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Creating an army of undead with limited resources

New Medium spirits:What would you like to see?

Creature types and subtypes in D&D and Pathfinder

Can ı take aether elemental as an eidolon for unchained summoner.

Crown of the World

Bite / claws Bloodrager / dragon disciple rule clarification

Homebrew Class Archetype

Thanksgiving Day Modules?

Funny / Awesome character concepts

Prerequisite for Spirit Ally feat - HHH

Something I'd love to see from Dreamscarred Press

Give me a weird idea for a PFS character.

Ballroom flip mat

Ranged / Melee sneak feinting Ninja...?

Is it ok for villain win a day.

Playable Race?

Easy Hybrid Races by Tim Wallace (Homebrew / Advice / Balance Check)

Occultist & Item Mastery

Sorcerer bloodline familiar and Witch patron familiar ?

[Zenith Games] The Gobbler: A Thanksgiving Module

Good spells for a paranoid high level caster

Intelligence to Will Saves - balanced?

Universal Path Legendary Item

Chord of Shards

I am the GM, and I want the PC's (swashbuckler) sword. How?

Guns in Southlands?

Wizard spells with Saving Throw Int?

Underwater Kung Fu?

Building my friend's first PFS character (also first character ever) - She wants a ranged Investigator

How do people qualify this...

looking for feats

Homebrew Challenge: Pantheon Generator

One point of nonlethal damage cancels out ferocity?

Dervish Dancer Feats

Swords for Hire contest: Villain Codex IV

Swarms and Rays for FAQing

Pathfinder players manifest the attributes of their characters

How's my Dwarven fighter? Would this work?

Wanderer / Vagabond Class - Brainstorm

Question on a Swarm

Magicimpaired Gnome for new homebrew campaign, advice requested.

Can you use both Two Weapon Fighting and Rapid Shot?

Psionic Energy Ray and DC

Psionic Energy Ray and DC

Fun creatures for a level 20 two person party to fight?

Symbol of Striking vs Invisible Creatures

Channeled Revival - Full Round?

Wicked / Crazy / Awesome classes you can come up with todays game?

New to PF Homeplay: Crowd Control Sorcerer starting at level 5 - How to negotiate trade-offs?

CR for this trap?

Petition for Errata: Order of the Tome

Villian codex ascetic oracle mystery final revelation?

Help me Build my own BadPiper?

Tumor Familiar and Ioun Stones

Phantasmal Killer and Telepathy from a spell

Jedi: the homebrew you've all been waiting for

Starvation and rationing

Ghost's "Malevolence" + dormant Android

Are creatures with "Constant — detect evil" stunned by overwhelming evil auras?

Animate Dead / Reanimation Immunity?

Is there any way to know when a creature has succeeded a saving throw?

Questions about teamwork feat: Target of Opportunity

Medium - viable adventuring builds other than strength based champion?

Intrepid Rescuer against Full Attack--Multiple AoOs?


Does the Uda Wendo archetype make the caster spirits more viable?

Catfolk monk claw build

Shield Marshal + Inquisitor judgement question.

Spellslinger / Eldritch Archer build help

Knowledge [martial]

Wild Caller + Half-Elf favored class bonus

Unarmed Striker Build?

Black Blade and Permanency

need help with GMing a kineticist

Ranger Combat Style Question

The Moontouched Ascendant, Wolf out while your Wolves Human up. (Balancing Advice)

The Songbird of Doom: A Guide to a most unlikely tank and Mechanism of Mass Destruction (Warning: GMs will hate you)

Seamantle Slam Attack

Highest Armor Class for a Druid and How

Mounted Goblin Druid HELP!

Weaponwand idea

Bad touch cleric feats

Opinion on "Blessing of Fervor"

Question about the Horror realms suppliment

Leshy Warden: Are summoned / figment leshies triggering death effects?

Pummeling Style vs Objects

[Gaming Paper] EZG reviews Sewer Bestiary

The Pill-Popping Paladin (A Concept I'm Having Fun With)

Witch Doubts - Hex, familiar and Blood Money spell

Respecting LGBTQ people: Is this character backstory disrespectful or flattering?

How can I go about making a Cervitaur (Medium sized deer centaurs)?

How can I go about making a Cervitaur (Medium sized deer centaurs)?

Alchemist Feats

Spiritualist (Exciter) Greater Rapture Question

Conductive Merciful Weapons, aka "Gently Incapacitating Crowds with High Explosives"

[Kobold Press] 2017 Kobold Press 13-month Calendar is Here!

Does wall of force stop Inquisitor's Direction?

Help for a GM of a Inner Sea Campaign

My Player wants a very unusual magic weapon...

Help Me Sacrifice My Own Well-Being

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