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Primal Magic Hexes?

Rapid Shot, Quick Draw and Iterative Attacks

Ultimate Combat / Ultimate Equipment Rules Conflict

Item Crafting variant rule proposal

A 'guns common' setting and the consequences

The mayor of Magnimar owes me a favor.

A player wants to change his Assimar to undead, I could use some help

The World's Most Reliable Sneak Attacker

MTG Slivers

To what measure is evil...(not an alignment argument)

Channeling the pure power of your god. Being a Greater Conduit!

Kobold Enhancements - An Ongoing Thinktank

Can you use move actions while grappled?

Thistle Arrows and bleed

Staff Weapon Ability and Spellstrike

Sorcerer Impossible Bloodline, Constructs as Living Creatures?

Can my familiar act in the surprise round if I can?

Flying creatures and combat maneuvers (drag / repostion / trip)

Witches do not need brooms?

Mundane "magic" (A.K.A. Rules of the multiverse)

Core Character - Level Waffling

Adamantine vs DR

Blade Lash + Greater Bloodrage

Making a Priest style Cleric Archetype (A low BAB, no Armour, d6 HPs)

Slayer has the ability to take talents they can't take due to prerequisites? Any errata yet?

How does Mage's Disjunction and Aroden's Spellbane interact?

Paladin build - advice needed

are ALL combatants (pcs and enemy) limited to standard / move action during surprise round?

Is there a spell that will suppress or end "Smite Evil / Good"?

Hellknight Signifier Wizard - What can they do uniquely?

Gun Rogue Build!

Throwing 2-Handed Weapons

Witch Healing Hex

What's a reasonable amount of time to search a room?

Questions about Handle Animal and Tricks


Lord of the High Mount (Build Advice)[3.P]

[PFS] Sword & Board Paladin / Kata Master Monk

[TRAILseeker] Weapon Style Feats by Jonathan Palmer!

Pathfinder Database is gone?

Bardish combo?

Shaman Share Knowledge.

Unsanctioned knowledge

Suggestions on Roleplaying a high wisdom character.

Tactician and Hunter / Inquisitor Bonus Feats

PFS - Ranger Build

Witch Advice

Need Advice for Dwarven Fighter

What book is the alternate human racial trait "dual talent" in?

Help me figure out the spellcraft DC to craft Mnemonic Vestment

Is this a legal way to retrain?

Chronological Order of Adventures?

Magus, Spell Strike and Opening Volley

Hex Gunslinger?

Can you teleport into / out of your prismatic sphere?

Sorcerer share spells to Wizard

How come Druids can summon Giants and not Plants?

Best class for a Gnome to play from an optimization standpoint...

APGamingREAL: Pathfinder Actual Plays

Wielding Thrown Weapons

Mage's Disjunction, and the meaning of "you" in spells.

Custom Gear Designing

The Fiddler, Devil CR10

Nat 20 on initiative

Titan Fighter and Double Weapons

Custom Spell Advice

Can an Attack of Opportunity provoke an Attack of Opportunity?

Combining a Staff and Rod into one item using Sovereign Glue

Can we please get an FAQ posted for damage dice increases?

Ready an Action to Aid another

Party make up for rotating GM duties

Who's considered a priest for variant spellcasting?

Behold my Mighty Battle Cock!

Cavalier - Beast Rider Mount Options

Can outsiders with the evil subtype take profane / negative energy damage?

Brawler / Monk - Shield Champion / Master of Many Styles

Traits Question

archtype Question

When spellbooks get wet

Brawler advice

Ways to caster level for permanency.

Pathfinder Unchained PFS Speculation

Skill Maneuvers: Making Skill-Monkeys Useful

GM toggle Mythic rules on and off

Witch Hex: Cackle + Evil Eye

Rise of the Runelords - GMing advice?

100 Special Discoveries [CLEAVES]

Hungry Ghost Qinggong Monk Question

Low Magic Setting, Feat Based Casting, No Divine Magic

Newbie.. Need help building a Hunter.

Gloves of the Shortened Path and distance sneaking...

Classes that are still needed

Wrath of Righteous Character Advice:

Investigator Comabt advice PFS

What class should I multiclass into Harrower?

Weapon enhancements for a reach meleer

Critique my 'savage' Inquisitor...

Here's some advice - The Drill Sergeant is the Fighter we've all been waiting for

Weapon Snatcher and Break Guard

Ordering Summoned Animals

901 to 1,000 of 125,647 << first < prev | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | next > last >>
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