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Intimidate, high-charisma, Barbarian help needed

cart or wagon chases

Registering Store Purchased Products and get a PDF?

dual cursed oracle

ACG Sanctified Slayer and Heretic

Bludgeoner + Natural Claw?

Attacking Defensively

Tiefling alternate trait Vestigal wings + Optional Tiefling Ability Levitate

Slayer and extra rogue talent feat

Optimizing a Ratfolk Gulch Gunner - Please Help!

Lookout clarification please

Horizon Walker - Terrain Dominance, Boots of Friendly Terrain and Atk / Dmg Bonuses

Wis to attack twice?

Bonded ring or familiar for wizard

I want to make a flying shark

New FGG Kickstarter coming April 1--Not Fooling!

Adapting Juju Mystery for a Shaman

Pageant of the Peacock


Taking multiple racial heritage feats

Throwing Multiple Alchemical Weapons

Unchained, can it live up to all these expectations?

Would a low-level investigator fun in an AP?

Best Race for Master Summoner: Human, Half-elf or Gnome?

looking to make a character who can be anyone. is spymaster best?

Zombie Power Armor?

Eldritch Font misunderstanding?

Arcanist, wizard, or sorcerer

Faster GM Prep and Combat?

Improving the Rogue

Can Sanctified Slayer take Extra Slayer Talent?

On-boarding New Players Faster

Do Magic Items count as jewelry?

Schrodinger's [eff]ing Wizard for realzies, a group effort

I buy.... the WORLD! (What's up with Cold Iron???)

help me make Land Pirates

How to stop Scry and Die

[Flying Pincushion Games] Sorcerer Bloodline PrC

The Sometimes There Player (GM Advice)

Slashing grace + phalanx Soldier

So if Swashbucklers are supposed to be highly mobile fighters

Tiny vs. Medium with reach weapon

Onehanded weapon for a TWF shoanti

Critical hit immunity for adversaries

Attacking with a weapon and a single natural attack

More Martial Versatility fun

skill selection for a ZAM

Magus math

WTF PFS legal version of Toot Toot equivalent

Arcane Archer / Eldritch Knight advice

Slayer ACG and Ranger Combat Style

15 point pally

Masterwork Barding

Homebrew staves

ACG: Hunter, Nature Training

Optimization Challenge: Caster Cleric with no popular spells.

[Dreamscarred Press] Announcing Psionics Augmented: Wilder

[ACG] Thunderstomp Spell from a Wand

FAQ System

The naming of cats is a difficult thing...

Winged creatures and major damage

I just know this is gonna start an edition war, but please don't.

Help me Optimize my Fighter / Oracle. (PFS)

Modifying Base Speed

Magic Item Creation Question

Casting enlarge person on an animal companion

Arcanist Dimension Slide and Grapple

Starting a tentacle ape slave business?

The ridiculous gestalt thread

Human Warpriests and Favored Class Bonuses

A few Bardic Masterpiece questions

Drunken Master of Many Styles with Tiger+Dragon Help

Wild Empathy / Diplomacy

Changeling - Does it have shapechange ability at all?

Teamwork Hunter Build Help

Bringing back the Warlock?

Mythic Precise Shot vs Wind wall

Natural attacks - Kitsune Bloodrager

Foo creature vs Unnatural Aura

Is flamboyant arcana PFS legal?

Adapting Juju Mystery for a Shaman

Wafflez the Baker

Are undead immune to haunts?

What Are The Last 3 Characters You Played?

Can you summon Quasi-Elementals through Monster Summon II+?

Does the Exploiter Wizard qualify for the Extra Arcanist Exploit feat?

How does Flurry from multiple classes interact?

Game Master - Play, Create and Share Adventures on the GO!


Beginner question

Some help figuring out what's wrong with this character

POLL: Do You Want A New Edition of Pathfinder? (From Erik Mona's Interview)

Elf Favored Class Option Oracle question.

Mask of Giants forms allowed

I'm new to PF (and PFS) and have questions about Draconic Bloodrager, Kensai, and PFS legality (APs)

Shaman and their Spirit Animal

Settlement Quality "Racially Intolerant"

Improved Spell Sharing and Animal Soul

No Arcane Magic World - How would it function in a Pathfinder universe?

Character being followed

901 to 1,000 of 111,658 << first < prev | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | next > last >>
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