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I am not the best in game design from a numbers standpoint, so i can't really give feedback on numbers. but i do have a feel for flavor and layout and i have a few critiques i needed to make.

1.Spell point powers should not be in the spells chapter, it makes looking them up really confusing and difficult. since the powers are very specific to the class you should just have them in the class section of the book. ex. when a class feat references a spell point power, you should instead just say the spell point power.

2.when it comes to the human and half-humans, I would suggest one of two options if you decide to keep them as is. A. you make them separate ancestries with the ability to choose ancestry feats from both side or their own unique options. B.Instead give human's the unique advantage of having two ancestry feats at first level, this would work especially well if you would like to make ethnicity be more of a unique feat option as well, ex. Tian Ancestry feats.

3.the barbarian totem feats, Animal Rage and Dragon Transformation feel a bit wonky as technically this means that after every 3 rounds as an animal they turn into a humanoid for a round and then turn back. all i can imagine is some glitching shapeshifter in a comedic scene constantly shifting back and for without much control. I would suggest that a barbarian with these feats can retain their form for one round after their rage so that they don't have this problem. so as long as in the following round they go back into a rage they won't drop out of their form so often.

4.Druid shapeshifting should feel more like a combat option for Wild Druids, I suggest that a wild druid should get a special option to be able to wild shape for a number of minutes equal class level or the duration of the power, whatever is higher, whenever they use a wildshape power. though the numbers of times they can wild shape can remain as is. in addition the Form Control power should allow Wild Druids to now be able to spend and hour per class level instead of minutes when they get that feat and use it when they wild shape.

4.the use of resonance to me makes alot of sense and i like how it is done. but i do think a few things need tweaking. healing potions should not be so useless as to do nothing when out of resonance and you fail the roll, instead healing potions only do the minimum amount of healing unless you spend resonance (the drinker or the player feeding the potion) in which case you would roll the die for healing.

4b.I would also like to add that since Bombs are one of the alchemists only real ways to deal damage, they shouldn't use resonance unless the alchemist want to perform a special feat ability such as Debilitating Bomb or Delayed Bomb with it. just so an alchemist can use their bomb as more like a cantrip and less like a limited option. though they would still be limited by the number of bombs on their person, they would not have to infuse them every day to use them.

5.I would also suggest adding an additional spell slot per level to give more spell options to the casters.

I hope the developers and other players like these ideas I hope to see many of them implemented in the final version. :)

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I think there is almost universal agreement in your assessment of alchemist.

Alchemists not having a cantrip-type ability - unlike every other class - and needing to spend a resource that every other class has as a separate pool from class powers... I don't think anyone's a fan of it.

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