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Best archetype for cleric of Ra? rough builds included.

Claw Attacks Primary or Secondary Natural Attacks?

A new monk

One hand free for grappling

Two small creatures in one square?

Strategy guide diagonals

List of 3pp Pathfinder Campaign Settings

Creating a Construct using class

Does my halfling barbarian have a dual personality?

Monk Unarmed Strike Damage Question

Summoned Creatures Action Limitations?

Geotic Investigator Archetype

My PC Ability Scores Arrays

Based on Glen Cook's Shifter

Quick Deadly Grappler Question

Weapon Snatcher and Break Guard

How does Liberty's blessing work?


Multiple Wands

Panic Level Question: When does it stop rising?

Complete this sentence, My character doesn't carry a ranged weapon because...

Can you Intimidate -> Shaken then Dirty Trick -> Frighten?

A little Roleplay / Backstory help

Blade Adept Black Blade

Strength to UMD trait - Brutal Manipulation

The ridiculous gestalt thread

1st Character

Build Question: War Priest of Desna

Alchemist Tumor Familiar Discovery with the Protector archetype...

Few question about Spellcraft DC to identify spell + metamagic feats and components

Can Gnome Master Tinker be used to meet prerequisites?

Picaroon and Steel Hound Panache / Grit Interaction

Calculating armor HP question

A new monk

Easiest Ways to Blind a Foe? (For Rogues)

"Chain Devil" attack options - have I got this right?

Wielding a large bow

Chamipion's Finesse + Artful Dodger

Halfling vexing dodger rogue / ninja advice for Giantslayer

i need help with backstory

I need some help with my Brevoy campaign

What vampire abilities does a vampire in wolf form retain?

Most worthless spells

Attacking a Monster's Natural Weapon

At What Level Does Each Class Come Online / Start To Shine

Half-Orc Slayer Natural Attack Build

Creating a world via spell

Dealing with hardness

Strangler Brawler: any way to get Silence is Golden w / o multi-classing?

Can a Magus dipping in Inspired Blade Swashbuckler take Arcane Deed (Inspired Strike)? Would it work with wyroot?

Practical uses for Quarterstaff Master

[Super Genius Games] Warlords of the Apocalypse!

Advanced Serpentfolk

Gestalt Question (Not a Build)

Grippli Touch Attacker

Concentration Checks and spells like Faerie Fire, Prayer, Glitterdust

Spells that profit from increase in DC and CL

Potions and Wands

Large-Sized PC: How do?

[PFS] The Best Character for 1st Level

More Epic than Epic?

Question on a couple magic items...

Critique my Cleric

The Marvel Universe; Pathfinder Style

If your Magus could go past level 20, what would you do?


Non-animal familiar's and Celestial Servant

Can you downrank the summoner's Summon Monster?

Good kit for antipaladin / summoner gestalt?

Occultist (Playtest) familiar archetypes

Arcane Trickster (Min / Max)

Animal Companion Upgrade

Tie Up Grapple Option Questions

Sharing space, and adjacent

Varguilles and you, XOXO

Crafting Magic Items

Mythic Support

PDF App Recommendations

Form of the Dragon: Attack Specifics and Frightful Presence ranges

Do ranged weapons adhere to "handedness?"

Grappling Universal Monster Rules

Improved Familiar

To sword and board or not - Antipaladin / Summoner gestalt akin to Golbez from FF4

The Dirty Fighter: Advice needed

Polymorph Questions - Trying to Understand

Question about sacred geometry

Reach Paladin

4th level ZAM / Inquisitor and the 2000 GP bounty

Channel Energy: Holy Vindicator / Order of the Star + Warpriest

Mythic Perfect Preparation...

Anthropomorphic Races

Leveled Mutations

Random Village / town / city

4th level abyssal bloodrager..where to go from here?

Happy Feet, Wombo Combo: A guide to getting asses whooped with the Brawler

What's your trick?

Bardic Abilities and Feats affecting Sneak Attack?

Side Quest

Inscribe Magical Tattoo help

To hit bonus calculations

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