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So I was just wondering...

Has anyone made any cool characters that they'd like to share? Or do you have any cool ideas or concepts for characters you'll be trying to make in PF2e? What characters have you made for Doomsday Dawn?

There aren't enough options to make really interesting characters, and if there are any interesting options, they certainly won't pick up at 1st level, or any level before 6th or 8th.

Honestly, there are so few options that classes at this point are mostly cookie cutters. This is symptomatic of being a playtest, of course, but saying we can make "cool characters" is more of being in a later-stage phase than what we are currently testing now, which is if certain options are even functioning correctly.

Cool characters galore! Or, at least, cool concepts. Check out this thread!

Shady Stranger wrote:
What characters have you made for Doomsday Dawn?

I've messed about with the society scenarios, but I'm waiting to play Doomsday Dawn for the GM's schedule to free up some; I want to play it as a player.

Me and two other people have already made our first level characters, more or less (still need gear and such, on my part).

One of the other players is playing a draconic sorcerer who'll have multiclassed fighter by the time she's rebuilt at level nine. She's planning to melee right from first level, though, using her draconic claws and true strikes, as well as the shield cantrip. We're curious to see how she'll compare to a more traditional martial class. On paper, she's looking pretty good right from level one, but she has low AC and resource management will be a thing . . . we'll provide feedback when there's feedback to provide!

Another player is playing !Kunat, a scholarly barbarian with 16 INT and the Osirionologist background. He's equipped with a "bo staff", which the player has decided is the best melee martial weapon. (For future refrence, I insist on calling "bo staffs" "longsticks" and "quarterstaffs" "shortsticks". A stick is a stick is a stick. Asian sticks aren't better than European sticks unless they are simply a different size of stick.) We're curious to see how useful Reach proves when AoO aren't really a thing anymore, and I'm curious to see how useful parry turns out to be, as well as how useful combat maneuvers are.

My character is a halfling cleric. He's got an interesting personality, being a somewhat nihilistic cleric of Abadar. ("Honor is transient. Only gold holds it's value.") He's an awful lot of negativity in an awfully small package, and I look forward to playing him, but unfortunately he doesn't really have an interesting build for me to talk about. I'm running him to see how useful in-combat healing is in this edition, and in combat he's little more than a heal-bot. (Though, I'm also interested in seeing the four stages of success in actual play, which is another reason for me to play a caster.)

What about everyone else? What are you lot running for Doomsday Dawn?

Been polishing a strength rogue/fighter lumberjack-themed character for a little while.

Level 5:
Half Orc Laborer Rogue 5
Str 18
Dex 16
Con 14
Int 12
Wis 12
Cha 14

Human Feats:
5)Orc Sight

Rogue Class Feats
1) You're Next
2) Fighter Dedication
4) Dread Striker

Skill Feats:
B) Robust Recovery
1) Intimidating Glare
2) Intimidating Prowess
3) Assurance (Athletics)
4) Assurance (Acrobatics
5) Natural Medicine

(combat) Skills
Nature (expert) +7
Intimdation (expert) +8 (+9 coerce/demoralize)
Athletics (expert) +10 for attacks

Combat Gear: +1 Hatchet, +1 Breastplate

Hatchet attacks +10/+4/+2 (2d6+4)
HP 60 AC 22 TAC 20

Changed it from the first incarnation, first to account for rogue HP being 10/level and not 8/level, then again to give it fighter MC. If I wind up playing it, I'll be deciding between a level 6 feat of sudden charge, dread striker, or footpad's focus, depending on how easy it is for me to set up sneak attacks. I like the looks of it so far. I'll knock it down a level and swap to Pathfinder Hopeful if I play this in Doomsday dawn, use it for the 4th level adventure and consider it for higher adventures. Won't play this character before level 2, it won't have hatchet proficiency until then.

EDIT: And with another quick modification, I was wrong again on rogue HP. I thought it was 8, somewhere got it into my head they raised it to 10. Checked again, it was 8.

Tempted to try my hand at a Dex Fighter multiclassing into Cleric of Cayden. I'd have to re-read the Cleric Dedication feats but it could make for something interesting.

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Debating between my Fighter, dedicated to Pharasma, or my Goblin Barbarian, whose god is a Gold Dragon.

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