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Pathfinder RPG

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Pick your classes

Please help me build a Master Spy as a Rogue / Bard class or archetype

Ghost Busters ideas...

Allow more martial abilities to stack?

Craft(traps) for disabling traps?

Additional attacks with Rope Dart?

Dinosaurs and Endothermic Touch

stacking elemental damage from different sources on melee weapons

Need more playtesters for Ivory Weeper, any help is appreciated.

Suggestion to Dark Tapestry Adventure?

Deeper Darkness and Darkvision

traps & familiar based aid other

[Unchained] The Monk Unchained

Taking several classes variations

Occult Adventures Playtest missing

A strange cat gave me a magic brooch! Now it's my bonded item.

Pathfinder Arena

Pathfinder Arena

The big realism question

Possible Bestiary 2 PDF errata / problems

DEX on Damage and Unchained Rogue FAQ

Monster Lore at 1st level (Freeport PG)

Hiding the rope from rope trick

What is the Mythic system?

Unmasking the Vigilante- Round 2. Traits

The Legendary Gambler!! (Reroll build)

Transmutation wizard

Store Blog: Secrets of the Sands!

How to make a Sword Saint

Where can I find a list of 3rd party mutagen discoveries?

Kami Medium Shikigami

Question regarding a Fighter's Armor Training

Ultimate Campaign- Fame: No Divine Study?

Mr. Ragetastic, a bloodrager reach build.

NPC build advice.

How do you "blanket effects?"

Help! Looking for Bestiary 1-4 "Fey Lords"

Endzeitgeist reviews Secret Societies of Vathak: The Final Phase

PFS Alchemist / Ninja poison build?

Level 6 Starting Equipment!

[PFS] Two Weapon Fighting: Armor Spikes x2

Add Intelligence instead Strenght on attack rolls?

Inquisitor / / Swashbuckler Advice

Sword of Air: Any thoughts on how to get this started?

Do You Want a Free Copy of Retribution Collector's Edition?

[PFS Core] Paladin Mount Question (Riding Dog)

Guide to Attacks of Opportunity

Question: Bones Oracle

It's a Raging Swan Christmas (Sort of)!

Touch Injection: What is it good for?

Pregen Characters

Evil Campaign character. Looking for ideas

"Unarmed" (for the purpose of Catch Off-Guard)

Stirge questions 748-768


Occultist advice

Divine party

Help me build a character [18s]

Help with a race / character

ruling on swift alchemy

DSP Psionics Marksman advice

[Tripod Machine] Readers needed for Magician Exalted

Optimizing a Shadow Eidolon(Spirit Summoner)

Horrifying punishments in pathfinder (mainly executions)

The Conquerer Ooze

pathfinder mass combat system

Review my Yuatja Race mostly NPCs

Ultimate Campaign: Minor pricing mistake of building component

The Antiquarian - A Lovecraftian Hybrid Class (Alchemist + Summoner) 2nd Try

Multiclass monk attacks

Rogue Gnome Level 7

Contract Devil: How does Impale work?

Updated Pathfinder Bard Guide

Optimal PFS Magus build?

Need help making Sacred Fist Warpriest

Characters destined for their role

ME AGAIN! SR stacking.

Hollow's Last Hope travel problem

Multiple Animal Companions?

Does Kensai 'Never Surprised' ability = Full round action in 'surprise round'?

Help with a PFS Melee Inquisitor build

Need help making condensed stat blocks that will fit onto a 4x4 cards.

An Elaborate Series of Gentlemen's Agreements

Boon Companion Feat Clarification

rogues, magic and Mnemonic Vestment

Thoughts on the Social Talents (Playtest - Round 2):

Should a Gnome Pyrokinetic benefit from the alternate racial trait 'Pyromaniac'?

Can you apply multiple templates to a single creature?

Shapechanger subtype

Festrog's Charging Trip

Cannon Golem

Putting the Helm of the mammoth lord on a shapeshifted character. (PFS)

Summoner to go unchained or not...

Will Unchained rules be referenced in future products?

Touch Injection + Skinsend

Vegence Strike: 5 rounds total, or 5 rounds of benefits for as long

So How has Unchained been treating you?

Paizo Blog: Open Your Eyes—Occult Adventures Art Preview

Iconics expert question

PFS Gear for a level 7 / 8 Archanist?

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