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Topic Posts Last Post
Shouldn't Cayden Cailean have the Liberation Domain?

The Spellslinger - a mini guide

Ennies Voting now Open: please consider voting for Razor Coast and HoTR

Warpriest Sacred Weapon and Humble Beginnings

Tengu Swordmaster Trances

Which is a better summoner..?

Low hit points=dice roll penalties?

Magus and Light spell

Summoner multiclassing into Oracle

Inquisitor / Warpriest / Sentinel build? PFS.

DR / magic and outsider natural weapons

Traits which apply to a skinsend construct

[AAW Games] The Snow White Kickstarter is rocketing towards stretch goals!

Raising Charisma in PFS

Silverline's Improved Familiar rule question extravaganza

Darkness and Light

Greyhawk Gods....

Multiple Burning Skeletons fiery aura question

Wind Blast and Attacks of Opportunity Question

Threaten with Produce Flame?

Two weapon fighting and unarmed attacks

Question about touch of Corruption

Very simple xp question from a beginner

Avoiding "dump stats"

How to increase CMB?

Handling maps in-game

Best way to do my AC for my spell caster

Religion in Golarion

Deals with Devils

Ways to ride my eidolon as a human before level 8?

Looking for Some Terminology

Good Society-legal support builds

Should martials be buffed... or casters brought down?

How Broken Would this Rogue Fix Be? If at all?

Elemental Templates

Replacing a knowledge skill check

Summoner / Fighter Gestalt Ideas?

Mystic Theurge - why the hype?

Shield Other Familiar or Companion?

Blood of the Martyr, Quick Question

Deadly Juggernaut and Fate's Favored

Ring of Spell Knowledge and Spellbooks

Remove Disease and Non-Infectious Disease

Christmas in July Sale

[Ultimate Psionics] Aegis (War Hulk) & making it hurt

[UE] Decoy Ring: Greater Invisibility?

Some clarification on the hurling rage power.

Please review this character for PFS.

Magic Item Crafting

[House Rules] Speed factor discussion

Grab and held charges.

Crystal Chakram

Does the 30' limitation for ranged sneak attacks become the maximum range for surprise spells?

Musket Master - reloading as a free action?

Psionic Collapse and Flying

Monk of the Empty Hand and Weapon Focus

Bardic performance and telepathic bond.

Publishing questions

Dark Hero points--suggestions?

Monk / Cleric Build Help

Confused about Beastmaster at first level

Can I improve my halfling archer ranger?

Vermin Familiar communication

Motivating Display and Violent Display PFS legal?

How to build Arcane Fighter? (PFS)

Ethics / Good GM question.

Can a druid get "stuck" in his animal form?

Illusion immunity.


ARG Race Builder Program

Wall of Fire question?

Wall of Fire question?

Looking for a Trait +2 concentration check that is not from the Magical or Regional.


Improved Pin & Greater Pin

Spell book Familiar

Variant tiefling abilities?

Check out the Flying Pincushion

First game party question

What classes can sneak attack?

Drow poison initial effect and Delay Poison

Looking for a high damage build

Help me build a Cartomancer / harrower

Wands, Scrolls and Spell Resistance

Yggdrasil Fanzine for Midgard CS accepting submissions!!

Greater Grapple and Vital Strike

Looking for a pathfinder or 3.5 conversion of Against the Giants.

Temp Con Damage and Death

Show the Cavalier some love!

Large creature sizes on a grid

How to go about finding players in my hometown?

Skinwalker racial ability and polymorphs


Paladin's Oath Spells

Birthdays that coincide with pathfinder holidays.

Caster prepping to go into anti magic zone

Map of the Realm ??

Multi-Companion Druid Ideas?

Legendary Item Abilities - Max Abilities

Good objects to swap with enemies

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