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So has anyone considered converting J1 (Entombed with the Pharaohs) and/or J4 (The Pact Stone Pyramid) to PF2E? They're both intimately related to Doomsday Dawn and I think my players would appreciated the added story/world info. I'm definitely considering it if I end up with time between sections of Doomsday Dawn.

My big concern in with The Pact Stone Pyramid as I'd like to use the primary character's for this side trek but know they cannot possess...

Spoiler for The Pact Stone Pyramid:
The Last Theorem an artifact the PCs can acquire in the adventure. Adventure #6 of Doomsday Dawn assumes that the Tengu Whark found it on The Pact Stone Pyramid adventure.

Not sure if I should have the PCs find it and lose it. Hand it to the Esoteric Order and have them lose it. Have only half the item be in The Pact Stone Pyramid... thoughts if anyone else is considering converting and running these adventures.

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