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Psychic Casters in Horror Adventures

Weapon evoker mastery feat with multiple enchantments.

Wanderlust trait question.

Please help me understand the amnesiac psychic archetype.

Swapping Sneak Attack for another type of Precise Attack

Swapping Sneak Attack for another type of Precise Attack

Ways to get passive Darkvision?

Beyond Morality Arcane Discovery & Harrowing Spell

Using a familiar to reload your crossbows?

Force effects, ghost-touch weapons, and incorporeal movement

Can a witch be useful only using hexes in combat?

Tzizimine's Eberron to Pathfinder Conversion

Where to find rules for playing monster-PC's?

Staggering fall spell

Hellbound Corruption, since you can't have more than 9 manifestation levels, you can't take Darkest Dires?

Orator and Call Truce

Knocked Prone = / = Tripping, or is it?

Can you have multiple Animal Companions from different class features?

An Adventure path from Start to Finish, how long?

Character generation with Unchained Cross-class rules

Tempered Champion Paladin vs Champion of the Faith Warpriest

[Interjection Games] Strange Magic 2's Kickstarter ends in 3 hours!

Is it possible to reduce Skill points?

Roc animal companion and space for movement

Arsenal Chaplain VMC Fighter: Weapon Training from two sources

Ki Throw, Greater Trip and when Attacks of Opportunity Trigger

Favored Enemy (human) bonus vs. half-elves and half-orcs?

harrowing spell / occult classes

Paladin of Imbrex or Magdh

Question for Aasimar

Modern campaign advice

Crocodile death roll question

Immediate Action Heals?

Pointed Negotiations

Single shot archer

Whip-using Lore Warden

Are there any Spontaneous casters that use wisdom as a key stat?

Question: Acrobatics bonus to jumping based on land speed

Looking for advice PFS Undine Commando

Ways to extend spell duration

Gamma World for Pathfinder...

Viability of a Bleachling Gnome Gravedigger

Sword Saint Samurai errata

Intelligence increases and spell mastery

Attacks of Opportunity vs Time Stop

Real name as vigilante identity?

Rogue Fighter TWF?

Wrath of the Righteous question........sorta

Dragon Disciple and Crossblooded Sorc

Ninja - Forgotten Trick action?

Feats from items

Finesse Barbarian Doable?

Questions about casting the same spell multiple times.

Barding Stitches, pros and cons?

Alchemical Weapons vs Undead Campaign--What would you pack?

Building an epic BBEG boss encounter

Eldritch Guardian + Brawler

Horror themed character help and advice

Death and recovery question

What is a targetting platform? (Ultimate Combat siege engine rules)

Building an army

Why shouldn't I abolish Knowledge checks as a DM?

Why shouldn't I abolish Knowledge checks as a DM?

Low Level Spell Combos

What's the best casting stat for a Sorcerer?

A new & specific question (hopefully!) about crafting inferior ioun stones

Horses and Two-Handed Weapons

Qinggong monk metamagic?

The Lawful Good Dilemma ... again

Heroes of the Waves [Little Red]

Knowledge Based Character - Horror Adventures

Pit fiend vs Balor

Pathfinder Jedi

The Viking Irishman's Witch Guide

Cannibal Barbarian / Rogue Villain Help

Gen Con News

Spikey Guy

Distraction (not what you might think...)

Does Gestalt work in Pathfinder?

Does Litany of Escape Work on Yourself?

Saving throw stat swap

Med PC with Reach Wpn attacking over Sm enemy...

Online Campaign Maps?

Sunder and Magic Weapon (the spell)

Why horror requires creating the right group

Need help fleshing out a summoner charge build.

Bloodrager Damage Options

Bloodrager Damage Options

Guide to the Class Guides

Another Scrollmaster (archetype) question.

The Light Hunter

Looking for advice: PFS "CORE" Druid (Wild Shape)

Dead Man's Shroud

Hickory Horatio Copperbottom - I vanquish foes with my MONEY!!

Gunslinger abiltiy to shoot projectiles out of mid air.

A Druid Who Loves Nature Would Not Use Summon Nature's Alley Unless Desperate

The Chimera Master; A possible Alchemist Archetype.

[LPJ Design] Undefeatable 24: Magus for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Now available

Store Blog: Oh the Horror! The Horror!

Cleric / oracle "Holy Smite" spell -- affects enemies only, or allies too?

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