Divine Decree worded poorly

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So I was looking at the divine decree spell on page 217 which reads as follows:

"You utter potent words linked to your faith. Choose an alignment
your deity has (chaotic, evil, good, or lawful). You can’t cast this spell
if you don’t have a deity or your deity is true neutral. You deal 7d6
damage to creatures of that alignment in the area; each creature
must attempt a Will save. Creatures that match the alignment are
unaffected. Those that neither match nor oppose it don’t suffer
effects other than damage and treat their result as one degree better."

At first this made no sense to me, as the creatures of the alignment you were targeting would be unaffected entirely. This would make more sense if it read: "You deal 7d6 damage of that alignment in the area" The spell makes sense and there's no issues. so is this a typo or am I just reading the spell wrong?

I'm pretty sure they meant you do 7d6 damage to creatures of an opposed alignment. So if you chose Good (for a Good deity), evil creatures would suffer the full effects, neutral creatures the reduced effects, and good creatures would be unaffected. It's not just worded poorly, they are actually not saying what they mean to say.

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