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Is there any way to get Animate Dead as a Zealot?

Am I the only one that thinks the Vigilante should be T1?

Paired Opportunist vs. Greater Trip & Vicious Stomp

What am I missing about this?

Fear based PC

Vigilante Role Playing

Goblin Cohort

Bloodrager, Rage Powers and Totems

Arcanist my first full caster.

Firing from elevated cover

Making Kaguya Kimmimaro

Swashbuckler V. Duelist

Can a swashbuckler use Weapon Versatility to make any light weapon a swashbuckler weapon?

Flavor advice

Oracles and Religion Traits

Vigilante Doomed to Obscurity?

Blood money, fabricate and wish for stats

trying to cover all of my bases. no magic items included.

Rules for Pathfinder Society in non PFS campaign

Kundalini for monks

Magus Rule Question

Quick Addition

Couple of questions (urgent!)

Casting Tax

Where is the ruling that says a Life Oracle's "Channel" revelation counts as the Channel Energy class feature?

Blasting Boulder what Stat

New Ranger

(PFS) Stealth and / or Handle Animal Traits

Giantslayers - Team name (2 small characters)

Send in the clones!

Making Dual Identity a core feature and not baggage

Vanguard Cavalier, mountless archetype

Help for Martial PC Concept Please

Yet Another Possible Fix

Encumbrance: Is this really how it works?

How to build this character? (Combat, wildshape, stealth and tracking)

Can an oracle gain a spell from a different mystery?

Unchained Rogue VS Ninja

There may be problems in the future

Help Building an Arcane Caster to Party Face

Witch Cartomancer Question

Martial Druid help?

Advice on custom spell: Greater Mage Armor

Hybrid classes and "of the society" traits

A mightier Shotel

Party without any arcane casters, unsanctioned knowledge?

hybridization funnel and double splash

Alchemist / wand bandolier

Is my Character to strong?

Alchemist vs Shout spells

Alchemist Swift Alchemy and Instant Alchemy Feat

Pathfinder Society and Vigilantes

Help calculating heavy warhorse attacks

Sword of Air: Any thoughts on how to get this started?

Summoners that summon-Hmm

Specific Magic Weapons and their pluses?

Maneuver Master Using Weapons?

Can I use Renown in a subset community of a city?

Rappan Athuk review #2: So many spikes! (spoilers)

Treants and Spell-Like Abilities

Treants and Spell-Like Abilities

Zealot's Divine Training 1 ability is inconsistent

warlock casting, can you help me undrestand?

Monk & ACG-Sacred Fist Multi-Class questions

Feral hunter vs other 3 / 4 bab classes blade skills

Question for anyone who has played Curse of the Crimson Throne:

Solo Tactics

Multi-Classing Arcanist w / Wizard

Other Potential Specializations

Unchained Rogue Tweeks...Looking for Feedback

Bloodrager Archetype Stacking

Spiritual Attunement: A Pathfinder Shaman Guide

Will any of these dex = damage, work together?

Vigilante: First Impressions

Representation Matters- Book of Heroic Races Advanced Edition

No bard abilities for the Vigilante?


Beastmass 2: Son of Beastmass

Is this class I made balanced or broken?

bloodrager natural attack optimization

Imprisoning Souls via Turning Them Into Tattoos?

Worried about TPK, should i be in this case?

Int and bonus languages

writing up another class but need a name

Deiselpunk system?

Consider the Following....

Concealed Casting - it doesn't work, does it?

APG two weapon warrior question

Elven arcanist favored class bonus

A most confusing cleric, can we make it better?

ARMR Studios Reviews The Vigilante Playtest

The Westcrown Defenders

Mount as part of 'you'

Can you Swap Places when charging?

Psychic Searcher Oracle - no Investigator talents level requirements?

Can a War priest use wands ?

Oracle with arcane spells quiestion.

Forgotten realms Campaign *Homebrew*

Advice on custom spell: Greater Mage Armor

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