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npc stats

Alcohol Consumption and its effects on the Drunken Master Archetype

Need alternative to urban barb / zen archer monk.

Symbol of Mirroring Usage

Unexpected Strike, Reach, and Attacks of Opportunity.

Mythic Warpriest

+1 Weapons and other mood breakers

[LPJ Design] Races of Obsidian Apocalypse: Flesh and Iron for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Now available

Disguise Self vs. Alter Self

Best build to use Final Embrace tree

trip feats

Divine Vessel and Enlarge Person / stack or no stack

Rebuffing Reduction Penetration

Aasimar / Tiefling Age Categories

On 6TH STRETCH GOAL! Thank you, Thank you (Combat Description Cards - Over 600 system neutral ways to describe combat on a 100+ card deck)

Robe of Arcane Heritage & Bloatmages

spells spells and more spells

Puzzles: Discussion and Suggestion

How to start a campaign.

Familiars - am I doing this right?

Close Weapon Group

Supernatural ability vs racial resistance

Darkmantle, is this right?

The Verbal / Visual Examples of Players / Problems in your Games

Monday Morning Questions

[PFS] Help out a slow-moving paladin

FAQ repost: Bodyguard feat

How soon will I regret one of these deviations from pure cleric?

Template DR and / or Natural DR

What would the results of this Mystic Theurge build be?

Eidolon Slams

sCoreForge Pathfinder Character Creator - Excel-based Character Sheet

The Lazy Witch....Or how to help the party from the comfort of your magnificent mansion.

How to convert skill tricks from 3.5's Complete Scoundrel

explain mythic power attack to me

Non-Good Deity with Rulership in their porfolio?

Are 3.5 FAqs valid (if not overriden by Paizo FAQ or Developer post)

Dragon Tiger Ox is Live!

Courageous and two weapon fighting.

Abundant ammunition and Adamantine arrows

Looking for some good stories worth the lulz

Have you ever played a kobold?

Breaking the habit.

Feral Gnasher Hurler

How can you get sneak attack consistently with natural attacks?

Iron Liver Drinking Fort Saves

Group problem, how to handle it?

Paladin's Mercy: Remove Fatigue

Designing magic items, ring of shield / mage armor. Ring of cure light wounds?

Designing magic items, ring of shield / mage armor. Ring of cure light wounds?

Creating a Psion - Ultimate Psionics Questions

Multiverse, multi-setting gathering

Couple of questions on Monks and Snake Style

Core Rules Rogue help

CRB FAQ request - fascinated condition

Campaign at an End

can earth elementals use equipment?

Can a monk use Improved Natural Attack feat to increase the size of his unarmed strike.

Opinions on a name...

Channeler of Fear- Channel-focused, fear-stacking undeath cleric of Ugathoa build! (Looking for ideas)

Anything to add a "forbidden" spell to a spell list?

Reduce / Enlarge Person and Permanency

Best Bard Books / Films

{FGG} Bill Webb's Book of Dirty Tricks off to the printer tomorrow!

Oracle question.

Collecting Taxes (Kingdom Building)

Held charges question.

Vairent Channeling and Channel Force Interaction question...

Fly or Airwalk?

Rogue + Use Magical Device... How Effective is It?

Where do I post this question?

Summoner Magic evolutions

Sneak Attack And Conditions

Trait suggestions

Clever Explorer substitute for Trapfinding?

Need Advice about Pathfinder Products / Local Store

The Aboleth Godmind (and Aboleth cults)

level 1 fighter build for a new game

Another Animal Companion Question

Maestro Sorcerer + Spellsong

Dex bonus to AC while casting / concentrating

Good GameMastery Modules

Bone Oracle Soul Siphon quick question

Paladin Mount

Character Benchmarks

is there a spontaneously casting variant to the Magus class

Would like some advice on an illusionist sorcerer

Dragon Disciple Advice (Ranger / Monk / Bard etc.)


Making a 15 point spell casting Druid w / animal companion

Mischief Maker: ninja archetype

What happens if I hit a Lich with True Resurrection?

Ranger's Caster Level

Sneak Attack with a bow while flanking in melee? Explain why not? Help me build a Rogue.

The ridiculous gestalt thread

Was it intentional to make Snake Style and Snake Fang not work well together?

Can you take Spell Perfection more than once....

Build Advice, Urban Druid in Kingmaker

Mithril Armored Kilt + Mithril Breastplate

[PFS] EK Feat Advice

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