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Patron Familiars for HD 2 Level 1 Witch?

Is switching off a style a swift action as well?

Worst Pathfinder Feats?

Removing DEX-to-damage (Swash, Rogue, Gunslinger changes)

Too long of combat turn, help

Too long of combat turn, help

Warrior Cleric, working it out. Help Appreciated

Does aging stack with itself?

How can I prevent "Awaken" from affecting my Animal Companion?

Lowering the caster level of staves?

Most perception bonus possible is 100?

Adamantine golem vs tarraque.

Weapons and Armor wishlist

"Crystalline Warlock" Homebrew Alternate to Pathfinder Warlock

Question about the Psychic Stalker's Formless ability

Prepared caster with the psychic list?

i like a race, but it may be too powerful is it...?

Improvised magical weapon price

Tailing someone

Your house rules?

Underwater Corssbow

Synthesist spices

Pathfinder and Dragon Magazine

Deciding to fail a save, saved my life

Fun toys for prankstery gnome types.

Unusual Character Concepts

Advancing monsters and spell-like ability DCs

how would i go about grabbing

Updated Valeros remake attempt

Tower shield specialist with tower shield specialist feat

Cost of a Specific Magic Item

Ventriloquism and Silence Spells

Come and get me, Paired Opportunists! I'm an opportunist!

Rules / options for permanency spells need expanding?

[Purple Duck Games] Kineticist of Porphyra (and guide) discussion

ARG Friendly Expanded Reincarnation Table

I'm designing an Adventure Path for Pathfinder! Its my first AP!

Enchanted Spear with Spear Dancing Style

Capture the flag

Homebrew better human racial traits

Dwarf Rogue concept... Is this possible?

Style Feats

Splitting Demogorgon, how to do it and survive?

Hex Strike + Cleric (angry medusas optional)

Buff spell durations need boost?

Mythic Spells for Oracle

My first homebrew adventure in ages (The Deadmines - yes, those)

Looking for Wildshaping / Shapechanging Martial

Take a look at my Kineticist

Is Headless Hydra Games still in operation?

Question on trickster path ability : Transfert magic (Mythic)

Best / most interesting PF original class top ten?

Knowledge checks outside of combat

Provoking attacks, ranged weapons questions

Fix an archetype

Spell Perfection Questions

Help me come up with a list of Deific Obediences for Atreia, the Lambent Prince

[Interjection Games] The Big Book of Bloodlines is June 9th's Deal of the Day!

Just Released - Feats of Legend: 30 Fey-themed Feats

Knowledge check to identify a Brown Mold

GM Toolbox: Homemade Dungeon Tiles

Pinning Down with range attacks?

Robots and Craft Construct

[Green Ronin Publishing / Advanced Bestiary] Shadow-Traced Template

Best Summoned Monster Feat: Which one?

PF: Unchained New Action Economy and Two Weapon Fighting Question

Clarifications on Bulette Leap, Greater Overrun and Combat Reflexes

(Errataed) Spirit Talker and Arcane Enlightenment

Verbal Component

Spell Advice: Any Source

Thoughts on the Yojimbo archetype for Samurai class?

Dual Damage Resistance question (Wendigo's Cold Iron and Magic DR)

a consumable item that helps you fight incorporeals

Storm of Blades build help

Are multiple weapon styles feasible?

gauntlet coated in blue whinnis and holding shocking grasp

Weapon Finesse on Katana?

On the topic of a GM advice book getting published

Is an Alluria Publishing-Dreamscarred Press Team-up product possible?

Alchemist extracts that can't target the alchemist

Ability score increase at every 4 levels

How does fire spread?

100 Books Found in the Strange Library

Does the damage bonus from the vigilante talents Fist of the avenger and lethal grace stack?

The (Overall) Value of Each Skill

Can a polymorphed summoner's eidolon speak any languages?

Best level four druid spell


[Zenith Games] Rocket's Red Flare: An Independence Day Tale

Shapeshifter Battle: Metamorph Alchemist, Goliath Druid, or something else?

Strength vs Dexterity Magus

Cost of holy water from temples dedicated to non-good deities?

Etheric shards

Need help building a (heavens) oracle.

Pinning down a target with range attacks.

Aynthing to smooth out the advancement of animal companions?

Advice for an Antipaladin

Traits for a Fire Wizard

Question about Brace

Familiar Question

901 to 1,000 of 150,412 << first < prev | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | next > last >>
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