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Do 1.5 / 1.6 Flat Checks represent a signficant shift in design philosphy? If so, what do you think about that?

Do 1st level characters start with less?

do all rituals require secondary casters?

Do any one like all the damage dice

Do anyone think that Healers should be obligatory in parties?

Do combats slow down at level 12+ ?

Do not use complicated rules constructions for simple things (like New Resonance)

Do PF2 monsters need ability scores?

Do Rogues Really Need A Skill Bump?

do skills stack

Do Sorcerers get a class feat at level 1?

Do Universalist Wizards get a class feat at 1rst level?

Do you have any acid horror stories from the Playtest?

Do you think rangers and fighters should've been merged?

Does +3 Seem Legendary?

Does anybody have a SIMPLE character sheet (similar to pregens)

Does anyone like resonance and why?

Does being trained in unarmored add to your AC?

Does Doomsday Dawn contain spoilers for Iron Gods?

Does session zero count as play testing?

Does size matter?

Does Spellcasting need a broader rethink?

Does the Playtest PDF get updated as well?

Does the save or suck caster exist?

Domain Powers

Dominion of the Black Cult domains

Don't Like Threads Locked on First Sight

Doomsday Dawn and The Dragon's Demand

Doomsday Dawn Ch. 1 - In Pictures

Doomsday Dawn, Actual Play experience, Scenario 1

Doomsday goals

Download for Rulebook Gives Update File

Download Links Aren't Working

Dragon form / elemental form and magical item transfer

Dragon Totem Breath taken with Alchemist and Barb dedication.

Dragon Totem: Conflicting Anethema?

Drain Arcan Focus

Drawing Dual Weapons

druids are actualy breaking their oath at level 0?

Druids make better horsemen than cavaliers

Druids, fireballs and niche protection

dual wielding two handed weapons w / prehensile hair

Dudemeister's First Impressions Thread

Dwarf Rogue - Dwarven Weapons + Bludgeoner

Dying at 100hp seems Unacceptably Weird

Dying, Knocked Out and Initiative

Dying, Wounded, Recovery.

Dyslexis Issues

Easy way to "fix" Animal Companion and Riding

Ehi, in Paizo we trust!

Elite adjustments per player

Elves / Half-elves and Elf Step

Encounter versus Daily abilities / powers / spells ! NO Daily any more!

Endless Beer Mug of Nothingness


Enervation is janky and strictly in favor of enemies

Enjoyed reading through it, and then I made a character with my partner

Equipment Kits for PF2, Converted

Errata 1.2 is out

Errata document formatting / separation request

Errata for the 1.3 Errata

Errata question : How many elixirs can you hold in a single hand?

Errata questions

Error Reporting - Pathfinder Playtest PDFs

Error? Untrained skills get worse as you level

Everything is a feat?!?

Evil PC's in the Playtest: Yea or Nay?

Example high-level characters?

Example of filled out character sheet

Excerpts from Dragoncon

Excessive politics in rulebook, will it be in the final version?

Excessive Siloing

Exciting new options

Familiars are worse than useless

Familiars page 287 of the playtest Rulebook.

Feats are great! Feats are the downfall of Pathfinder!

Feats you get for free

Feats, Feats and Feats

Feedback after 1st part of Doomsday Dawn

Feedback and concerns on the math of Pathfinder 2

Feedback and Request for Input - Difficulty DCs

Feedback for the devs - What changes are too much?

Feedback: Custom Arena Playest(2x4th Level)

Feedback: Multiclassing

Feedback: Why our group has decided to stop playtesting

Feedbacks on the character sheet

Feel of Character Development (#); Rocket Tag Requirement?

Few questions

Fighter feats: 4th ed Powers or actual feats?

Fighter / Ranger can attack seven times per turn. Should it be nerfed?

Fighters and Cleave

Fighters are boring, and it seems best for a fighter to spam Double Slice or Power Attack and seldom bother with shields and fighter class feats

Fighters, Monks, and Barbs getting 3 skills is pathetic.

Figuring Critical Hit Damage with Penalties

FInally got to play some PF2 this week - my thoughts

Financial risk for Paizo with 2nd Edition?

First Character Concept

First Impression Playtest

First Impressions

First impressions from first level

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