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Background: Skill feat without trained skill?

Backward Apating PF2 to PF1

Backwards Compatability?

Bad Gorum

Bag Of Holding - Rendered Useless by Resonance.

Balance issues, Multiattacks and dual fighting

Balancing 1 handed and 2 handed weapons

Balancing the attributes: Medicine should really be Int by default

Bard Healing?

Bard spell casting question

Bard subclass concept - Namer (inspired by Earthsea)


Bards and two-handed instruments

Basic Design & Layout Not Dyslexic Friendly

Basic Impressions, Section By Section

Bastard Swords just don't "cut" it

Bat Guano Thread

Battleaxe versus Battle axe

Beast Totem Barbarian Question

Beating AC by 10 = Critical Hit problems

Being a Healer is DANGEROUS

Belated general thoughts on the Playtest rules

Belt Pouch capacity ?

Best way to create new characters (not using dice to roll stats).

Bestow Curse R.I.P?

Big pools of even bigger dice

Big Three & Mandatory Magic Items

Biggest request for dying rules

Black Plains: Concept for one-book adventure (WARNING: VERY LONG)

Bloated numbers do NOT diminish d20 importance

Blocking terrain, walking through walls, and attacking through walls: am I going crazy?

Bolstered - I don't think this word means what you think it does

Book of the Damned

Book organisation

Boost should be added to Key Terms

Bounded Accuracy

Bounded accuracy (by level)?

Brainstorming Elegant Changes to Resting, Natural Healing and Battle Medic

Buff Intelligence

Buff spell durations feel unintentionally low magic

Bugleyman's 2E reaction thread (probably *not* what you're expecting)

Building the Avengers in the Playtest

Bulk Wording Contradiction


Call for Feedback: The Index

Calling a Race... an Ancestry? Please restore RACE for the Races!!

Campaign Conversion: Pathfinder First Edition to Pathfinder Playtest. Oracles, Hunters, and Investigators...oh my.

Can a creature be grabbed / restrained by more than one creature?

Can Alchemists, Bards and Druid be made to be as "healy" as clerics?

Can an Ability Boost cancel an Ability Flaw?

Can disarm actually be good pls?

can i ask a question about necromancy?

Can magic items be useful and martials still be awesome?

Can one be expert in a skill at character creation?

Can PF 2e be the edition where we have a single, complete equipment section?

Can Someone Explain What's Going On?

Can we get a better errata / update format?

Can we get blogs from the designers about design intent?

Can we still "sunder"?

Can We Stop Saying "Treadmill" Like It's a Bad Thing?

Can we take a page out of 5e's book in how to give prestidigitation to non-arcane casters?

Can you hold the charge on a touch spell?

Can you please get Jason Bulmahn's voice out of my head while I'm reading the rulebook?

Can you take damage from a Leap?

Can't seem to be able to download the Rulebook?

Cannot React to Reactions: The Problem with Martial Reactions

Cantrips and Dedication Feats

Cantrips underwhelming

Cantrips vs Cantrips

Challenges by Level and Difficulty For PF2e Playtest

Changing character in part 4?

Channel smite confusion

Chapter 2 Shenanigans

character age and the lack of mechanics

Character building videos

Character case study: converting a concept from PF to PF2

Character creation above 1st level and wizards adding spells

Character creation ends with mostly the same 18,16,14,12,10,8 build

Character creation options

Character Creation Time

Character Pregens

Character Progression Redesign Idea.

Character Sheet

character sheet

Character Sheet Contest

Character Sheet feedback

Character Sheet for Pathfinder 2.0 Playtest

Character Sheet Layout - TEML

Character Sheet!

Character to Play - Basic PC Details Generator

Cheliax ignored in the CRB?

Circumstance Bonus

Clarification on Paladin's Warded Touch

Clarification on Unarmed attacks, lethal damage and threatening.

Class design update blog?

Class feats and Archetype system limitations

Class Feats are my group's biggest problem with PF2e

Class features that are Class-only (and a bit about oldschool archetypes)

Class Level Up Charts use the word "Feat" too much

Class Powers mixed with Spells

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