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Topic Posts Last Post
Any way to pick a revelation outside of your Mystery?

Life Oracle Channeling and Aasimar Purifier Channeling

How to Medusa's Wrath Kyuss?

Quick question on magic weapons

Writers Block at it's Finest: Inspiration Needed for Blood Conduit Bloodrager

I need a good book on vehicles

Some Questions About Armor Spikes

Secret Signs and does not compute....

Steel Hound and Studied Strike

Free Hand Fighter and Improved Unarmed Strike

Monk Optimization Challenge

can you add the fiendish template to an NPC half elf?

Dreamscarred Soulknife Question- WIng Clip Clarification

How about a Sandpoint Box?

Important question about the school understanding exploit

New but very interested

Can you retrain to a feat you previously did not qualify for?

Crafting Potions and Wands - Spell Source

FCB with replacement Archetypes?

Double Weapons and Strength / Power Attack Bonuses

Spell like abilities, Arcane or Divine?

Shield champion and equipping / unstrapping a shield

Cherry Picking: The Monk

Beastmass 2: Son of Beastmass

Golarion map of products?

another new grapple question.

Surprise Round Question

Question regarding Mythic Power ''Sacrificial Shield ''

Help me make this sniper build ;)

Need some ideas / help for new character

some stealth caster Q;s

is Dazing metamagic as annoying for anyone else?

The Robot Type

Grenadier (alchemist) -- the OTHER part of the description

Resilient Brute and Invulnerable Rager

Deck of many things

Stacking elemental damage

Maneuver master monk ability "Maneuver defense"

Canny Tumble + Disorienting Maneuver

Patch Changes to Firearms & Gunslingers

Magus Archetype question

Shaman druid archetypes and Animal and Terrain domains

Is 'designating' an action?

Abellius Character Sheet Disaster

Fang Dragon / Sorcerer Bloodline

Sky Sloop - Magic Item or Artifact

Vanishing trick and level

(PFS) What to do with an ifrit boon (or two)

Converting the Tome of Channeling to Pathfinder

Mummy Rot

[HeroLab] New rule or bug?

Elixir of Sex Shift

Cartomancer and Deliver Touch Spells

Favoured Melee Psychic Warrior?

Diehard and Nonlethal Damage

Neceros' Character Sheets

Skald - Extra Rage Power

Favored Enemy and single target DPS

Eldritch Scrapper + Robe of Arcane Heritage

Scarab of Golem Bane

Pallid Crystal and Bleeding Wounds Oracle revelation?

Adding to spell lists.

Elton's Conversion of Dragonlance

Pummeling Style & Body Wrap of Mighty Strikes

My half-race templates

We Be Goblins question

Please Support: Pummeling Style Questions and Complaints

Armor spikes grapple damage automatic?

Where Should I Go From Here?

I need help incorporating the gunslinger

Generating Stats - tricks and preferences

Adding BAB to Initiative?

Sign Language?

Holding the Charge from a Touch spell and...

Lets talk about Spell Mastery

Pathfinder and older settings

Abellius Character Sheet Disaster

Hex Vulnerability spell and Beneficial Hexes

Any good Aerial Combat / Dogfight rules?

Are there any feats that would let a non-bard get Inspire Courage?

Play by Post, advice on how to start GMing it.

Broken Soul Antipaladin

Broken Soul Antipaladin

Ultimate Campaign Kingdom Tracking Spreadsheet

spells to detect pregnancy / sex of child / father of child

Character Idea-The failed paladin

feat advice for a cleric:

[think tank] Everything happening at the same time

Should DM's enforce the Child Characters ruleset?

Increasing domain progression for MC character

An Arcanist with all 14s

Warpriest / Sorcerer multi class question

Kata Master / Swashbuckler

Warmage without houseruling

Evangelist aligned class with prestige classes

DH's Guide to Play By Post gaming

Elton's Conversion of Dragonlance Classics (2e and SAGA)

Base Class - The Primal

Evangelist Aligned Class; not actually that good?

Kasathas and Shields

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