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Repo mission 22 - investigation of Manor House. 1 live catch (category unstable - recommend termination), 1 collection of books (classification blue), 1 collection of notes (classification red), assorted sundries (classification white)

Temporary loss of one Darkive agent in process, revival fees aplit amongst team.

(The wheeled cart contains a humanoid wrapped tightly in a bedsheet with caution tags affixed. The balance of materials are stacked around the rest of the cart.)

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A lanky man dressed in a chain shirt sloppily painted black enters the room. He is clad in black with accents of red and an overindulgence of skulls painted everywhere. "What's this I gotta do? Report? Whatever, pshaw, lame. Alright, fine, whatever, you just don't understand.

Mission, uh, 1 for me, I guess. Mission type, uh, rescue and exploration.
Made some sketches of the ruins"
he tosses a book down on a nearby table.. "Convinced the Dwarf who started the expidition to join our cause or whatever. Recovered some other artifacts, but they were taken to the grand lodge or whatever. Blasted the crap out of the evil boss lady so, like, she's dead and we left here there and junk. Whatever, so lame"

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Repo mission #25

Repo of missing humanoids for "friendly" nation. Aquisition includes 1 pound of thorns pulled from my hide, tuft of fur from unnatural creature, foot of small dead humanoid (non pathfinder), horn of wierd water demon, and used cocoon (humanoid size)

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Janus passes Shayd of Nidal and gives him a slight nod as he moves to the drop drop box before he starts to announce his haul.

"Pshaw, so lame. So, mission, idunno, 8 for me? Repo of missing boat for venture captain, as well as some artifact stuff, from the gloomspires. Acquisitions include, 1 set of pretty alright ink, makes everything, like, pretty good looking and real. Also a boat, and an artifact I've already given to the Dark Archivists or whatever. Also, recruitment of new agent. She's a ghost, so, y'know, not super lame or whatever."

The man puts the stuff down the shoot before stopping at the pot of ink.

"Like, this ink is pretty legit . . . any way I could buy this? Take it out of my pay or like, whatever? Hello?"

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An orange-haired half-orc woman with strange circuit-scarring heads to the box to drop off recent acquisitions.

"Expedition Number Zero Five Five One Zero One Seven Two: Slime, minor other-planar entity nicknamed 'Lamer'. Axe, Executioner's, Aether-infused."

"Expedition Number Seven Two Four One Zero One Eight Two: Skull, formerly animated with necromancy. Blood vial, lycanthropic bat. Head-tentacle, flying extra-planar entity"

After she drops off the items she glances to the other two.

"Requisitions for materials gained in the field is handled by notifying one's supervisor and expending resources necessary to gather said material."

Then there's a bit of a shaking of her head as she whacks it a few times and sighs.

"Sorry, got stuck in Book-keeping Mode there. Just let your handler know y'wanna buy some stuff an' pay for it. Should be legit."

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I have little use for money, items, books, etc. Primarily, you have hit upon the right path, your contact in record keeping can be paid for relics repossessed. Even, unsavory poisons are available, should you acquire them... I have one or two vials which I've laid a claim after turning them in....experimental items. (He shudders)

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*Scribbled on slightly crumpled parchment in the common tongue*

For the love of the gods don't send me to that damned fibula femur rib bone keep place so dear help me!

You get some other nut case to go into that Hell hole!

I literally died! People were going to write condolence letters. If it wasn't for some favor I pulled with a few Calistrians and a one or two Pharasmins I'd be seeing my grand mother!

Next time, send me to some nice little safe place, preferably with a beach.

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Repo mission #26

Repo of staging area, whatever that means. Communication with local populations, couldn't speak the language, didn't have to kill anyone Recovery of strange Demon, very fast, atrophy of limbs due to contact with Mr Shadow. Head disconnected for safety concerns. First critical hit at range 1000 feet, thank you for true strike wand.

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Hmm, vision quest #3. Pharasma did not take me in, so I will continue to wait on her will. Here is the liver of a regenerating beast, it is a powerful totem.

A large wet liver is dropped on the table, it twitches

And the names of freed slaves. What is it with you pale skins and slavers, taking slaves is the natural way of war but you buy and sell them like they are goats. Oh well, your tribe, your rules.

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Vision quest #10. Pharasma did call me to judgement, so I will continue my earthly endeavors.

Here are sketches of powerful outsider binding circles. In the Azlanti ruin there were Abjurations of the like I have never imagined, I must learn more of them.

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Pharasma shall not be kept waiting.
Praise to her messengers who hurry the late arrivals to their proper place in line.

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