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Is anyone else having trouble maintaining group morale now that the playtest has appeared? (Also, I am recruiting)

Is Dec 31st still the last day to submit surveys?

Is fire purposefully invisible?

Is it helpful for us to point out errors in the text at this stage?

Is it too late to go back to the drawing board?

Is PF2 what the beginners box should have been?

Is six months long enough for a Playtest?

Is there a "Because of rule X in PF1, this is what we changed in PF2?" FAQ somewhere?

Is there an explicit list of design goals?

Is there any point to crossbow rangers any more?

is there any way to build this character concept?

Is there no point to playtesting after December?

Is this D&D 5th edition?

Is this right about Bard Spells?

Is Wounded as lethal as RAW suggests? - CRITICAL FAQ

Issues with PF2 so Far

It just.... does not feel awesome

It Shall Be an Honor to Playtest with You

It would take skills to infuse a response with the target you're looking for without bleeding additional information beyond that

It's a trap!

It's difficult to find and access the survey

Item sizes and the Giant Totem abilities

Jason Bulmahn: Design Musings: The Economics of Fantasy RPGs

Jason on Know Direction (Jan 16th)

Jason's Latest Design Musing video gives good insight into what they want out of death and dying

Just some thoughts from someone who left 1st Edition

Just to be That Guy

Kaihaku’s Reaction Thread

khadgars review of pathfinder play test and how to regain the grognards

Kingmaker in 2nd Edition: Conversion!

KISS Principle

Knowledge - monsters seriously, seriously nerfed

Kudos to Paizo's IT team for today

Kyra is not shooting through a wall - please fix the diagram

Land speed of a laden camel?

Land speed of a laden camel?

Last Day for Surveys!

Last Playtest Update released! What Update was your Favorite? What Update did you Hate?

Layout - How I use the book

Layout is bad

Leaning into the Action Economy

Legendary Skills

Let Leadership Die

Let me be bad

Let us talk about Healers, and how it ties into everything else

Let's modify the Background and Campaign Trait system to work together

Let's not forget...

Let's talk about Animal Companions

Let's talk about Exploration Mode: What do you want from it? How it can be improved?

Let's Talk About the Design Goals

Let's Unchain the Dice: Who should be rolling the dice?

Level 1 ability score boosts -- can you apply more than one boost to the same ability score?

Level 5 characters are FUN to create

Level 5 Playtest Gear

Level 9 Monstrous Form typo?

Level Bonus, explain what is happening: a conspiracy theory

Level bonus, explain why we need it

Level, level and level (Not to be confused with level).

Leveling a Paladin seems lack-laster

Leveling UP : Critical Flaw

Leveling-Up Streamlined: Re-Tool the Training Bubbles!

Liberator and Channel Life problems: now with more mechanics and less code of conduct

Liberator paladins are problematic, and also, Channel Life is one of the strongest feats ever for paladins and paladin-multiclassers

Light sources

Limited choices to make your character concept

Lingering Composition Example?

Lingering Thoughts

Linguistic terms for rules and abilities

Link To Current Errata?

List of conditions

List of Implemented Changes?

Live Stream Notes with 1.6 previews

Lockpicking success rate

Looking for feedback on an alternate Channel Energy

Looking for what the best spells (in a general sense) to chose immunity from with Greater Spell Immunity

Looks like the New Boards are on line!!! Something about the DD modules

Lord of the Rings, PF2-style

Lore skills

Lost about two weapon fighting

Lost spells

Lost Star questions (spoilers!)

Lost Star Report and General Observations

Low Level Armor Disparity

Low level damage spells

Low levels are very important

Mage armor vs light armor

Magic and Spellcasters Survey

Magic at its Foundation is Flawed... end of story

Magic Item requirements feel bad

Magic Items and Monster Levels

Magic Weapon Power Normalization

Magic weapon scenario

Magic Weapons and Pace of Turns

Magic Weapons: A Proposal

Magic: Heightening spells and prepared vs. spontaneous casting

Magical items and economics

Magical weapons in PF2 are actually magical.

Magical Weapons, Magical Striker, and the broken Sorcerer Party

Make ACP a trait not the default for skills

Make Armor Class's generality die - kill it.

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