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Topic Posts Last Post
Gnome Oracle - Help my furry friend

Warmonger home brew class concept.

My Mycenoid Homebrew race!!!

Psionic Iconics!

[Rising Phoenix Games] Merry Strixmas!

[Legendary Games] Endzeitgeist reviews Hypercorps 2099 (Pathfinder); 5 / 5 stars!

Cenasar Elves - New subrace of elves for the Edge of Eventide

Monsters with Class levels and adding iterative attacks

[Zenith Games] The Awakened Turkey Playable Race - Free!

[Xoth.Net Publishing] Land of the Silver Lotus, new sword and sorcery adventure module

Homebrew Class Archetype

What are the rules for worshiping a deity?

Faction Houserules

plane shift vs astral projection

Combining First Mothers Fang and Druid Animal Companion

Primal Hunter Barbarian - Focused Rage

Book related to cooking special dishes?

Ways to use Deadly Dealer cards as lethal for non-arcane spellcasters

my GM is trying to convince me not to take....

Precise Strike + Spell Combat

Horsemaster's Saddle question

Movement Through Allies Difficult Terrain?

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Defensive Move vs Cage Enemies

Gnome Flickmace

Transformative Weapon Prof or all Weapon Prof

Produce flame, OAs and blistering feint

What is "intention" of Wall of Thorns spell?

Suggestions for a new DM's first ROtRL Game tonigh!

Suggestions for a new DM's first ROtRL Game tonigh!

Ratfolk Swarming Size

Need help challenging a player

Pathfinder RPG: Advanced Class Guide book is now on sale for $15.61 / -61%

A little Help!

Rally Point

Interweaving Composite Blasts questions

Spheres of Power: Removing permanent negative levels

Optimizing a Stonelord Paladin

Which should I go as

Precise shot in PSRPG

Green Faith Marshal plus Sacred Huntsmaster Inquisitor=Nature Bard?

Plagued Corruption questions

New GM with a question on levelling in the middle of a time limited dungeon

need help with my half orc monstrocity

Worshipper(s) of all fiends

Antagonize a creature, which chooses n ot to teleport to me, and attacks a party member

Freeport, Parsantium and .....?

Playing an Insinuator in a Good campaign?

What if PF abstractions were acknowledged in world?

How to Disguise Alignment rather than Hide

Samurai / Gun Tank build

Store Blog: Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Traits from Humans of Golarion

Reduce Person + Swallow Whole?

Your favourite High Dex High Wis builds

Witch Killer's Studied Witch (Ex)?

Adventure to seduce my sister... Into RPGs, of course!

GMs: Do your NPCs know how well they rolled?

Does Feather Fall reduce the bonus damage from Branch Pounce?

What are the effects of gaining a HD?

Creating Skeletal Champions Through Rituals

d20PFSRD & Golarion Content

Magus spell strike and helpful advice

Aasimar Druid Starting with Celestial Servant Feat?

Applying Zombie / Skeleton Templates: Do they retain spell-like abilities?

An exemplar-ary cohort, or how I learned to to stop worrying and inspire courage.

Slay living effect

Any Way to Add Sneak Attack Dice

Could an Intelligent Item become a Lich?

[WIP] Nightbringer's Guide to the Fighter

How to keep a big secret requiring a masquerade of sorts

Exceptional Pull?

DM wants us to bring it

Tactician and Shared Ownership?

PFS How to get around DR with alchemical cartridges?

Character and magic item interaction. positive or negative?

Scabbard of Vigor and Furious Weapon

FULL 3.5 to Pathfinder Warlock conversion.

[PFS] Grippli Barbarian or Bloodrager

Homebrewing - Are explanations always needed?

Charging and difficult terrain.

Paizo Blog: That Notorious Haunter of the Holidays

Shield Bash Stacking??

Spell blending+spontaneous magus=??

2 archetypes 1 core class

Legal build?

Need items to help vs disarming attempts

Any Advice to build a Spellslinger?

Darkwood armor check penalty?

Eldritch Heritage and classes granting the same bloodline

Death Roll reptilian feat + grapple combo?

Eidolon's "Incorporeal Form(sp)" duration and damage?

Obediences, Deific and Celestial Obedience Questions

Character Design Help

whats this feat

Summoning a Poison Frog. A few Questions.

Blunderbuss Suggestions?

Is the Saves Required to Open a Chakra, or just to Maintain?

Making touch attacks ranged

In need of class selection advice

901 to 1,000 of 158,537 << first < prev | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | next > last >>
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