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Dwarf barbarian, Dorn-derger, and Knockback

Quickened spell item creation cost

Need help creating Nightblood off warbreaker for Pbp

Do Intelligent Items get Skills?

Swallow Whole & Hold Monster

Dwarf barbarian, Dorn-derger, and Knockback

Guerrilla Rogue - Cover of Night Question

Subdomains where the deity doesn't have the associated domain

True Dragon Familiar spell access question - PFS

Does Damage Dealt to Haunts Carry Over Between Resets?

stacking archetypes untouchable / primalist help

Canny Tumble rule clarification request!

Skyseeker Prestige Class Requirements


Can a Mythic Character replace / swap out an Ability?

Weapon-like Rods and Aroden's Spellsword

Efficient quiver / quiver of recall: do i REALLY need them?

Quickened Spells in Magic Items

Stealth, Concealment, and Perception

Devine Hunter

Magic Bows and Ammunition

Repositioning Strike + Repositioning Weapon Enchantment

Having to choose a domain and Inquisitions

Simultaneous Critical Hits

Mind Swap & Druid

Anti-paladin Favored Class Bonus

Flying Broom and teleport / dimensional steps

Dispel Magic Counterspelling + Destructive Dispel

Dimensional Dervish Rule Clarification

How It Works: Phantom Blade's Phantom Weapon Class Feature

Eldritch Scion Magus questions

Mythic rules / epic game

Does the spell Suffocation prevent verbal components for spellcasting?

Witches and activating their flight hex... probably a stupid question

Magus Spell Combat question

Question on Ki Arrows duration

Beast Shape and Flurry of blows

Question about Feats and Magic Wands

Acrobat Rogue Archetype Question

Feyform Shifter Clarification

Gnome Wizard with Pyromaniac and Produce Flame

Kineticists options (Pathfinder Companion - Wilderness Origins required)

Questions about the new shifter alternate natural attacks rules.

Heavy Armor & High Dexterity

Grab Greater Grapple fast grapple and pin

Double Crossbows again

My character just became a natural werebear, now what?

Are Brilliant Energy Ranged Weapons affected by strong winds?

Spyglass + Masterwork Transformation

Spellcasting in wild shape?

Wild Shape focused druid?

Dropping your guard

Soothsayer's Raiment

Will-o’-Wisp and Natural invisibility

Eversmoking bottle, how does it actually work?

How does Arcanist VMC Sorcerer work with Bloodline Development?

Magus Arcana Reach Spellstrike - Mechanical Question

A monk and a bralwer walk into a bar, and the brawler forgot what feat to use

Applicable Attack Bonuses for Combat Maneuvers

Silent image spell range, is it from caster or place cast?

Carrion Golem Question

True form vs Mutagen

Grapple, Greater Grapple, Rapid Grappler in the first round of a Grapple?

Do clothes count as armor in unchained bonus prgression?

Cost to scribe scrolls and how much could i sell them for

Slotless Items

Help understanding possession

Getting a save when a party member casts Enlarge Person on me

Tying someone up while they're unconscious

Whip haft and Special Materials

Is there a way to be able to always take 10 on Ride checks?

Magic Item Pricing: Staff / Wand Summoning with Limited Options

Kinetic Blast VRS Spell Immunity

Improvised Weapon Equivalents

Just HOW Blindly Can You Dimension Door? (and Another Question)

Readied action economy

Bear Animal Companion (errata?)

Is there a way to get a bite attack as a Nagaji?

Favored Class

Are golems immune to Wall spells?

Leveraging + Dueling + Magus = +24 Weapon?!?!

Mirror Image + Deflection spell

Chastising Baton and bouncing spell

Tentacle Discovery and Wielding Weapons

Scrolls & other magic items of spells with extra component costs

summon eidolon spell + Sp summon monster ability?

Mythic Sources

do quickmetal bracers work with a monk’s unarmed strikes?

Is there anything expressly forbidden from being written into a pact parchment?

Baldric, Bane

Ultimate Campaign: Trade Edicts

Is the extra damage from jabbing style multiplied on a critical hit?

Encumbrance / AC question for Oracle

Paradox Surge and Extra Discovery

Firearms - Special Materials - Magical Properties

Planning out a build.....want to see if it'll work the way i think it would

New FAQ: New Spells Known

Can Brawlers become Invested Regents?

Some Sunsilk questions

Dueling weapons

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