Crits are a lot more fun with more dice involved, IMO

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Lausth wrote:

My 1d10 is meaningfull to me even when i add +52 and 1d6 then another 2d6 to it. It eventually becomes 4d10 or 5d10 or more(iterative attacks and aoo triggers).

People take weapon spec for 2 damage. 1d10 has an average of 5.5.

EDIT: I know this is nitpicking and not entirely related to the op. Sorry about that. It just feels wierd when people calls 1d8s or 1d10s meaningless.

Aye, it does have some impact. It just never felt right to me to have the die roll be as small a percentage of your damage as it tends to be in PF1.

And of course the extra dice in PF2 are "Multiplied" in the same way if you use iteratives or AoOs.

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Edge93 wrote:
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Barathos wrote:
I, too, dislike rolling a heap of dice in an additive system. I don't even like rolling more than a d20. Too many dice just slow down the pace of the game, especially if any players have dyscalculia.
The 10 grouping method speeds this up and I'm sure it would help people with dyscalculia. Roll your dice and then look for 4s, 5s, and 6s. Group a 4 with a 6, group 2 5s together put them to the side. Then look for 7s or 3s, then look for 8s or 2s. so on. Count the remainders. You don't have to remember any of the dice you already counted because they are grouped to the side by 10s. It helps a ton believe me.

it doesn't help the person in our group who has dyscalculia, they just roll and ask someone else to do the maths with anything past two dice, which isn't a problem as we are used to it.

The affect big buckets of dice ate having however (or rather the way you get them) on the feel of the game is having an effect in that the characters are defined by what magic weapon they have way more than by class or feat, if we have to have huge piles of dice, and apparently we do... For reasons, then I'd rather that weapon pluses where static, and buckets of dice came off level, and as hit the guy is almost always the optimal action for any character, that level chart was universal. (so a 5th lvl character added a d10, a 8th 2d10 or similar regardless of class or weapon)

The problem with adding the same die type regardless of weapon is that 2-handed weapons get completely shafted at later levels. Why would you use a Greatsword for 1d12+5d10 (34 average) that takes 2 hands and only has the Versatile P trait when you could instead use a Whip for 1d4+5d10 (30 average) only needing one hand and having agile, finesse, trip, disarm, AND reach as perks?

Jst for example. PF1 had a similar problem where high dice weapons were blown out of the water by weapons with better crit ranges or any other perk, and that very problem is...

the issue now is that 1h weapons rapidly become really sub par, without threat ranges to help them out, and given that agile doesn't really offset the fact that you are really unlikely to hit the second action anyway, this may change, but with that second strike suck, big 2h are optimal all the time (except rogues and even then its arguable) anyway. Having the type of weapon become less relevant does give you that nice Riddick vibe, where 'I' m going to kill you with this cup'is a valid and chilling threat.

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Honestly I feel like 1h weapons are better compared to 2h weapons in PF2 since we're no longer doing the 1.5x modifier to strength and power attack like we had in PF1.

Like a d8 longsword versus a d12 greatsword is 2 damage less per die, so you're down a full 10 damage at 16th level when you get a +4 weapon, sure. But in PF1 a 16th level fighter is plausibly rocking a 30 str so the 2h weapon adds 5 damage and another 5 from power attack.

Particularly since the 1.5x modifier was free in PF1 and more greatly rewarded investment in strength whereas in PF2 higher damage weapon use is counterbalanced by limited traits on d12 weapons, and the fact that feat support for open hand, 2 weapon, or sword and board melee combat is weighted equally to 2-hand fighting feat support.

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