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First Impressions...of stuff

First Impressions: Character Creation

First Knee-Jerk Reaction

Fishing for maximum number of attacks in a turn aka PLEASE don't do this to your GM.

Fixing Resonance, Healing, and Hero Points

Flails are a Let Down

Flat footed

Fleeing from what you can't see

Flexible Class feats are awesome - a thought experiment


Flying Kick

Focus Points Calculation

Focused Feedback - messy presentation

for clarity and style, "conditional modifier" to "condition modifier"

For Paizo team: Would you guys give us permission to translate?

Found Potential Error in Play test Rulebook

Frightened condition

From the Stream: Signature Skills are going the way of the dodo

Fulfilling the promise of Resonance & Focus: a proposal


Fumbles - Please No

Furious Focus - Or how to not write rules

Future Kinectist

Game Design vs Versimilitude

Gameplay Thoughts: Cleric Overtuned

Gamer Type and PF2 Friction

Gated Class Feats? Hell, yeah!

GenCon Playtest survey (short scenario ran)

General and (brief) class impressions of my group in whole

General minor issues

General musings on Caster / Martial Disparity

General Playtest Feedback

General Playtest Survey Questions / Pacing

General review (pregame)

General rulebook feedback

General Rules

General Survey

give me an _argument_ for +1 / level over +0.5 / level

Giving specialists a bonus - analysis

Giving The Best Possible Feedback in the Current Circumstances


GM Laments: Char list is hard to interact, Actions\activities are complicated to remember, entry barrier for new players is high... (And some thoughts about solving)

GM Screen Layout


Goblins.... +2 Dex... +2.... Cha?!

Good and Evil damage

Good system, bad content

Google Character Sheet

Google Sheets Charactersheet

Grammar Issues

Greatswords and nodachis- why Uncommon doesn't solve the exotic weapon problem

Had someone drop out of a playtest game

Half Elves & Orcs got a nerf with 1.4?

Half-Orc / Half-Elf

Hand-out version of the chapter 4 map?

Handle an Animal DC missing?

Happy Holidays, Paizo

Happy New Years y’all!

Hard Drinking, Alchemical Addicts, and Anarchistic Bombs

Harvesting Poison?

Has any one noticed Secret Checks? Taking player agency away

Has anyone done DPR viability math yet?

Has there been clarification on how shields work?

Has your group adopted the new terminology?

Have Ability Checks gone away?

Hayden McCullen's Feedback on the Playtest

Hazard and Encounter difficulty issues

Hazard suggestion (intended mostly as a joke)

Healing is too lopsided between the characters.

Healing the Good the Bad and the Ugly

Hear our Plea(s)

Help houseruling Arcanist spellcasting

Help me understand the auto-scaling skills / attack

Help Needed - Need Characters for Part II of Doomsday Dawn on Friday

Help understanding Harmonized Compositions?

Help understanding someting in Doomsday Dawn

Help with an Alchemist / Magus multiclass

Help with Special Material Prices

Help: Bad Rules? Unseen / Flat-footed / Stealth

Heritages and Racial Variants

Hero Lab Online for PF Playtest is live

Hero Points

Hero Points Fix

Hero points make death & dying rules irrelevant?

Heroic Recovery timing with Recovery Rolls


Holy Rune is overpowered (or there might have been a mistake)

Homebrew Feedback Section?

Homebrewing a Blend

Honest questions to those who like 2e

Horror in 2E

House rules: good for the game

Houseruled Playtest v1.7

How are we supposed to playtest Uncommon or Rare options?

How Are you Going to Denote Number of Actions?

How do feint and double slice interact?

How do we get simple questions about the rules answered?

How do you calculate the Spell Attack Roll bonus?

How does a Rogue improve his weapon skill?

How does armor and saving throws work?

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