The Silver Banquet: A Time and Place for Silver Crusaders to Give Thanks

Silver Crusade

Silver Crusade

Each and every Silver Crusader had received an invitation. The ivory stationery was covered in flowery gilded script. It said:

The Silver Banquet: A Time and Place for Silver Crusaders to Give Thanks
6 o'clock in the evening
24 Neth 4715
Please dress appropriately

When people arrive on the designated day and time, the Banquet Hall in the Grand Lodge of Absalom has been done-up in dazzling arrays of silver and gold. The holy symbols of dozens of gods array the walls, Avistani tapestries, Keleshite rugs, and Garundi mosaics have been brought in, all depicting acts of great charity and heroism.

The great table is currently spread with appetizers. Baked apples, rich dark bread with butter, candied nuts, light and small cuts of cheese and meat, and all manner of gourmet hor d'ourves are amongst the offerings. The servants standing at attention are not amongst the staff there; those who have been posted at Nerosyan would recognize these men and women as in the Queen's employ.

At the head of the table is the host. Her outfit has much in common with the standard Iomedaean cassock. However, the yellow trim has been replaced with a more ostentatious gilding, the skirt only goes to the knee and is pleated, and the arms are sleeveless. Her leather opera gloves and thigh-high boots match the same style. An effervescent translucent mantlet of a brilliant red hangs around her chest and arms, though it leaves her shoulders bare. Most of her wavy golden blonde hair is back in a ponytail held by at least half-a-dozen ad hoc ties, but a few loose locks frame her face.

When the guests have gathered and taken their seats, she rises to speak to all assembled.

"Greetings, Darlings! As I am certain you all know, I am Avelina, niece of Queen Galfrey of Mendev, come to join you in thanks of your wonderful work holding the line at the Siege of the Diamond City. I have very much enjoyed my time here with all of you, spreading the Inheritor's Divine Word throughout the world and destroying demonic obscenities. I dearly love the work I have been able to do here, as well as all of you! I just feel that I have not shown this appreciation well enough!"

She recently bought an atonement after thinking she had displeased Iomedae. Now, instead of thinking she's Lawful Good, she's actually Lawful Good :)

Her delighted smile falls into a frown, and she leans forward against the table.

"However, I have noticed a that my Brothers and Sisters in Silver are often marginalized and ignored by others, even viewed with disdain by some of the Society's more cynical members. We are not deserving of such denigration, and our efforts certainly have produced results! While there is still much evil and corruption within the world, and even within the Society itself, every day I see those that are still fighting the good fight and acting with devotion towards their ideals!"

She catches herself, clearing her throat with a dainty cough. She once again stands tall, her chin slightly high, as a self-content smile returns to her face. She throws her arms out towards everyone.

"Thus, I hold this banquet in honor of all of you. Eat and drink your fill, and give thanks for the Inner Light that has brought us all together in pursuit of a better world! The only requirement is that you share a story of the triumph of good: knights that remembered their oaths, evil creatures redeemed, and undue violence avoided! These stories do not need to be taken from your own travels; bards and poets are free to share their appropriate myths and legends as well! This time and place is for celebrating the principles that bring us all together as Silver Crusaders, so conduct yourselves accordingly. Those that do not wear our colors are welcome, but antagonism towards us will not be tolerated, and such instigators will be kindly asked to leave."

She takes up a glass and holds it high, posing as if for a painting.

"But enough of that. Now, let the banquet begin!"

TL:DR In honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving, this thread is both an open RP thread and a "feel good" thread for people to share positive stories of do-gooding and non-murderhoboing in the Society, to "give thanks" for the good deeds they have seen and been able to take part in. Please mark scenario/module/AP spoilers for the benefit of others.

Silver Crusade

A rather pudgy (or perhaps buff) female Wayang enters the hall, walking abrest with a a strange four-legged creature. It resembles a child's drawing of a unicorn, with an enormous head, huge, cutesy eyes, and a tiny muzzle. It's multi-hewed mane and tail counterbalancing it's pink coat. Yet even more strange, this creature seems to also have small bird-like wings, making it some sort of bizarre hybrid of a unicorn and a Pegasus. The wayang wears a polished suit of what appears to be parade armor, only it is adorned with symbols of the open road and silver crusade. Her hair is pulled back in a tight, military-style-bun and she wears a polished lance upon her back, though it is peacebound. Her companion has a somewhat ostentatious dressage outfit specifically tailored to fit her, and her mane and tail have been braided.

"Lady Avelina! So good to meet you again!" she calls out. "Allow me to introduce my companion, Rainbow Legacy. The strange pony-creature bows her head and speaks up in a feminine, child-like voice.

"It's a pleasure to meet you. I heard you helped Twillika with a spell to clean her armor a while back."

"My, this is simply a marvolous setup you have here . . ." the wayang comments. "Oh, look, you even included a flag to Grundinnar over in the corner! Thank you so much."

"Ooh, a story? Oh dear, I'm not much of a storyteller. I suppose I did just come back from defeating a powerful night-hag. And before that I did fight some Devils that a Hellknight was misusing his power to summon. Would those do?"

Silver Crusade

Striding into the hall, his armor burnished to a bright shine with a tabard bearing the holy symbol of Torag worn overtop, Rhon steps lively and with a grin on his normally grim countenance.

"Greetings one and all. It is a pleasure to see everyone again." Rhon begins searching for a seat among the guests.

Silver Crusade

Avelina throws out her arms and gives embraces Twillika and Rhon in-turn, giving them each polite kisses on the cheeks.

"Twillika! Rhonnie! How are you, Darlings!"

She gives a delighted smile at the pony creature and pets it.

"I most certainly did! A pleasure to meet you, too. The Inheritor loves cute things, you know."

Avelina raises her head proudly at the acknowledgement of her decor, still petting Rainbow Legacy.

"I thought it only proper to go with a multi-denominational setup, and Dear Ollysta nicely keeps a record of the declared faiths of our members."

Avelina leads Twillika to a seat near one of the corners of the table so that Rainbow Legacy could take a spot nearby more easily.

"Those sound like lovely stories, Darling! I am sure we would all love to hear them."

Silver Crusade

Twilika takes the seat only to find that her short stature is puts her at roughly eye-level with the table. Looking around she sees no way of boosting herself, and vacates the chair.

"Hmmm, perhaps it's best if I stand for now," she comments.

"Anyway. . .

spoilers for 4-17, fortress of the nail:
"well, recently we found ourselves in a Hellknight fortress in Varisia, I think? Anyway, they had arrested Zarta because of some falsified evidence. Thanks to a, uh, 'friend' named James Fond, we discovered what had happened to the paracountess and uncovered evidence of Zarta's innosence. Fond, a small team, and I went to this fortress where she was being held and convinced the Hellknights that she was wrongly imprisioned. Turns out, one corrupt hellknight had been sacrificing prisoners to Devils! Imagine! And he was going to sacrifice Zarta next! He attacked us, we defended ourselves, and then fought some sort of super demon-dog thing. Luckily we were fighting in a long, wide corridor so Rainbow and I could get up to speed. A rather burly Ulfen fellow who punched people and I took the beast down, and we rescued Zarta"

Twillika concludes her story: ". . . In the end, I wrote a note explaining the whole thing and handed it off to a nice lady who had showed us around a bit. It seemed best to not tell them what happened directly, they didn't seem like the kind who would be in a very understanding mood after what had happened.

Silver Crusade

A small Half-orc strides into the hall, his large ears drooping behind his back and his large black eyes scan the room,he wears a finely polished mythril breastplate with the silver crusade emblem on it, his narrow shoulders are covered by a deep red cloak, his right shoulder appearing bigger than the left, and his hands and feet are tipped by sharp black claws.

'....No I am not comfortable with things like this but auntie said..yes I know socializing is good but you should keep quiet, you are not suited to good company, the cleaning bill is big enough and I would rather not have my scales blush red.'

He turns to the gathering of crusaders.

'Excuse me, I received an invitation for a banquet and I am rather new to happenings, My name is Rook and may I take a seat?'

Silver Crusade

"By the Goddess' Blessed Acts!"

The woman is obviously of Chelish descent, fairly tall and athletic, and decked out in some of the brightest steel plate armor. She also has a pair of greatswords on her back, even in this festive setting.

"Princess, you seem to have outdone even yourself." The clanking stops as Bree halts in front of the priestess of Iomedae. "This looks to be a smashing time, and I hope as many gather for this as is possible. Your Honored Majesty of a Mother hinted this was the place I should be only this morning..."

The paladin looks around, and those near to her (within 30 feet of the Rallying Armor) should feel comforted (+6 to saves vs. fear). She spies the elder paladin, Rhon, and beams a smile at him.

"Welcome Rook, and know that all would make the World a better place are welcome here. Do you need introductions? Not that I know everyone, but I am willing to talk to anyone."

Silver Crusade

The small wayang and her pink pony-like eidolon timidly approach the newcomer in gleaming plate mail.

"Oh, um, excuse me. Are you . . . are you a real paladin? I mean, I've felt that calming fearlessness thing once or twice before, but . . . well, most Paladins don't include me in it. It feels . . . nice.

"Oh, uh, manners. My name is Twillika Saiville. And this is my companion, Rainbow Legacy. It. . . it's very nice to meet you." she manages to stammer out.

The strange creature speaks up: "Oh, very nice, m'lady."

Silver Crusade

Avelina claps at the conclusion of Twillika's story, beaming brightly.

"How delightful! This tale is exactly what I was looking for! The destruction of evil fiends, the uncovering of dastardly plans and the just foiling of them...I could not be more pleased!"

Avelina walks over to the recently entered Rook, completely oblivious to his trepidation.

"Hello, Darling! You are indeed at the right place. Take a seat and share a tale!"

Her attention is then taken by Bree-Bran.

"By the Goddess! How wonderful to see you again!"

Avelina skips over to her and embraces her, following with a polite kiss on each cheek.

"Feel free to mingle with our Brothers and Sisters in Silver. Solidarity is our strength, and it is built upon the bonds of friendship and cameraderie."

@Bree The Queen is Avelina's aunt, so she's only a princess because the Queen has no children of her own. Both of Avelina's parents died in service to the Crusades.

Silver Crusade

Rook eagerly nods before making his way to a chair in the vicinity of the most fruit and sweets.

Thank you kindly miss you cannot say thank you, the dark archives are slightly turned off by you, how do you think noble company would react?

Rook turns to Bree-Bran before speaking.

I never really took a chance to come to these sort of events Aunt--..'ahem' Ollysta recommended that I should go more often, so I am out of the loop, I would appreciate some introductions some more formal introductions.

Rook then turns to Avelina.

Tales? ....I could talk about that time I went to Averaka to help the locals, that is the most recent one, the last grand Grand Convocation also had some amusing moments.

And once again ; thank you for hosting this banquet Lady Avelina...I rarely get to speak with people on neutral grounds.

Rook has a tumor hedgehog familliar, so his predicament must be understandable.

Loud flappings of wings can be heard coming from outside the hall. Getting closer, you can see a large sized draconic creature flying towards the hall with two humanoids riding it. It lands next to the door and crouches to let the a half-elven man dressed in robes of green and purple and another person in fullplate made out of mithril.

The half-elven man turns and pats the draconic creature and it shrinks down to their size. All of them head to the doorway to see the event. They stop at the doors and the eidolon, as you can plainly see waits for the robed man to speak.

Silver Crusade

The Half-Elven man wearing green and purple walks forward and produces his invite. "Greetings. I received this invite, and I brought my Eidolon and a friend of mine I know when I was recruited. My name is Calathes Rudure." He gestures to himself with a slight bow, then he gestures to the draconic creature. "This is Crimson. He is my eidolon and partner in our adventures." He then gestures to the person in mithril fullplate. "And this is Dorian. She hails from Osirion and she likes her armor far too much. Anyway, thank you for inviting us."

Silver Crusade

The mithril fullplate person coughs when her gender is revealed. She pulls out her invite to show it to prove the invite. "Calathes. I thought I told you not to mention that."

Silver Crusade

@Avelina: Sorry about that. Bree would not have made that mistake; it was entirely the fault of her player. Please amend her remark to refer to the Queen as your aunt.

Bree-Bran beams a great smile to the wayang and winged, single-horned pony. "Well met, Twillika Saiville, and also to you, Rainbow Legacy. I -am- a paladin, one in service to the Inheritor, the Goddess Iomedae, and hoping to follow in the footsteps as indicated in her blessed Acts." She looks around at the attendees, and nods in satisfaction. "I see you know our hostess, and, by the way, that -was- a great story. I hope you get many more chances to fight Evil. I can introduce you to Rhon, he's a full Silver Crusader, as I am. "

She starts to look around again, and chuckles at Avelina's embrace, then takes a knee in respect. She rises again, as the Hostess is whisked away in her social whirlwindry.

Taking those wanting introductions in tow, she addresses Rook, "I do not know everyone here, save by reputation, but this -is- for the Silver Crusade. You can be assured that everyone here wants to increase Good in the world, even if they have different ways to do it. My own specialty is facing off against demons, and I have had good success in that endeavor,

but most recently I went up against a monster of a squid, wielding magicks that would be home right at the Arcanamirium."

Grand Lodge

The doors open and a jadwiga stumbles through them, clutching an empty glass bottle. He's dressed mostly in smelly rags, aside from a very fancy looking belt supporting a few pouches. A cloud of small stones, broken bits of glass, scraps of paper, and other street detritus orbits around him. He blearily looks around the room. He coughs once before slurring in a thick Irriseni accent, "Hyello, large shiny dyevil woman give me thees and say I cyan get good meal hyere." He squints at the cloud of debris zipping around his head for a moment before plucking a scrap of paper out of it and waving it around.

The paper is::
An invitation to the dinner addressed to Lady Valeria Wintrish of Corentyn, Hellknight of the Order of the Nail

Silver Crusade

Sorry, been super busy this weekend!

Avelina walks over to Calathes, Crimson, and Dorian and gives them polite kisses on each cheek.

"Welcome, welcome, welcome, Darlings! The Inheritor is pleased that you could attend, and if She is pleased, then I, Her Favored Soul, am pleased!"

She grimaces at the smelly jadwiga.

"Welcome, a meet you."

She holds her nose with one hand and waves another over him. From a distance, of course.

"Cleanliness of the Unblemished Soul!"

Spellcraft DC 15:

She just cast Prestidigitation.

The filth and stench disappears from Zenon.

She then motions to a dwarf attired in battered, though clean, leathers that carries a greataxe and wears a dyed-green beard. The only touch of formality in his attire is a bow-tie clipped onto his breastplate. He comes over and she whispers a few words in his ear before he nods sagely and leaves.

"My loyal dwarfservant Aldoz has something for your...inebriation. He shall return in a moment."

Grand Lodge

Zenon sniffs at his newly cleaned rags and blinks up at Avelina, but smiles as she sends Aldoz off. "Ah! I am Zenon, preetty lyady. Leetle dvarf bring more wodka! I aym just find syeat then." He totters off toward a table.

Silver Crusade

A small bird flies in while the door is open, and flies up to land on a chandelier hanging above the room.

"ISSLES!!!" it announces loudly in almost human sounding speech, as if addressing the room, then chirps like a normal bird for a minute while looking around the room from above.

After taking in the scene, he flies down to land on Avelina's shoulder.

"So you're Queen Galfrey's niece, eh?" the bird addresses her quietly, so only she'll hear. "I'm Whistles."

"Thanks for the invite to this shindig. We actually just got back from Mendev, where we met her majesty. Misaki led some troops against the demonic hordes, with my help of course."

The bird looks around.

"Where is that girl? If she ever arrives, I'll introduce you. She probably got lost on the way here. Sweet kid, but not terribly bright."

Silver Crusade

A well dressed gnome with bright blue skin and wild green hair sticking out in all directions enters the banquet hall. He smiles brightly and greets everyone he sees.

"Avelina, lovely lady, it's so nice to meet you at last!"

The gnome climbs on to one of the chairs, and uses that as a step to stand up on one of the tables, comedically kicking things out of his way as he goes.

"If it's stories of the triumph of good you want, I can certainly help with that. My name is Wizzlefarb."

"I don't know how many of you know my reputation, but I'm more of a jokester than a fighter. I heard the Silver Crusade wanted to make the world a better place, and I was so impressed by such a noble goal that I joined up immediately. But my idea of making the world a better place is by spreading laughter", he smiles and gestures comically. "I'll leave the demon smiting to you knightly types, and just help out in a 'support role'", he makes air quotes with his fingers on that last part.

"On my last mission for the Society, we were sent to explore the ancient tomb of some-guy-who-died-thousands-of-years-ago. You've heard of him, right? Yeah, we've all been there. Pathfinder missions." He rolls his eyes in an exaggerated fashion.

"So it turns out there were some dastardly murderhobo tomb raiders there. Besides us, I mean." He gives the audience a wink. "We would have been happy to split the profits with them. The Society wanted the knowledge from the place, and these guys were just looking for loot, so we probably would have paid them cash for their half of the treasure, and delivered the ancient thingamabobs to the Society. But these villains were intent on killing us and taking it all."

"So they ambushed us with a wall of fire spell while we were in a narrow hallway, hitting every member of our party before we spotted them. Then before we had much chance to react, their flamethrower followed that up with a fireball, which knocked half our team unconscious. It looked bad for our side."

"So there we are, burned and down, expecting another Fireball any second to finish us off, and I had an idea. While our druid and rogue pulled the unconscious cleric out of the flame wall, and woke him up so he could channel heal the group, I decided to use the univeral language to talk that evil woman out of blasting us again. Laughter!" Wizzlefarb waits for the snickering to die down. "Yeah, that's right. I told her a joke so funny that she was laughing too hard to throw another fireball. Well, ok, it wasn't so much a joke as the verbal components to a hideous laughter spell, but hey, you can't argue with the results!"

"In the end, my spell kept her busy long enough for us to heal a little, and our front liners to get up there and surround her. The good guys emerged victorious, the ruthless bandits were defeated, and we all made it home alive! Well, our group's barbarian actually died, between all that fire and the enemy rogue skewering him with a sword, but we all chipped in to get him raised from the dead and restored to full health. So he made it home alive, too. He just made a quick side trip to visit Pharasma on his way back to the Lodge."

"Of course, there are too morals to this story."

"First, DON'T UNDERESTIMATE THE BARD!!!" he yells at the assembled Pathfinders.

"And second, laughter really can solve a lot more of the world's problems than most people realize. So take a little time to spread some laughter and joy every day."

With that, the gnome takes a bow, and climbs down from the table.

Perform Comedy: 1d20 + 19 ⇒ (11) + 19 = 30
That roll is for how entertaining his entire "performance" was.

And yes, that really was a true story. My level 5 prankster bard saved a near-TPK when I got lucky that the level 8 enemy caster missed her save against hideous laughter for 3 rounds in a row.

Silver Crusade

Rhon moves to greet Bree-Bran and upon approaching gives her forearm a solid grasp in a friendly gesture of greeting.

"It is good to see you again Bree-Bran. I trust that your travels have gone well and that the evils you have faced have been vanquished from this world?"

Rhon gestures for his fellow elder paladin to follow him to a nearby table so that they might sit, catch up, and enjoy the merriment of this occasion together.

Rhon also gestures, with a friendly wave of his gauntleted hand, to Avelina. "Thank you for hosting this fine gathering."

Silver Crusade

Reaches down from the ceiling, snagging some baked apples

I'm thankful for Gozreh's bounty, and the farmer that provided this food.
And the polymorphic pouch that's going to get this to the poor down in the puddles


Most of it.

Scarab Sages

Through the door comes a woman with pale blue skin and white hair, wearing simple robes that look to belong in a mountain monastery rather than a dinner party, her only jewelry being a dragon curled around a crescent moon made of jade, with the phases of the moon portrayed within the crescent. She wanders in without speaking to anyone, but appears to be listening to all that she can while examining the tapestries and tables.

After she has her fill of the decorations, she sits near where the group has been congregating and appears to be listening intently to the stories being told by others, seeming content to say nothing at the moment.

Silver Crusade

When they get kissed on the cheek, Crimson scales bristle somewhat from the un-expected kiss. Calathes on the other hand just looks more prideful before leading Crimson to a table to get some food.

Dorian is caught off guard by the kiss and wanders into the hall. She takes off her helm to rub the spot of where the kiss landed. She is clearly a half-elf of Osirioni descent. With dark skin, but with blonde hair.

Looking towards the summoner and his.. Pet, she sees them enjoying their food. She lets out a slight Humph towards them before making her way to listen to any stories that are being told.

She finds the story told by the bard quite amusing. I don't think I had anything like that happen. Though I did die defending my allies while in that tapestry though. It wasn't pleasant to say the least. Or maybe that runelord... No, that wasn't that good either. I spent time drinking potions to get ready and he runs off! Dorian lets out a sigh before looking around at the guests that have already gathered. She rests a hand on a pommel of one of the two swords on her hips, both longswords, but one is mithril while the other is cold iron.

Silver Crusade

An angelically beautiful Tien-Min aasimar woman comes in, wearing a sheathed katana and full plate armor, other than the helmet, which is in her hand.

"Oh!" she looks around, as if suddenly realizing where she is. "This must be the right place."

"Excuse me", she interrupts the nearest group of people. "Have you seen a small songbird? He's black and grey, answers to the name 'Whistles', and can be very talkative. Well, he talks to me, anyway, not usually others", she seems to be talking more to herself at this point, then catches herself.

Looking around the crowded hall, she calls, "WHISTLES? ARE YOU IN HERE"?

Silver Crusade

From Avelina's shoulder, Whistles whispers to the hostess, "See what I mean? Sweet girl, and better sword fighter than you'd expect, but usually lost. Sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively. Sometimes both."

With that, he takes off flying, chirps a loud "ISSLES!" to announce himself, and lands on the aasimar's shoulder.

The Exchange

A young woman enters the hall. She has neither the brawn of a warrior, nor the obvious magical trappings of an arcanist. In place of a weapon she carries a fan, of good quality and Tien in style. In fact, she appears to be one of the least threatening individuals in the entire Pathfinder Society. She curtsies politely before addressing the guests.

"Lady Avelina, respected members of the Silver Crusade, I hope you will not look unkindly upon a visitor from The Exchange. My friend, and fellow Pathfinder, Augustine Jaeger, received this invitation." She produces the invitation with a flourish, tough it is not clear exactly where it came from. "No lover of social gatherings, he begged me to take it and attend in his stead. I would hazard a guess that he is currently in some shadowy alley, stalking evildoers, while I attend this most bountiful feast. Like all good trades, we both believe that we benefitted from the exchange."

"I hear that you are sharing stories. Let me share a tale of how subtlety prevailed over incivility and base thuggery. I was dispatched, with several other agents, to the Ghenett Manor in Katapesh . . ."

Ghenett Manor Gauntlet:
"If you are not up to scratch on your who's who of Katapesh, Ghenett Manor is owned by one Temel Passad, a wealthy Kalistocrat. The Pathfinders hoped to trade with him, in order to acquire some artifact they wanted, but the group that preceded mine proved, well, quite rude. They insulted Passad to such an extent that he turned his manor into a trap-filled test, and challenged the Pathfinders to to come take what they wanted."

"I won't bore you with the details, but I have considerable experience dealing with both traps, and merchants like Passad. We proved up to his challenge, and even gave the Aspis a smack on the nose when they tried to interfere. And furthermore - I see we have several honorable paladins in the room tonight, who will appreciate this fact - we stole not one copper piece that belonged to Master Passad."

"Somehow that story never comes up when the rumormongers are talking about how the Pathfinders beat up their dear, sweet grandmother and ran off with her silver." She sits down and makes polite conversation with those around her, listening in turn to their stories.

Silver Crusade

Avelina suppressed a squeal at the introduction of the thrush. She held out a gloved hand for it to perch on, a motion well-practiced from hawking.

"How delightful; a cute bird companion! It is always a pleasure to meet friends of Auntie. I look forward to meeting your master."

Avelina then took a seat and listened to Kelladorf's story, her eyes shining with rapt excitement. When he finished, she clapped with delight.

"Delightful! Beautiful! Glorious! The banality of evil uncovered and undone by simple humor! I love it! Please, eat to your fill!"

Avelina then continues her hostess' rounds of the banquet hall, her wave and greeting to Doyle being cut off by his quick darting in-and-out. Any momentary wound is forgotten as she moves her attention on to the pale Kensaku. Avelina approaches her and embraces her, giving kisses on each cheek.

"Welcome, Darling! How are you? I am Avelina, as I am certain you already know. Please, feel free to introduce yourself when you are ready."

Hearing the familiar clinks and clanks of full plate, Avelina turned her attention back towards the doors. When she caught sight of the beautiful, armored Misaki, she lost hold of her breath. All of the grace suddenly fell out of her body.

" pleased to meet you...."

She haltingly gave her the same kisses on each cheek, but her cheeks turned the same red as her mantlet. She finally pulled back and began twirling one of her curled forelocks, unable to meet Misaki's gaze.

"I am Avelina. Um...who are you?"

EDIT: @Katarina Sorry! apparently we both posted at almost the same time lol

Avelina waves at the Trade Princess.

"Oh, it is absolutely no problem! You appear to be one that can conduct herself quite well and in good faith."

Avelina listens to her story and claps at the end.

"You did not disappoint! I am always pleased to hear of the triumph of Righteousness over crass materialism, particularly against one of those despicable Kalistocrats that would rather worship money than a Goddess as Glorious, Beautiful, and Brave as The Inheritor."

Silver Crusade

Twillika, who has piled several books onto her chair so that she can properly sit at the table tries desperately to stifle a laugh and only succeeds in having wine drizzle out her rather large nose. With a strange mixture of mirth and embarrassment, she wipes herself off. Rainbow Legacy, for her part, is rolling on the floor laughing.

Finally, after several moments, she has barely composed herself enough to speak.

"Oh . . . Oh by Grunnidar . . . that (snerk) that shouldn't be so funny. Oh Wizzlefarb . . . I (snerk) how, how are you so funny? I mean, (snerk) it's great that you defeated evil. HIDEOUS LAUGHTER!" she falls back into a fit of laughter.

I imagine a DC 30 perform comedy is like, some really A list stuff. Twillika is not normally so . . . uncomposed.

After a few more moments, she clears the tears from her eyes and seems to have calmed down.

Oh Wizzlefarb, don't . . . don't say such things while I'm drinking wine. Oh . . . oh goodness gracious me" (sigh) "Oh wow, so many new friends showing up. Oh, I . . . hmmm."

Silver Crusade

The beautiful aasimar sighs with obvious relief at being reunited with Whistles, and scolds him quietly as he perches on her shoulder.

"You shouldn't run off like that."

As our hostess approaches, she curtseys far more gracefully than one would expect, given her heavy armor's interference. Whistles manages to stay perched on her shoulder the whole time.

Misaki seems oblivious to Avelina's sudden awkwardness.

"I am Misaki Hamamoto, paladin of Shizuru, recently returned from fighting the fiends that attacked your homeland. It was an honor to help protect Mendev and meet her majesty, Queen Galfrey, while I was there."

Just played this character in Attack on the Wound over the weekend.

DC 20 knowledge religion, only DC 10 if you're from Tian Xia:
Shizuru is one of the leading Tien gods. She's known as the Empress of Heaven, and is the LG goddess of honor, swordplay, ancestors, and the sun

Silver Crusade

Bree grips Rhon's grasp just as tightly, and smiles widely. "I haven't been working for the society so much recently, save as the occasional courier between here and Nerosyan. However, I have had quite a bit of time to cross the Sellen, and aid the Crusaders. I only hope someone can come up with a plan to really hurt the demons..." A bit of conversation nearby pulls her attention.

Knowledge(Religion): 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20

"Shizuru? I have heard that name, and not too long ago. Oh, yes, when I went to Tien, to help the Way of the Kirin."

Silver Crusade

That last post should have been made 'in character' from this alias. Sigh.

Silver Crusade

A beautiful Qadiran woman, dressed in a fairly elaborate Qadiran noble woman's outfit, walks into the room. Her haramaki glows with a golden radiance and creates an emphasis on her hips that the rest of her clothing would not achieve without it. Her clothing is a mixture of purples and whites. She is wearing a silver necklace that ends with a figure covered in colorful sashes. The woman is also carrying only two of her weapons here, and both are peace bound. Across her back is her nodachi and hanging at her side is her warhammer.
Those familiar with Honor know that she is dressed much more modestly than is her typical attire, as well has much less heavily armed than normal.

Knowledge Religion or Planes DC 15:
The silver necklace is a holy symbol of the empyreal lord Arshea.

"Oh, I'm so sorry I'm late. I just returned from a trip to Rachikan. " Honor looks around, really taking in the spread. She smiles broadly before continuing. "Wow, Avelina dear, such a marvelous party. You look gorgeous today darling. I must say I am always happy to receive an invitation from you. And such a nice mixture of new faces and familiar ones.

So to share tales of good deeds, let me see. My most recent travel is but more vanquishing of evil fiends and delivering allies to Mendev, but before that I had a most strange and marvelous adventure seeking the aid of a giant wizard."

Spoilers for Curse of the Riven Sky:
"When we reached the cloud giant's castle in the clouds, we found it under attack by other giants. We assisted the besieged and he tasked us with finding out who was attacking him before he'd assist the society with a magic book that we had. We traveled far and eventually I met the most marvelous creature, surely blessed by Arshea. An ettin with features both male and female, including one head of each. I was able to recruit this creature to follow me as a lookout, while I have been instructing it in the ways of Arshea. Anyway we eventually found the person behind the attacks and we were able to talk to her, remove the influence of strange cats from the first cloud giant and helped them solve their differences with much less violence than first seemed needed. I was able to convince the female giant that hatred is not a good way to solve her problems."

"We were able to overcome hatred with love and reconciliation rather than violence."

Take 10 on perform Oratory for a 25 to deliver her tale.

Silver Crusade

Dorian claps as she listens to the latest stories being told. "I am glad to have listened to these stories. I am seeker in rank, and while I have been around a bit, I believe your stories are much better than what I encountered in my adventures."

Scarab Sages

Kensaku smiles at the hostess as she greats her, seeming to ponder for a moment before responding, It is wonderful to meet you, child of the Inheritor. My name is Kensaku Rekishi, of Zi Ha. I'm afraid I don't have an invitation, but I felt the history of this place being built upon, I hope my intrusion does not offend. She seems to ponder her words again before continuing, May I remain here and listen to the tales of your compatriots? I wish to look for something amongst them.

At hearing Misaki declare to be a paladin of Shizuru, Kensaku appears to take special interest in her. When Misaki is not telling stories, Kenaku steps up to her and bows as she says, Greetings, my name is Kensaku. It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, for it has been far too long since I met a courtier of The Empress of Heaven. Would you be amicable to telling me what brought you to the Society?

From Misaki's religion, she can probably recognize the amulet around Kensaku's neck as a stylized holy symbol of Tsukiyo

Silver Crusade

Avelina's face turns yet another shade of red as Honor enters and greets her.

" again, Darling. How are you?"

Avelina gives her a kiss on each cheek, and a final, trepidatious one on the lips.

"So good to um...see you again."

She lingers for a moment, biting her lip as she considers saying something, turning back to Kensaku.

"You are certainly welcome, Kensaku! Please, feel free to listen. You may even share stories of your own, as long as they are of the appropriate sort!"

Silver Crusade

Twillika jumps up from her seat and scampers over to meet honor, motioning for her pink alicorn companion to follow.

"Oh, it's so good to meet you Honor! This is the friend I told you about, Rainbow Legacy."

The pink child-like Pegasus-unicorn bows its head: "Oh, it's very nice to meet you. Twillika says you're very nice. I hope we can become friends."

Twillika continues "Oh, I'm so glad you made it. And you were able to talk your way out of hostilities? So splendid! I wish I had was so gifted with oration!

Silver Crusade

The aasimar in monks' robes entered and sat quietly. His stark, white hair and eyes give him an awkward appearance, striking for its deviance from an aasimar's usual beauty. He clutches The Birth of Light and Truth and a small stone that burns with a heatless flame.

"I am most humbled to be invited. It my regret that I am not ... ah ... comfortable speaking to such a gathering."

Silver Crusade

A man in Sarenite monk's robes enters hesitantly. His garb hides most of his form, but his hands (covered in tough, coal-black skin accompanied by fingernails reminiscent of obsidian claws) and what may be his eyes (twin embers of hellfire) are visible.

"I am not entirely comfortable engaging in such a feast, especially with so many needy mouths in this very city, but I am willing to attempt a tale.

The Midnight Mauler spoilers:
"Some time ago, I and several others were sent on a mission to Ustalav to take care of some suspected werewolf attacks in as discreet a manner as possible. The discretion was due to the werewolf's identity likely being one of our own. We discovered that it was indeed the former Master of Blades and we set about trying to protect his remaining potential victims. We managed to save one such, though I am not certain all of her attendants survived and gave chase. Once we caught up to him, one of our number managed to talk him down from his curse-given rage and convinced him to accept the wolfsbane cure. I am slightly embarrassed to admit I did little of consequence during this mission apart from offering up an anti-toxin to keep the cure non-fatal. I am, however, gladdened that Master Vilk was brought back to the light, and even reunited with his long-lost love.

"I only wish the same could be said for that poor inquisitor. But that is a different tale, with not quite so happy an ending."

Silver Crusade

Misaki seems a little confused by all the attention she's getting for her mention of Shizuru.

Talking to Bree-Bran and Kensaku, she tells them, "I really don't know much of Shizuru. It's Whistles here," she indicates the bird on her shoulder, "who knows most of the religious stuff. I just know that I have power in battle and in healing that I don't really understand, and he tells me that the Empress of Heavens is the source of that power."

OOC: She's a Chosen One paladin (archetype from the Familiar Folio), so her familiar has knowledge: religion as a class skill, and she doesn't. Basically, the bird came to her and informed her she'd been chosen to be a paladin, though she never trained for it.

Addressing Kensaku specifically, she says, "It is nice to meet someone else from Tian Xia. As for how I joined the Society, I left Kasai to avoid any trouble, since I used to live on the streets. With Whistles and my first katana, I tried to help those who needed it, traveling Tian Xia at random, and eventually hiring on to a ship bound for Absalom. Once here, I helped defeat the master of a fallen fortress, and was offered a field commission to join the Pathfinders."

"I feel like I'm still finding my path in life, but I've done some good in the short time I've been a warrior and more recently, a Pathfinder. So I suppose I must be on the right path."

Silver Crusade

The song thrush preens his feathers quietly, seemingly ignoring the conversation around him.

Scarab Sages

Kensaku thinks on what Misaki has said, looking from bird to Paladin, seemingly very intrigued by this partnership. After an uncomfortable stretch of time, she finally replies, Quite a tale you have, Samurai. I apologize for my forwardness, it's just that it has been a long time since I have met anyone from my home, let alone one that serendipitously worships the Empress of Heaven. She pauses in her conversation and looks at Misaki's companion, before turning back to Misaki and saying, This exciting to me because I worship Tsukiyo, The Prince of the Moon, and lover of Shizuru, and I had wondered if you had any news from the temple in Zi Ha. At least, I think that was in this life... she becomes unfocused for a few moments before she snaps back to the now, At any rate, thank you for sharing your tale with me, it is quite a unique one indeed. She then turns to Whistles and says, thank you for guiding this one here, little thrush. Do you have your own tale you wish to tell?

Silver Crusade

Voren Kcalberif wrote:

A man in Sarenite monk's robes enters hesitantly. His garb hides most of his form, but his hands (covered in tough, coal-black skin accompanied by fingernails reminiscent of obsidian claws) and what may be his eyes (twin embers of hellfire) are visible.

"I am not entirely comfortable engaging in such a feast, especially with so many needy mouths in this very city, but I am willing to attempt a tale.

a bag lowers from the ceiling and jingles a little, already half filled with food despite being bigger on the inside than it is on the outside

Silver Crusade

Whistles observes Kensaku curiously for a few seconds after being addressed, cocking his head several times. Then he faces her directly and seems to bow his head.

Quietly, so only Misaki, Kensaku, and anyone else very nearby can hear, he responds, "I'm just glad to help. But no, I don't have a tale to tell. The only tail I have is made of feathers." With that, he literally shakes his tail feathers.

Scarab Sages

Kensaku laughs openly at that, and returns the birds bow. Very well the, Mr. Thrush. It was a pleasure to meet you, and you as well, she says, turning to address Misaki and bowing to her as well. She then turns and takes a seat at one of the tables again, returning to her preferred position as a fly on the wall.

Silver Crusade

A tall, handsome Taldan enters the hall, exquisite dark-wood longbow slung across his back. He slides his backpack into the shadows by the door and looks out across the large host for friends not forgotten. Spotting the gracious host, he speaks.

"I must apologize, Ms. Avelina. I would have come sooner, but my business at the docks took far longer than anticipated. You would think arranging a weekly supply route from Sothis to Isger would be routine, but alas, it isn't. Anyway, I hope I'm not too late to enjoy a last meal with all the fine folk of the Silver Crusade."

Silver Crusade

"I certainly hope this is nobody's last meal!" Wizzlefarb pipes in, upon heearing the newcomer's odd wording.

"Don't get me wrong, this is a fabulous feast," he raises his wine glass towards our hostess, "but I certainly hope to meet with all of you again many times in the future." With that the gnome, keeps his goblet raised, and waves it vaguely towards the entire assembly, as if toasting you all.

Silver Crusade

Honor starts to return the kiss on the lips more passionately than Avelina started, but blushes a bit herself and tries to hide that by returning some rather chaste kisses to the hostess's cheeks.

Honor backs up a bit after her greeting. "It is always a pleasure to see you princess. The spirit of Abandon teaches us to express ourselves as we see fit."

Honor winks and gives Avelina a knowing expression. bluff to deliver secret message: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (14) + 11 = 25

Secret Message for Avelina, others need DC 25 sense motive:
Honor is apologetic for her rather public expression knowing that Avelina is quite a bit more reserved in her personal displays than Honor. Honor's blushing is from the realization she likely embarrassed her friend.

"Lady Twillika, it is good to see you again. Oh! and such a marvelous friend you have here. Rainbow Legacy, you are a beautiful creature and it does my heart glad to know that Twillika has such a friend. As far as my skill at oration, I have only a small amount of formal training.

My mentor Venture Captain Vividsun has much more refined skill than I do; he is able to inspire quite impressive feats of prowess. Though I must admit that his lust for battle is a bit off putting to me, and I suspect most of those gathered here."

Honor looks around to the others gathered.
"Mr. Aasimar with the striking hair and eyes, you are welcome among us even if you not at ease in crowds. Please try to relax and know that no one here would ask you to speak up if you are not comfortable doing so.

Oh, and you sir have most fiery eyes, your tale makes me happy. The ends are much more important that our individual deeds, so take heart that you were part of such a story even if you feel like you did not personally accomplish much. I am sure there will be more opportunities in your future to do good in this world. Also you raise an important point that as Silver Crusaders we should seek to better everyone around us."

Honor politely listens to the folk from Tian-Xia speak, but does not join or interrupt their conversation. Instead she starts adding some foodstuffs to the bag that has been lowered from the ceiling.

Grand Lodge

Zenon looks up from the mountain of food stacked on his plate with bleary eyes. He has a glass of wine in one hand, a hard roll in another, and a cloud of various bits of food he steals bites from and two more glasses of wine floating around his head. The sharp-eyed among the group have no doubt spotted rolls and joints of meat floating off of nearby plates and zipping into the folds of Zenon's rags.

In between bites, he spits out, "We is tell stories, da? I woyage one journey weeth Pathfinders, to tall rock on ocean. Cannibals on top of rock, we drive off and myurder demon-speaker. In rock, I deesable trap and find ghouls eat beeg meat god. We keell meat god and ghoul Captain and take treasures. Is wery fun!"

Silver Crusade

Arriving late to the event, The slender elf attempted to meander in through the back and slide into the growing crowd.
Stealth: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (14) + 3 = 17

Feeling he did well, the lightly scaled elf made his way to the feast table. Loading a plate with a variety of goodies, most notably meats.

From what he was eaves dropping over, he had missed quiet a show and a variety of tom-foolery.

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