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Land costs and / or mining rights

Tech Item - Powered Armor & magic slots

Spell Perfektion and Partial Casters

Serial Killer Vigilante and Accomplished Sneak Attacker feat

See Invisible

Converting Ultimate Campaign to D&D5

[LPJ Design] Codename Indigo Donkey Revealed...

Beguiler conversion for Pathfinder

Dead Animal Companion

I'm fairly certain that I'm a bad person. A confession of sorts.

Tripping Staff Magus

Living Grimoire, Teamwork Feats, and Domains.

Bloody Fist + Disemboweling Tusks question

if i were a rich magus yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum

Eldritch Archer Magus + Spellslinger Wizard questions

U.Rogue's Terrain Mastery and Horizon Walker (repost)

Sage Familiar Archtype

Line of sight / effect

If Treerazor was a WoW boss

Fallen London character in Pathfinder

Brawlers: Debuffing, With Style! [Guide]

I made Slenderman, Thoughts?

Halfling Archer for PFS

Question on soft cover with ranged and melee reach charactes

Tatterdemalion (Witch Archetype) Moth-Eaten (Sp) Ability


A Paladin Code for Kelinahat

Unique party set up

Paladin Codes

Aberrant language

An extremely general guide to making viable characters.

Prestige classes that still work competitively

Do Small weapons weigh less?

Crazy Lycan Ideas

Earning Feats

Wizard and multi-classes.

Running The Dragon's Demand in DragonLance

Medium shadow spells

Fey Bloodline Familiar Question

Up Close and Personal and hidden strike riders

Pathfinder versions of Tomb of Horrors, Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, and White Plume Mountain?

Salvaging one of my first PFS Characters

PrC Ability DCs, too low?

is it typical to spend whole session buying normal supplies?

Ranger Faithful Combat (where do the feats come from?)

Brawler + Monk + Monk's robes question

dual wielding shields and fighting defensively

Beast Wrestler Brawler Flexing into Dedicated Adversary feat

GM Query:Am I the only one whos game devolves into tom foolery?

Paladins, and the Order of the Godclaw: [PFS]

Reduce / Enlarge Person + Projectile weapons inconsistency intended?

Flame Blade Spell - Any non druids get this?

Locked Gauntlet and two handed weapons?

Dragonheir Scion rules question

When I have a base attack bonus of +1 or higher,can I draw my weapon at the time of taking a 5-foot step?

When I have a base attack bonus of +1 or higher,can I draw my weapon at the time of taking a 5-foot step?

Intelligence of improved mauler familiar

Order of Attacks: TWF + Natural Attacks w / Multiattack Feat

Ranger Combat Style / Slayer Talent Archetypes

Help with Gestalt Wizard Sorcerer

Can a Silent Bladed Dash be used while paralyzed?

Elemental Annihilator- how to build one.

Psychopomp Eidolon (PFS)

Unchained Monk, Flurry and Combat Maneuvers

Balance on the Race Creation Rules?

Intrepid Rescuer - The art of tactical napping

Knowledge: Arcana and "spells in place"

Knowledge Based Character Concept

Damnation feats

Scout's Charge + Slow Reaction

Pathfinder Illumians

As GM how do you RP unusual characters and abilities in game?

Planar binding; caster dies, what happens?

Conjurer problems: Fire Elemental vs. Web

Seeking advice on resolving surprise for group with different stealth bonus

DM Advice - How to Introduce Legendary Monsters into a Setting

Advice on Desna Cleric Archetypes

[PFS]Racial heritage and major mind swap

[WIP] Nightbringer's Guide to the Fighter

Witch vs Shaman

Starting a surprise round with a bluff?

Card Caster with daggers

Theron's Hombrew Statblocks

Goblin rogue / vivisectionist build

Pilgrim William Palmer Bill or Billy

Variant Leadership in Ultimate Intrigue

Best Use of Tactician?

Swamp's Grasp (Su) Question

Warpriest feat ideas please

Soooo.... Villain Codex

(Frog God Games) The Lost Lands: Bard's Gate Kickstarter

Kusarigama Kraziness Konfusion

G1 Conversion

Clarification on Intrigue mystery's Desire Sight revelation

Vigilante Up Close and Personal Talent plus Close the Gap Talent

Newbie attempting to understand mounted charge + pounce

[Legendary Games] Legendary Vigilantes Open Playtest

How to adjudicate this scenario

Trying to solve the Craft problem

[Class X] 5 / Evangelist PrC 10... Then what?

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