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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Advice and Rules Questions

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Three Path of War questions

The Slumbering Tsar - Starting, DM Set up, Questions, and Advice

Combining AAW's Stoneholme / Rise of the Drow and Fire Mountain's Throne of Night

Discipline Blade Shapes ~ War Soul

Swarm of Crystals, no save?

Is Weapon Group Adaptation worth the feat?

A few questions about the Metamorphosis power from Psionics

Can Psions learn powers from the Psion / Wilder Power list even though those powers belong to other disciplines?

Advice on Artificer item creation rules?

Path of War - Fiendbound Marauder archetype question - Dark Mark

Tiefling Spells - Advanced Races Compendium

Is there a product for a magic system like Iron Kingdoms?

Martial Boost Maneuvers and Martial Strikes that aren't weapon based do they stack?

Two-Weapon Fighting

Elemental Focus feat from Path of War Expanded, did they mean spells as well?

Telepath. First Psionic Character. Any and all advice appreciated

DSP Monster Class Question: True Dragon

I have a question regarding the Medic Triage healing and Prestige Classes

[Advanced bestiary] Monstrous lycanthrope question

Protect a Building from Devils Porting in.

Dual Stance?

Psychic Warriors and 0-level powers?

Path of War and multiclassing

PC-Sold Spellcasting Services

SoP Thaumaturge gestalts well with...?

Adaptive Gunner Question (Akashic Arch. of Psionic Marksman class)

Build Advice for a Warder / Sworn Protector

Can someone help me realize a concept i've been trying to make work.

Can you use spells to initiate martial adept maneuvers?

way of the wicked thoughts

Incorporating Spell Duels counter mechanics to replace CRB counterspell

Race Points and effective character level.

PonyFinder - Mounted Combat and charging with weapon rack

[Ultimate Psionics] Divert Teleport

Help with feats for my Abyssal Bloodrager

An Immovable object tries to attack...

Path of War: Countering an AoO?

Warsmith (liber influxus communis) question

Fluff n Crunch - Erza Scarlet

Spheres of Power - Divided Creation

Ponyfinder Destiny Feat

Do Knight Chandler's AOE buffs from different characters stack?

Question about Deadly Agility and Two Handed Weapons

Machine Smith Siege Specialist

Build Help Needed For Iaijustu theme Character

Artificer / Weird Science Question

Master swordman Style PC Path of war

Northlands Saga Adventure Path: Recommended experience progression?

Sphere bonded witch

Help picking out feat Feats For a Myrmidon / landsknecht

Help Me Build a Myrmidon Please

NPC Classes - adding a few to add depth to NPC's in campaign

Does a swift action ranged attack provoke AoO?

Barbarian / Monk hybrid & NEW PAIZO MATERIAL

[Legendary Games Ultimate Factions] How to represent vassals or inter-national Factions?

What Other Races Do You Want to See More Support?

Optimising an Artificer

Adventure lead in to the Red Hand of Doom (need low level up to 5th or so)

Does 'See In Darkness' have a range limit?

A third party class

Aegis Customization Points and Armor Forms

Fighting an arcanoplasm (tomb of horrors complete 35) with no arcane casters in the party

Mixed Blood feat vs Mixed Blood trait

Dread, his Shadow Twin and Teamwork Feats.

2nd "element" for a telekineticist?

Advice on building a Psionic Dread

Warder's Grand Challenge (Armiger's Mark 9th level upgrade) Action?

How to do a "Bad Luck Charm" NPC in the mechanics of pathfinder

What to do in PFS if Characters newest updates are lost?

what is the Human Personality feat?

How to make a Half-Orc General for a KIngmaker campaign

Elemental Annihilator and Augmented Elements?

Ponyfinder - Two-handed weapons

Good 3pp content

Mythic Hero's Handbook - Oracle of Life Error

Brutality Blade soulknife questions

PF / Bo9S Crusader advice request

Grammaton Cryptic questions

Advanced Bestiary Inveigler charming falsehood Supernatural Abilities DC

High level outsider progression

Limits of the fabricate-spell

Publishing - Pathfinder License and OGL Questions

Sylph Outsider Type Question

Pathfinder Bestiary Levels

Which martial adept is best for an archer?

Ways to Lighten Armor

One punch man

Piraha Strike and Bladed Brush?

Vow of Poverty 6th item

[Spheres of Power or Path of War] Making Akuma?

Monster Classes Woodlands questions

Psionics, Initiating, and Akashic

What would the perspective of Eoxians be to golorian (or the other worlds)?

Range Path of War class

Way of the Wicked advice / tips

Suggestions for a new DM's first ROtRL Game tonigh!

Spheres of Power: Removing permanent negative levels

Hero lab 6th level Wizard

Path of War Expanded Archetypes and Calculating Initiator Levels

Zeitgeist Campaign House rules for character design

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