Conditions that affect all checks (as frightened) also affect AC.

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This has been confirmed in today "In Pale Mountain Shadows" by Mark.

This is a good boost to intimidate as you can stack frightened+flat-footed for a boost in accuracy!

It will come in an errata eventually.

Just posting so you guys know too.

YES, AHA! Mark mentioned that Frightened used to apply to checks and DC, which includes AC, so I'm glad they're officially acknowledging that now.

Flat-Footed and Frightened are gonna be the basic blocks of combat now, letting PCs adjust their accuracy on the fly by debuffing enemies.

Sounds interesting: Spend the first action of your turn to shout at someone to make your two attacks be against 1 less AC instead of whiffing a -10 attack :p

Sick and enervated become even worse, too.

Good to know. I don't really think of AC as a "check".

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