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Hello, i'm about to start my first adventure in the pathfinder playtest as a player, and after some hard decisions i've decided to play the tank fighting cleric of Gorum. I'm starting at level one and would like to go for the Greatsword caster build, probably taking some fighter archetype feats because there aren't many useful for my build. I don't really care about haling and utility, because we'll probably have some other characters with minor healing, but i still want a decent number of channel energy uses, 3 at worst. My current options for ancestry are Dwarf and Human. I'm tending to Dwarf but if you guve me a good Human build i might consider it.

Sounds like you could do pretty well with a great sword, the Zeal Domain, and at level 2 take the Fighter dedication, and start with the basic maneuver archetype feat to start with either power attack or sudden charge, depending on your style.

BE SURE TO drop at least one ability boost into charisma to get it up to a 10, so you’ll have those three channel energies. You’ll have a d12 damage dice, so having a 16 STR vs an 18 won’t kill you, and if you wear heavy armor, you might not even need to sacrifice that.

Well, as a Human you can get a Class Feat at level 1, which is pretty huge, considering you wanna go a Greatsword, since it lets you get the Emblazon Symbol feat at level 1.

Level 1 Human Cleric of Gorum

HP: 18

TAC: 14(with Breastplate) | 15(with Breastplate and Shield Cantrip)
AC: 16(with Breastplate) | 17(with Breastplate and Shield Cantrip)

REF: 2

STR: 16
DEX: 12
CON: 14
INT: 10
WIS: 16(wisdom might not be THAT important if you're focusing on buffing instead of attacking enemies with spells, which is why it's only at 16)
CHA: 10

Ancestry Feat: Natural Ambition(lets you get a Class Feat at level 1)

Class Feat: Emblazon Symbol(lets you cast spells even though you're gripping your greatsword with two hands)

Attacks: Greatsword +4(1d12+3 slashing or piercing damage)

You can 1 action heal yourself, 1 action cast shield(and use the shield block reaction in a pinch, though this puts the shield cantrip on a pretty long cooldown(10minutes, I believe?)) and attack once.

At least, this seems good to me. Happy gaming!

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