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The "multiple attacks" rule is a bit excessive and really harms melee

The 'problem' with CLW wand spam

The Art of PF2

The Attitudes are not well laid out.

The Book: Layout , Graphic Design & Tone / Language

The cheese of Intimidation (Demoralize)

The Customization Bottleneck

The D20 needs to go for this system to function

The DC chart is a bit of a trap.

The DICE WILL ROLL Podcast plays: Kingmaker in 2e!

The Direction of PF2

The elven archer conundrum

The Feat Formatting and Homebrew

The Fighter Thread

The game cannot decide on a core mechanic, and simultaneous critical failure and critical success seems possible

The Greatest Change From 1e to 2e!

The HTML5 Playtest Character Sheet

The importance of explaining basic concepts

The Importance of Vancian Spellcasters in Pathfinder / Golarion

The Inevitable Initial Thoughts Post

The issue I have with the skills DC table

The jankiness of exploration (and social) tactics revisited

The logic of the game mechanics.

The Main Problem of PF2

The Mind-Boggling Math of Exponential Leveling

The most boring and most important part about the playtest: Formatting

The new AoO

The new dying rules are unclear on "start of your turn" timing, and they are still fairly bad

The new skill DC rules and the Searching exploration tactic

The Order of the Stick in PF2

The Ostog the Untenured Problem

The Pendulum Swings - Who can wait?

The Playtest Reaction after Session One

The playtest surveys have had no room for Rogue Dedication all this time

The problem with Heavy Armor in 2e.

The real reason behind +1 / level

The return of linear martials and quadratic casters, and how to address it

Spell points

Spell Points

Spell Points Missing?

Spell SAVE DC query

Spell Slots and Action Economy considerations.

Spellcasters Underwhelming ?

Spellcasting Archetypes

Spelling Error page 25

Spells chapter is daunting...

Spells DB

Spheres of Power?

Splint vs Plate Armor

Split the Forums

Spoilers for past Adventure Paths in the rulebook

Spoilers on Update 1.5 from the Twitch Stream

Spontaneous casters need some work...well lots of work

Stalker Mutagen 1.3

Standarizing Armor

Starfinder and unchained Lessons

Starfinder rules Vs 2ed

Starting Equipment Question: Scrolls / Wands / Elixirs?

Starting Silver for higher level characters

Starting Wealth: Give players "one free kit"

Stat Bumps are Revolutionary but Let's Face Reality

Stat placements.

Status of Golarion in New Edition?

Stealth + Initiative + Reactions ?

Stealth Kills and Skullduggery

Storytelling vs Complexity

Strike and Stride are too similar.

Strom Druid Anathema Issues

Struggling to find the motivations to run the playtests (spoilers for Doomsday Dawn)

Stunned & Paralyzed Conditions

Succubus In Another Grapple

Suggested fixes for Resonance / Healing / Cha Dump stat.

Suggestion for Ancestry(racial) ability boosts and penalties.

Suggestion for making proficiency more meaningful

Suggestion re: the Ranger's Hunt Target and Double Slice

Suggestion, Reactions for each Reaction

Suggestion: Don't give any prices in gp

Suggestion: A more timied release schedule

Suggestion: A Tale of Two Pathfinders 2nd Edition: Bound and Unbound

Suggestion: Fixes for Monster Skills(Back-end Math)

Suggestion: Middle ground between "AoO for all" and "AoO for select few"

Suggestion: Slightly Reduce Some Granularity

Summon Monster Action Economy

Summoner's Idol & Eidolons?

Support for NPCs to be built similarly to PCs

Survey for Part 2 and beyond

Survey Result Stats

Switching out the existing Playtest Critical System for Homebrew

Sword and Sorcery - is 2e not a sucessor to Pathfinder?

Table 1-1, Table 1-2 and the Abilty Score Generation

Table 10-2 is broken

Taking another look at the scope of Classes

Template Fu's Deep Read = Poor poor GM

Temporary Ability scores / modifiers

Terminology that has confused my players

Thank you Paizo

Thanks for 1.3

Thanks for what you've done

Thanks so much for filling out the surveys!

That Cleric Initiative

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