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dragon disciple Requirments

Spotting ships at distance.

Interesting CR 10-12ish Evil Outsiders?

Possible builds for converting from 4e

Torture Subdomain.

Games Design Blog and Publisher Directory

Order of the Flame Chain Challenge!

Magical Lineage for Blaster Cleric

Speculation on the unchained summoner 2

Skipping Random Encounters

Tar-Baphon or Zutha?

Use Magic Device Question

Can you cast `Surmount Affliction` whlie confused, dazed, or paralyzed?

Cavalier: Challenge questions

Charismatic assasin - Build advice.


Falcon Hollow Series; How to stay on par with WBL?

Does Speak with Dead work with animals with Circlet of Speaking?

Multiclass Archetype question reg the Harmonics Bloodline ...

Tome of Clear Thought Stacking with itself and other items

thinking about a Zen Archer / Ninja Horizon Walker...

Rise of the Runelords: Lost a Player

Snapping turtle clutch and reach.

Shattered Star for 5E

Shaman Class - Spirit Animal Question

Martial Versatility and Pummeling Style

New Magic Item, Chaldira's Kiss; Critique please

First time DM module advice

Armor Spikes and Multiple Limbs

first time PCs

What Happens When a Witch Loses her Familiar?

Contrary Player: Part 2

Spell Concentration

Feign Death

Arcane Strike oversight?

Wood Shape uses (for people better at guessing volume than I am)

ROTRL Advice

Feinting with the kobold bloodline

[Tripod Machine] Readers needed for an oracle minibook


Magus confusion

Full Plate of the Corpse, a Request for Information

Player Complaining

Multiple Stirges

Detect Magic traits

Help with a group concept

Shield while prone?

New Feat: Neutral Summon Monster

Can't understand how to read the "Magic Item Table" for "Charges Per Day"

Does Butterfly Sting stack with itself?

Summon Evil Monster- help?

Mithral Shields Quality

Where is Collective Recollection?

How to build Old Man Henderson.

Four New Wizard Schools - Open For Enrollment

Suggest an "advanced" but still straightforward build

Graveknight armor inside bag of holding!

Nagas as a playable race

About Summon Monster

What should the monk do / be?

Magic Item slots and Armor?

Gunslinger Metal Cartridge question

Opportune Parry and Riposte swashbuckler and Parry and riposte duelist full parry and riposte??

Swashbuckler Deed and AoO's Question

Raging Blood: Maximum Rounds per day(?)

Attack of Opportunity outside of threat

Damage Reduction stacking

Guide to alchemical items

Golem V.S. create pit + alchemist fire; is it really that simple?

hats and circlets?

Inscribe Magical Tattoo questions

Hospitaler Paladin healer build

Keeping an adventure journal for a PC

Playing the Sidekick

Combat Manager application

Cauldron of overwhelming allies - How it work?

Should the use of Evil aligned spells affect your alignment as a PC?

PFS Barbarian Needs a Feat!

hypothetical mythic adventures questions

Peter Pan build

Viking Rogues???

Playing a home-brew setting on the Forum

Store Blog: Rawboned Rusalka and War Machine Krakens—These Are a Few of My Favorite Things!

Are dwarves racially proficient in light and medium armor?

ever been a final ruling oncomplex bomb?

Help break writer's block! (Golerion-related stuff)

Ochre Jelly maintaining a grapple + damage

tumor familliar confusion

Looking for Feedback on a new Hero Point Focus Prestige Class

Headband of Vast INT and Staff of Mithril Might Stacking

Possible Bestiary 4 Errata

cant find dcs for crafting guns

Warpriest guide. Fight for your god.

Amazing Increadible (and vibrant) Character sheet for experienced players!

think i found the ultimate stealth character

Gunslinger ammo question

The Thanaturge - A necromantic action hero!

Ruling on Mythic Adventures

Ranger's Favorite Enemy - Alternate Class Feature

question on instant alchemy

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