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Topic Posts Last Post
PFS character challenge: No Christmas Tree.

New to Pathfinder, entirely. Looking for recommendations

+6 composite long bow?

What do you consider fun when playing and GMing Pathfinder?

DR is basically useless. Anyone try using 3.0 DR numbers with 3.5 / PF bypass conditions?

PFS Legal Zen Archer

Animal Companion and the Seek Command...

Indiana Jones

Wizard / Sorcerer Build advice

Bloodrager bloodlines - claws

Bloodrager Bloodlines and Dragon Disciple

Dinosaur Knowledge Check DC's

Cartoon character conversions

Three Reasons to Live question

Creating a Extra-dimensional Timeless Crafting Space

Identical Twin Eidolon for Summoner?

Fixing Flurry of Blows and AoMF

Dream Party

What items can you bring to hand as a free action while moving?

Touch AC and overall AC

Horizon Walker's Terrain Dominance

Will PF Unchained be compatible with existing archetypes?

[] Epic Hero and Villain Cards Kickstarter

Shield Champion Build

Cleric saurian domain cleric?

sugesstions please.

Gameplay Standards Variations

Holy water, alchemist, splash on incorporeal creatures

Smite Evil on an Incorporeal?

Red Hand Doom Conversion

Wizard Dragon Disciple

High Level Town Guard Ideas

Cleric questions from a noob

Need Help With Character Creation Idea

Should my paladin take blinding critical?

Gish build advice

Craft Rod

Ring of Animal Friendship - Best Friends Forever?

Oathbond Paladin Spells

Initiative investment for a Rager

Why Do You Want to Play a Catfolk?

Lightning Bolt Or Shocking Grasp with Reach & Intensified Spell Feats?

"Royalty" ideas.

Fill My Dragon's Hoard!

Stronger Magic Aura

Let's hear your most unique Eidolon ideas

Need help with a reverse demon cult

Shadow Conjuration: Mage Armor?

Abundant Ammunition errata

Archetypes that lose spellcasting

Need ideas for an all-Bard gestalt campaign.

An anti paladin, barbarian and wizard walk into branderscar prison

Casrer druid - nature fang or storm druid?

Feat prerequisites

Looking for help

Heavens Oracle Spirit Guide Advice

Best Transformer (Non Druid)

I mount my familiar and my familiar mounts me!

The Judo Master, A guide to the Maneuver(trip / throwing) Master

Shrink item

Twisted Fortune's DC

Counter-Summons action

Suggestion and Critique wanted

The Souldrinker PRC, what is the best entry class?

Kirin Style + Mounted Combat

Contingent Action - Am I reading this right?

Resurrection or perma-death?

Roleplaying a cleric of sarenrae

Naruto D20 > Pathfinder help

Way of the Angry Bear 3: The Guide to Bear Fisted Fighting!

Paizo Blog: Meet the Iconics: Quinn

AOO from Combat Maneuver

High-Powered Gestalt Build Advice

PCs killed by the SLA FAQ

Retraining and Prerequisites

Yggdrasil Fanzine for Midgard CS accepting submissions!!

Need help with Fighter Idea

Arcane Trickster and new FAQ on SLAs- Does it have much impact?

Stealth, Hide in plain sight, sneak attack and....

Quick Sorc Question

Synergist witch PFS legal?

Domain familiars and improved familiar or similar?

Daemon Bloodline and the bonus feat that can't EVER be taken by a single-classed sorcerer?

My Kingmaker Build

Kingmaker Gestalt Advice

Freemasonry & Pathfinder

What Other Races Do You Want to See More Support?

Yondu's Yaka Arrow (Guardians of the Galaxy) - Ideas?

New FAQ: New Spells Known

Haunts—What are they good for? How do they work?

Too Much Control ?!?

How does one use the Open Game Licence?

Has anyone been able to make a good brawler?

Yet another question about a Lich's Phylactery

Tiny Halflings, make me happy

Melee Druid Domain / Inquisition?

Ice Elemental form with Season Keeper Druid Archetype

Cunning (new rogue feature)

Mind Control As a Cleric

How do I become a vampire / undead and remain a pc?

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