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Silver Crusade

In page 305

Step 2: Act

「...... If you can’t act, you can’t use actions, activities, reactions, or free actions.」

And in Page 320

「...... If there is loud noise going on around you, at the start of your turn you can attempt a Perception check as a free action......」, do I have a free action?

Or it's just a Bug?

Scarab Sages

Specific supersedes general. You can't generally take any actions when asleep, however if there is loud noise around you at the start of your turn you can attempt a perception check to wake up.

It should probably be a non-action, but I'm not sure those made it into the playtest from PF1.

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They probably should re-introduce non-actions, as there are limits on free actions that should not necessarily apply to everything that is currently a free action. Waking up is one, and dropping an object is another (as you should be able to drop as many objects as you like on your turn without limit).

Silver Crusade

At first, I think this should use "Specific supersedes general" rule,too.

But when I read its example:


For example, when attacking a concealed creature you must attempt a flat check against DC 5, and flat checks never have modifiers, bonuses, or penalties, but an ability specifically designed to overcome concealment might still alter your odds.

and I found an ability, it's a "ROGUE FEAT", called "SNIPER’S AIM"


Until the end of your turn, you treat creatures within 30 feet
of you as though they weren’t concealed when you make Strikes with ranged weapons against them.

This make me confused. In this case, you can altering flat check because there is a feat give you a "power" so that you can ignore

the general rule.

But in Asleep, it's just said:

" can attempt a Perception check as a free action..."

Sure, you can make a Perception check as a free action (like "you can spend a free action to make a Perception check to wake" ), I admit,
but you CAN"T TAKE FREE ACTION, do you?

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This should probably be reworded a bit, like "You can't act, except as noted below." or something like that.

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