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Finally finished with my first draft of a character sheet for the PF2 Playtest. I enjoy actually making my own character sheet for things like this, and like my character sheets to have plenty of helpful notes to make creating/running a character easier. Hopefully, others will find this useful as well. wItMlKQ8/edit?usp=sharing


  • Autocalculations: Like any good google sheet, many basic calculations for things like AC, saves, skills, etc. are all done for you.

  • Ability Scores: Any calculation that uses an ability score includes a dropdown box to change which ability score is used in the calculation. Because some class features key off of different scores or change what you'd normally apply.

  • Armor: Includes a section to not only list your armor and shield, but allows you to track their hardness, dents, and apply the broken condition with a simple checkbox. Also allows you to automatically add/remove your shield bonus to AC with a togglable checkbox. Space is included to list two shields for characters who want to have a backup.

  • Conditions: Most of the conditions from the rulebook are included with a togglable checkbox, a place to put the condition's value if applicable, and a box to measure the rounds remaining. Any stat changes of the condition are then automatically applied to the relevant categories, while being sure to only apply the highest value from non-stacking conditional penalties and circumstantial penalties. Conditions which also give other conditions as part of their effects will automatically apply those sub-conditions without needing to check the sub-condition's box.

  • Crafting: An entire tab is devoted to recording the crafting formulas the character knows, relevant charts, and the number of days spent crafting + the remaining price of the item.

  • Equipment: Multiple categories for equipment to be placed with a total bulk calculation that automatically multiplies the entered bulk by the quantity of that item held (and assuming said quantity is 1 if nothing is entered). Bulk calculation also includes the bulk of currency carried and automatically applies the encumbered condition to stats when reached. Equipment also calculates resonance used for invested items and overall has much more space to list items than the official paizo sheet.

  • Rules Reference: Throughout the sheet are notes which display either relevant rules taken from the CRB or information relating to how the calculations of the sheet work. For example, all included conditions display their full rules text when you hover over them.

  • Temporary Effects: Several places in the sheet allow room to add in a temporary bonus/penalty to the calculations without having to change any of the permanent values.

Finally, if anyone has suggestions for how the sheet could be improved or notices any mistakes, I'd be happy to hear them in this thread. I'm tentatively planning to make a tab for tracking animal companions/familiars as well - but I still have to go through those rules and find the time to actually do so.

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This is amazing.

Thank you. Needless to say, I spent a fair amount of time trying to have this all ready before the playtest got too underway. So it is always appreciated to know that someone else enjoyed my work :)

This sheet is amazing! I only have a tiny bit of feedback, I think it's too strict with encumbrance rules - page 175 describes Bulk Limit as "You can carry an amount of Bulk equal to 5 plus your Strength modifier without penalty; if you carry more, you gain the encumbered condition." Currently, the sheet is showing the encumbered condition when carried Bulk equals the Bulk limit, instead of exceeding it. By RAW, you should be able to carry up to 5 + STR + 9L bulk without being encumbered, unless this was clarified in errata that I missed?

Actually, I also realized that there is currently a small bug in calculating encumbrance, the formula applies "Cannot Carry" when you exceed the encumbered bulk limit. The formula in I15 could change to fix all of the aforementioned issues. Namely, the if expressions for encumbered and cannot carry should be swapped, the expression comparing Bulk_Current should use '>' instead of '>=', and lastly, Bulk_Current should be floored before comparing - Light bulk does not actually equal 0.1 when comparing Bulk Limit, the only conversion that matters is 10L = 1, so flooring the value should rectify this issue. To quote the rulebook page 175 again: "Ten light items count as 1 Bulk, and you don't count fractions (so 9 light items count as 0, and 11 items count as 1)"

Updated Formula:

=if(floor(Bulk_Current)>Bulk_Max,"Cannot Hold/Carry",

The speed is not 25 for all races just a note

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