded makes everyone unseen to the giant. That means the giant is flat-footed to everyone, it doesn't know for sure where anyone is and it needs to make DC 11 flat checks to succeed at attacks on its turn.

If the enemy is dazzled for 1 round, would the enemy need to make the flat check twice if he chooses to attack on two of his three actions?

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In both cases you need to make the flat check on any action that would "target" a creature. Normally this would be attacks, but even things like intimidate/feint checks (that are not AoE) target. As per the rules for Sensed, Concealed, Unseen pages 303-304.

In both cases you have to make the flat check on any action that "targets" the creature (page 303-304 Sensed, Unseen sections).

Ah that's where it was, thanks Joey.

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