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Incoming Brachiosaurus! (and other summoned monsters dropped from above)

Trail Rations, why do we need them

[Kyoudai Games] Thunderscape Adventure Path Now Available!

PFS Two-Handed Spiked Shield Optimization

Tweaking the Synthesist Summoner

Question on how to act.

Several Wild Shaping Fighter / Druid Questions

Adjudicating Magic Traps with RAW - Trap detection

Best plan of action

Multiple Doses of Inhaled Poison

Ring of Transcendent Spells

How many saving throws for Heat Metal spell?

Full round actions with a bow?

Metamagic and Multi-target spells

Pathfinder with NPC Classes (Ravenloft)

Looking for the name of an item. Two connected chests.

Succubus in a grapple.

Some Monk Suggestions play-tested

Tiefling Bloodrager Natural weapon questions.

Teleportation Circle

Two questions regarding alchemy.

The Matrix Build Tips

Dex Bonus : when is it denied ?

Legal Archetype Overlap

Does the damage from immolation bomb stack?

Version 9.0 of the Pathfinder files for Hero Lab is now available! Champions of Balance! Encounter Builder!

I've created a monster and I can't conquer it

D.D Dragon Form changed to function like Wild Shape is it unbalancing

PFS Trip Reach Fighter Optimization

Can you make a decent build around the Strangler feat?

Protection From Good / Evil / Law / Chaos - Confusion, multiple spells?

What AP would easily use Mythic Adventure rules?


Metamagic on wand creation? Rules for or against this?

Moxie: A Practical Guide to Roguing with Style

While folks are discussing the Garrote...

snake style tactics?

Melee Touch Attack Question

Swap out value of paladin spellcasting

Homebrew feat for non-monk / brawler unarmed combatants

readied actions

Does a PC know if their spells are successful?

I have a baby goblin...what do?

Witch Familiar Question

Free Stuff Pathways #37!

Interrupting Full-Attack

Rune Lords which to play Dervish Bard or black blade magus?

Using magic to help Disguise yourself as a specific person

Pin Down; 5 foot step as a move action?

Do You Really Use Power Attack Every Time?

How many HP does a baddy have remaining?

To Winter Witch or not to Winter Witch?

axe / hammer weapon

Multiple enhancement bonuses to Intelligence and skill points

nasty rogue

Numenera to Pathfinder conversions

Readied disarm action interrupting an attack: standard action retained?


additional house rules for natural 1

[Jon Brazer Enterprises] Egyptian Magic Items for your Mummy-Themed Adventure Path

"naturalize poison" for the ACG's Shaman

What are the best products for Steampunk / Futuristic / Dystopian setting?

Area of Effect spells centered on the caster

Animal companion / Character Advancment

Ring of Battle Frenzy

Freebooter Quarry

Will save boosts to not kill my friends?

Help! Best way to handle 30-50 LVL 3 orcs vs the party as the GM

Out of the closet: Melee Bogeyman build

Appraise vs Cursed Items

What Do You Hope to See in PF 2e?

Loosing Access to Feats

Best PFS adventures for a home game. [8th level]

My Vanilla Monk Out-Damaged the Ranger / Barbarian Archer

Here's A Pathfinder In Game Character Resource Tracking Sheet To Help You Track HP, Ammo, Charges, Ability Usage etc.

Increasing domain progression for MC character

Mythic Mystic Theurge

Mocking Dance(Performance Combat) + Whip or Lunge, ideas?

Adjudicating Magic Traps with RAW - Trap creation

Big-Powerful-Skilled Undead Master Advice

How Does This Brawler Build Look?

Delay action question then?

so looks like you can't enchant a shield as a weapon ... bummer

Crane Style feat chain

Divine defender ability

d20 Feats deleted

d20 Feats deleted

Am I understanding Gunsmithing correctly?

Break Enchantment and Petrify (Basilisk Gaze)

Reach + Tanglevine = ?

can a crab wear a ring?

Laughing Touch (fey bloodline sorcerer power) save dc = ?

Erza Scarlet of Fairy Tail: How would you build her?

Do polymorph spells / wild shape grant elemental damage?

Compatible Kingdom Building AP

How does Loathsome Veil work?

Vicious Weapon damage type

Oracle's Awesome Display Question

Even MORE Shenanigans :D wait... no, that should be D:

Can I use Vital strike with attacks of opportunity?

901 to 1,000 of 101,622 << first < prev | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | next > last >>
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