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Warpriest Blessing question

Movement Question

Question about Knowledge Skill Unlock

Ragebred Barbarian Attack Penalties?

What are the gateway monster abilities?

Mythic Magic Items - Cost, Rules, and Legendary Item Path Ability

Wand Wielder Magus

GMG: Upcoming Interface Zero Kickstarter Discussion

Double, Double Toil and Trouble - Witches and You

Alignment Aura Power

Armor Bonuses and Armor Enhancement bonuses

Horror based magic items

Snake-tail playable race?

Pathfinderized Dragonlance: Considerations?

Bardic Performance: A bonus for 2-handed instruments

Ability Damage Immunity vs Death

Critique My Mounted Builds!

Designing survivable hard encounters by each level

Firearms and AC, my personal system

An archer fighter SGT to illustrate a point

Blurring the Lines for Arcanes and Divines - A Guide to the Mystic Theurge

Any way to use magic to change a mount's species?

Help with building Krieg from borderlands 2

Just for fun: "The One True Way" Fighter

Top Arcane Spell Combinations

Wizardly wear?

WoW demon hunter build advice


Need advice for invulnerable barbarian archetype wield two-handed weapons.

Question about Draconic Druid Archetype

Eyebiter & Mutant Eye

Can Spirit Guardians keep equipment?

ROTRL #1 Alternate Cover

Odd character advice - headless

Living Grimoire, improvised weapon?


Kickstarter for 3D printed terrain / props / villages

Spiritualist's Phantom as auxiliary PC

Multiple touch spells with "Charge"

Best Open Content

For the OP haters

[FaQ Request] Diehard

Need advice on Dwarf fighter who likes dwarven longhammers.

Racial Points and CR / ECL

Eyebiter Mesmerist familiar Cha and Wis

Gestalting Through Rappan Athuk

Need advice for dwarven cleric of Bolka.

Can paladins of other faiths cast Abadar's Truthtelling in official play?

Req: highest constitution check at lvl 1

Natural Attacks, BAB and Sneak Attack

Armor Training and the run action

The Compassionate Antipaladin

A Neutral Paladin

Going to solo the Giantslayer AP and need character build advice

A character wearing armour of fortification is hit with a sneak attack by a rogue who has the bleeding attack talent. Now if armour of fortification negates the sneak attack will it negate the bleeding attack damage as well?

Just for fun - Building Sehiroth

Has anyone converted Curse of Strahd to Pathfinder?

Possible Bestiary 2 PDF errata / problems

Pathfinder Jedi

Teleporting into water

"your level" = total character level or class specific level

Dervish Dance / Weapon Finess Questions

Cleric of Sarenrae not using a scimitar (and how quickly will alignment change)?

Sneak attack grapple with reach

place to lok for puzzles

Character in need of "backup"

Gloves of Storing

Companion Figurine feat and getting a familiar

mounted combat, pet overruns on charge

Living Grimoire's Tome weight and spell capacity.

Thoughts and predictions on the next "Ultimate" book

Question for equipping NPCs

Arrowsong Ministrel and charisma increases

Daring Champion Feats advice

Overrun / bull rush build

Inquisitors, Errata, and Table / Text differences

Stats for a Chalicotherium?

Unsworn Shaman minor spirit

Looking for help building a demon hunting barbarian.

Familiar Question

Divine Fighting Technique Feat: Two books, same name, different prerequisites

Advanced simple template and natural armor

5-Foot Step and Movement

Whats the "point" of the starknife?

Let not the flesh polute the corn! Building Isaac from children of the corn. Or why not to watch terrible Stephen King movies while in the hospital.

Who is the most evil?

Arm Puns

Need some help planning a character build

Need help finding a feat / abilitity.

Monk's ki scorching ray

What does it mean for a Summoned creature to 'reform' over 24 hours?

Epic Level PC Creation

Hitting Something with a Bag Filled with 160lbs of Chainmail

Dervish Dance Magus - Perform (Dance)?

Killing the Tarrasque

Applying Favored Class Options to Other Classes

Do summoned creatures retain their knowledge skills?

[LPJ Design] Infinite Dungeon: The Halls of the Eternal Moment - Cusp, City on the Edge of Eternity for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Now available

Warpriest guide. Fight for your god.

Version 13.3 of the Pathfinder files for Hero Lab is now available!

901 to 1,000 of 155,236 << first < prev | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | next > last >>
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