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Make crit fails on strikes matter

Makeshift GM Screen and Handy Charts for PF2 Playtest GMs

Making a Gish (Fighter / Wizard) character at lvl 1

Making a Railway on Golarion (Scenario)

Making Every Class MAD

Making Intelligence a little better...

Making the Game Playable at All Levels - Possible Pitfalls I See

Man, a lot of big changes, some problems and disappointments but I'm liking it a lot (from reading it only)

Manual Order on Amazon

Marking up the playtest book

Marshmallow's character options review / discussion thread

Marshmallow's Martial balance thread

Martial v. Caster disparity, the Legendary debate

Martials Need Better Toys

Martials should be better with skills to compare with the narrative power of spells

Mass Combat

Math-Heavy and weird 4th ed D&D style manuevers

Maybe the game ends at 12th level (or near there)?

Maybe we need one more type of bonus

Meaningful character advancement and Proficiency

Meaningful Choices in PF2e Playtest

Meaningful customization

Medicine could use two new functions: Forensics and Check Status

Mekkis' First Impressions

Merge Playing The Game and GM chapters in the Core Book

Metamagic feats

minor erratum

Minor Point: Are People Literate?

Mirrored Moon twitch stream feedback

Misprinted Leather Rulebook

Missing Class in HoU Player Survey

missing iconic magic items and other items are just no fun anymore

Missing Spell

Misunderstanding on calculating saving throw DC

Modifying stat scaling so that DCs are equal to stats

Monks Armor

Monster Perception

Monster Skills: A Serious Problem

More emphasis on social encounters / combat

More Paladin options

More things should be Class-Locked

More thinking, fewer changes. A 25 year GM weighs in.

Mounted Combat Differences

Mounted combat with your Animal Companion

Mounted combat, size and reach

Move or Be Flat-footed

Movement Rules

Multi-class Paladin ?

Multiclass Archetype question

Multiclass Archetypes after 1.6

Multiple players since AD&D - PF2 test abandoned

My Biggest Concerns with the Playtest Rules

My biggest problem with +1 / level

My concerns

My Concerns Regarding the Playtest Crafting Rules

My feedback on Update 1.6 changes

My final considerations on the Playtest

My first reaction

My fundamental issue with the new system

my future here

My General Feedback : + Level to everything, Casters, Crafting, and more

My group has quit the playtest

My group is hesitant on continuing past 3rd level.

My Group's First Adventure and their Impressions After

My Group's Impressions

My humble first impressions.

My initial issues with Resonance

My Kingdom for a better structured PDF

My main concern with Focus activated Powers

My main concerns for P2

My main issues with PF2, broken down

My one main hope

My opinion as a 15 years gamer, after around 20 hours of PF2.

My overall impressions and comments

My personal opinion on pf2

My personal, belated thoughts on 2nd edition playtest

My players' cumulative feedback so far.

My Playtest change detail list.

My Problem with AC and DC.

My quick thoughts on combat, resonance, disparity.

My Reaction

My reaction after my first read through

My review of the Playtest

My Second Edition Manifesto: The 2e that could be.

My summary after reading through the Rulebook

My take on 2.0.

My take on PF2 and why I made a new thread for that

My thanks to all of you

My Thoughts on the Pathfinder Playtest

My Thoughts on the Playtest

My thoughts on the playtest as a whole

My tipsy opinions! (That might help you get what you want)

My wishes for healing

Name change suggestion for table 10-2

Nat 1 and 20 on skills

Natural Medicine Obsoleted by Treat Wounds

Necromancy without Undead

Need help with developing this story.

Negative Healing

Nerf Attack

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