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Welcome Scarab Sages

The Corn & Cob Taverne

The Narrow House

In the back of the Wounded Wisp



List of NPCs successfully convinced to join the Scarab Sages

Out in the training grounds . . .

At the Drop Box

So I put a rank into profession(merchant)...

Season 8 Sovereign Court Faction Card

Meanwhile, down at Iomedae's Beard...

Do members of other factions recognize members of the Court?

Whose haunted wayfinder did I inherit?

An Evening Soirée

A Hellknight patrols the Liberty's edge's halls.

Out in the gardens of the Grand Lodge

A young half-orc walks into the Archive

The Absalom Calistrian Temple: Pleasure Salon of Calistria

A woman walks into the liberty's edge meeting room

A quiet voice 'Now where did I put that key? No matter. 'Click'

Lectures on Preservation

What kind of "resurrection" does Risen Guard technically grant?

New Rumors

Welcome to the Sherbet Shack!

A new librarian

The Mysterious Soothsayer's Harrowing Thread

Recently on the practice court of the Silver Crusade...

Above the Grand Lodge's lawn

Poetry of Lord Byron

In a small tea-room in the back of the Grand Lodge

Welcome to the Talky Goblin! (In Character)

Two muscular women enter the bar...

The Temple of the Dwarven Gods: training, crafting, drinking, and worship.

Skill question for the Sovereign Court

There is an old drunk man in scholarly robes sitting on the front steps

Sitting under the ruined statue of Durvin Gest;

A Keleshite in Dark Robes arrives

Meanwhile, down at the Boar 'n Oysters....

Silver Crusade faction card questions

In the Dark Archives...

In the Infirmary...

Recently at Liberty's Edge... (Chatroom!!!)

Dark Archive Faction Status Report - Year of the Sky Key

We Need to Illegalize Slavery in Absalom!

In a Library Annex deep in the Absalon Lodge.

Come forth Members of the Silver Crusade!

Someone new enters

Is this the faction for me?

A New Vigilante Team

Thorek's Book of Grudges and Debts (For my records and enjoyment)

Letter From the Decemvirate

Rumors start circulating around the grand lodge

Raising Dralneen's Spirits [Minor Season 7 Spoilers]

Collecting reading material for the Paracountess

There's a commotion outside....

At a well-known exchange watering hole . . .

After work

A greeting to all dearest colleagues.

At a loading area within Skyreach Citadel

An elf in a new place

A halfling in black enters the Archive

messages start circulating through the network.

Greetings from Marvyr Huthron

You see a tengu float out to one of the grand lodge's lawns

A slightly different Infernal healing take.

The Curse of the Ruby Prince - Whodunit?

The Silver Banquet: A Time and Place for Silver Crusaders to Give Thanks

"The Research Room"

Liberty's Edge Faction Status Report - Year of the Sky Key

Of Past Events

Submitted for your approval

I'm sorry, I'm looking for a Dreng? Drendle Dreng? I think?

High upon a spire of Skyreach...

At a funeral...

Another Beautiful Day...

An urgent delivery for the Paracountess (Spoiler for 7-5: School of Spirits)

I can't believe I'm doing this

Your Contacts in Absalom Start Relaying Strange Reports...

Melodic Voice from the Enterance

Oh no...can someone help?

Faction Journal Cards

Early morning at the Ivory Flame Dojo

Hello!? Does anyone here know that spell? What's it called . . .

Oh dear, can someone help me?

Has anyone seen a Black panther?

There's a commotion outside...

There is a sign hung outside one of the conference rooms- Comparative negotiating tactics

Has anyone seen my brother?

This is what we were afraid of?

test of tar kuata scarab sage faction ""spoiler""

Scarab Sages Faction Status Report - Year of the Sky Key

Let's Make This A Grand Grand Lodge

Excuse me?

Oh, my. That is a development.

A greeting to the members of the Silver Crusade

How are people using their half-orc thugs?

We must stick to the shadows, Dawn is not yet here

A message from the Darkive

Female Slip on Auction for Interested Handler within the Dark Archive

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