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Armor Class, or No Armor Class?

in light of pathfinder monk changes / ideas

How would multi-classing a Cleric and Warpriest work?

Feat advice for a Battle Herald

2014 ENnie Awards

How would Combined Spells (Su) of the Mystic Theurge work with Sorcerer / Oracle?

Anyone know a Watto type creature.

Method to calculate CR for individual creatures?

S&S, Wizard leaving, but not yet. What to play?

Best Spells to take with Samsaran Mystic Past Life?

manuver master under foot adept monk

Carnivalist Sneak Attack

Balance of Additional abilities for high powered campaign.

spiked pit trap and criticals resulting


Another (probably dumb) question about the disguise skill

What if Pathfinder is just one big, complicated game of CLUE?

Dual Wielding Huge "Bword" Swords at Level 13 at a Total of -1

Tarrasque as major plot (BBEG?) and not just gimmick any thoughts? advice?

Paizo Blog: Meet the Iconics: Quinn

Breath of Life Twice

Infernal Healing material components cost question

Gestalt Build Advice, Intimidate Build

Ratfolk + Teamwork / Rogue = Ew.

Urban Encounters / Events Table?

An Illusion Question

How many trip from toppling magic missle?

Alternate Way Of Preventing Gods From Interfering

Weapon Golfbag Solution by Magic Item Property.

Help with a custom class

Elemental damage, precision and Sneak Attack?

Help me kill these misfits

Armor for Centaurs

1st 7th level spell

If you were to play this class: Vanguard (like a Magus)

[PDG / 4WFG] Work-In-Progress updates

2H Fighter AC woes

Spell choices for a 'storm' themed sorcerer?

Best PFS-legal items / spells / feats / tidbits that no one else seems to know about

Transformation + Prestige class = no longer meet the requirements

Mana Wastes

Mummy's Mask adventure path

Help me build a sword saint please?

Making use of poison in PFS? (Alchemy Manual)

Help me kill these misfits

Ways to get exotic weapon proficiency?

Help me with NPC ghouls.

Maneuver Master

wizard / alchemist

Home brewed item advice.

Rules for drinking and storing Blood

Pure sorc to DD, poly reliant idea

Traits with similar bonuses

Advice: Asperi as Pathfinder creature?

Kitsune Disguise - how does it work?

Self healing paladin help

Litany of Righteousness

Item creation caster level

Craft Questions

Summoner class redone . ( let me know what you think )

A Guide to Universal Mythic Abilities

Prismatic Wall length width question

infernal healing and gold reagent

Small-sized Tiefling with STR bonus?

Wielding a Two Handed Weapon in One Hand

Most under-used rule ever?

Prehensile Hair Body Enhancement

Sensible mercenary fees

Are patron spells "on the witch spell list" at level 1, or only when they are actually known?

Some brass knuckles questions.

kitsune human form, clothing?

Weedwhip Shape

What might a siege pepperbox look like?

True Neutral Paladin variant

Cartomancer and Deliver Touch Spells

Question of Hell Knight Enforcer

More Switch-Hitter feats

witch patron spells

May I ask for your advice about how to run a mythic game?

The Original TACT-TILES are back in a Kickstarter!!!! :)

Card Caster / Staff Magus

[AAW Games] Snow White Kickstarter Launches Tomorrow!

Does a simulacrum age?

A Guide to Touch Spells, Spellstrike, and Spell Combat [Ver 0.4 Alpha]

The Planeslinger - A Gunslinger / Summoner Hybrid Class

Odd Class Combination - Wizard / Paladin - Please Help

A Dream of Mars: Green Martians

Dragon Slaying Spells?

Rakshasa-Spawn Razmiran Priest build advice

magic weapon cost

My Frostbite Kensai (for PFS)

Let's Roll a Summoner

Looking for Suggestions - the All-Bard Campaign

Archmage Optimization Guide

I need help restricting planar travel in a big way.

Monks Redirection Question

magic recharge

The Avengers? In PF? WHAAAAT????

Welcome to the dark side.

Magical Talent Trait Clarification

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