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A collective appraise check #2


So... Pummeling charge + Spirited Charge + Rhino Hide armor + Janni Rush = BOOM!

Pinning / Impaling Opponents

Lunge while prone

Stacking Initiative for a new Wizard PFS

elven curve blade as written

Provoke Attacks of Opportunity from yourself

House of Living Objects

Bombs + Rapid Shot + Haste + TWF =???

Can I use Extend Spell on Color Spray?

A couple questions for my skinwalker abyssal bloodrager?

Magus / Kensai Armor Prof question

Help with Monster Advancement

Caster Level Bonuses

2WF and Buckler - Why does penalty apply to all attacks?

magical knack trait with ranger companion?

Dealing with Hide in Plain Sight

When your players are rolling lots of damage dice (suggestion for other GMs)

Medieval Archery and Attacks per round

Is the summoner broodmaster workable?

Upgrading Weapon Proficiencies

Alluria Publishing Cerulean Seas setting discussion

Animal companion and Amulet of Mighty Fists

Pixie dust value

Klar as a Black Blade

Noob needs help...Metaforge!

Advice for "Sepent's Skull" AP with "special" DM (maybe new character)?

Destructive Smite and Community Minded

Techslinger's Covet Charge

Paladin leaders: Holy Tactician + Holy Guide

Two questions about the broodmaster summoner.

Knowledge Domain: Remote Viewing

iron will



Can the "Channel Force" feats force enemies to provoke AoO?

Anyone got rules for cooking contests / cook-offs?

Scry trap

Can a non-bipedal creature ride a mount?

Good for what Ails you and Pooka familiars

Magus feat advice (11 bladebound kensai PFS)

Power Attack and Overhand Chop

Power Attack and Overhand Chop

What's more effective as "pure" caster- Cleric or oracle?

Master Craftsman, Profession, and Craft Wondrous Item

The Bolt Ace

Breaking an enspelled item

What classes could solo an Adventure Path?

Losing a limb. Trauma and recovery time.

Alchemist Wings Discovery

Most Awesome battlefield control spells.

Animals as Cohorts

Mindless Undead and Intelligence Boosting

Help me create a kobold boss please

Ferocious Mount what rage does it have

Creating an NPC villain - Question about Dragon Disciple

Path of War Less Travelled By (a homebrew thread)

Advice for Evil Campaign

Question: What Do You Want to See?

Question: What Do You Want to See?

Pathfinder Lore set BEFORE DnD 3.5??

TD + Move / / Adventure Path material for PS

Questions on how the Mongrel Mage works

Spellbook as scrolls and related shenanigans

Improve Animal Disposition to Helpful (as wizard)

Steel Steersman [Cavalier Archetype]

Homebrew Campaign Ideas: Level 0 Start!

I Cast A Spell! Quietly... And without moving my fingers...

Angelic invasion of an Evil nation.

Composite longbow higher than +5 ?

Area of Effect Spells and Melee Combat

What would you make?

I need a weapon that uses ranged touch attacks.

Your Preference on Magic Item Awards?

Kingdom VS Kingdom

Abundant / Beneficial Bandolier. GM HALP NEEDED!

channel energy

mounted combat ranger penalties?

Advanced Class Guide - How many Print Editions have there been?

Using Skills in Combat - Standard, Move, or Something Else?

Rotrl help me decide between archer druid or arcane archer

[Character Sheets] Updated Kingdom / Settlement Sheets for Kingmaker

PC wants to create a new feat for their Monk

Need Help with Cavalier / Magus.

Dragons, cleave, and vital strike

How to overcome DR as a natural weapon bloodrager?

dispel magic and magic weapon spell

Slayer / / Investigator Advice Needed

Keeping summons speedy

Any point to beast form X for a wizard?

Weird Witch Wonderings - Familiar folio rule interactions

Totem Shaman: WoW's Enhancement Shaman

Unforeseen problem...please advise

New FAQ: New Spells Known

Focused Trance Question

Advice with a 3.P Character [Gestalt]

Questions about [Jon Brazer Enterprises] Heroic Races: Reapers

Questions about [Jon Brazer Enterprises] Heroic Races: Reapers

Action required to activate slippers of spider climbing?

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