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CA, Bay Area, East Bay

Fort Collins, Colorado - Pathfinder; New to the area, Looking for Group

Northern Colorado (Loveland / Ft Collins) Pathfinder group Looking for players

LFG - Pathfinder 2e Ottawa, On

CA, San Francisco - Looking for PF2E In-Person Group

D&D in Bishop, CA

Hermantown / Duluth, MN - PF1 Beginner Box

PF2 Tuesday Nights-Online Outlaws of Alkenstar

Virtual Greyhawk Con 4 - Online (Oct 6th-8th) - PLAYERS WANTED (various game systems)

CO, Westminster-Pathfinder rpg

Tupelo PF2e group looking for another PC Wednesday nights

San Pedro, CA - PF2e - GM looking to start up a new in person group

Tallahassee, FL - Looking for in-person group to play

Tallahassee, FL - Looking for in-person group to play

Group forming in Baltimore County, MD region

I’m starting a discord game with friends as a first time dm for pathfinder

UK based messageboard members

Looking for gamers in Heidelberg, Germany

PF2e discord westmarch that allows Battlezoo and allows for lawful good redeemers

Looking for gamers is Sarnia Ontario

Fort Lauderdale, FL-Seeking Pathfinder group for Sunday evenings!

Manchester, NH Pathfinder 1e offline game looking for new players

NH, Manchester - Pathfinder

Looking for in person group

Canada - Online PF2E Campaign GM Request

Just created a character and trying to find a game in Ohio or Online

Mass - Boston - Pathfinder

Northern Virginia - Looking For Pathfinder Group

Looking for PF2e group - Ottawa / Gatineau NCR, Canada

Troy, Michigan - Pathfinder 1E + Numenera

USA, NC, Piedmont Triad Area - Pathfinder

Grass Valley, Nevada County, CA

New York, New Windsor Starfinder

PFS / PFRPG Players in the Philippines

PLAYERS WANTED! (Lakewood, Colorado IN-PERSON group)- TUESDAYS 7-10pm

Society games in Maine?

San Diego, CA - Pathfinder 2nd Ed

Southwestern Michigan

[Citrus county, FL] Hell's Rebels AP

Bronx, NY- Pathfinder 2E, CoC, almost anything else...

Looking for a RPG Krewe in the Peterborough / Cambridge Area!

Clayton GA and vicinity = summer 2022

LFG Albuquerque Pathfinder

[Offline][PF1][Pittsburgh,PA] Need 1-2 players to fill out a weekly game

Age of Ashes ONLINE

Spokane, WA; Group of 4 looking for 2-3 more players for PF2e game. OFFLINE

[Olathe][KS][Offline] Looking for local Pathfinder 1e or D&D 3.5 game.

Seattle, WA Looking for players to join new Return of the Runelords campaign

Looking for 1 more player Milton Keynes England

Sign of LIfe in the Clovis, NM / West Texas Area

Looking to start a group in Grand Rapids, MI

Tucson area, Arizona; Pathfinder 1st or 2nd Ed (preferred;) Looking for Group

Northern Colorado Looking for group (Not online)

Billings Montana - Looking for Players

Jacksonville, Fl. Pathfinder Society Looking for Players and DMs

Billings, Montana - 1st Edition Pathfinder

Anyone in the Billings, MT area?

Sherwood, Oregon-PDX - Offline game looking for two more players

MO, Springfield Pathfinder

MO, West Plains Pathfinder

MO, West Plains Pathfinder

Looking for players to play Pathfinder 1st Ed In Person, Not Online in Albuquerque, NM

Kentucky and Indiana Looking For Players!!!

Looking for players in Huntsville, Alabama

The Jewish RPG Workshop

Online Play - Discord

Bonney Lake, WA - looking for Pathfinder 1e group to play in person

LF Players PF1e Melbourne AU

New Zealand, Auckland - Rise of the Runelords

Gaming group in Victoria BC

Fairfax, Virginia (Chantilly) - Looking for 2-3 players to join established group

Agents of Edgewatch AP (PF2), every other Tuesday, Fantasy Grounds, Discord

[Olathe][KS][Offline] Looking for local Pathfinder 1e game.

Player looking for 2E VTT game

Any players in Saint Louis, MO area looking for a game?

Recruiting for The Slithering, VTT

Looking for players for Pathfinder 2 on Roll20

(LFP) Tampa Bay, FL PF1E World's Largest Dungeon

(LFP) Online PF1E (Roll20 / Discord) EST zone weekends

Looking for people to play Pathfinder 1st Ed In Person, Not Online in Loveland, CO

Looking for people to play Pathfinder 1st Ed In Person, Not Online in Loveland, CO

SPOKANE, WA - OFFLINE - Need Players for Pathfinder 2e - Age of Ashes

Building a group

Italia, Online - CERCASI giocatori per VTT Pathfinder 1st / 2nd Edition

Northern Colorado (Ft Collins, Loveland) Looking for 1ed PF players

Looking for players

LFP - Pathfinder 2e - Age of Ashes

Albuquerque, NM - Pathfinder Players / Group

LFP ABQ New Mexico Starfinder

Runequest Campaign?

[LFP] Starfinder - online (Discord & Fantasy Grounds) - GMT+1 (Switzerland)

Online CDT - LFP for PF2 Game (AoA based)

LFG for online AP

Korvosa Living world. Roll 20 / Discord!

Tacoma / Lakewood, WA - Offline - Looking for Players for Homebrew PF2e Game

OH, Dayton - Pathfinder 2E Age of Ashes LFP

Discworld all Pathfinderized (1e) and run on a Discord server

Canada, Montreal - Player looking for group for Pathfinder / Starfinder

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