Hello!? Does anyone here know that spell? What's it called . . .

Silver Crusade

Silver Crusade

A small, extremely gaunt female with an enormous hooked nose and a wicked, crooked smile saunters into the lodge. She wears mithral breatsplate with a large smattering of paint over it, riding boots, and a spiked gauntlet. She also has a human child's training lance strapped to her back.

Knowledge Local DC10:
She is a Wayang

Hello? Anyone here? I need a spell cast. I can't remember the name . . . uhhh, a friend told me it was a cantrip that can easily clean stuff? Wizards know it? I need to clean this paint off my armor. I tried scrubbing but it didn't work . . . I think it's alchemical or something?

Silver Crusade

Knowledge (local): 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (13) + 4 = 17

A young woman steps forward. Her smile is kind, but also insufferably proud at that kindness.

Her appearance:
Her outfit has much in common with the standard Iomedaean cassock. However, the yellow trim has been replaced with a more ostentatious gilding, the skirt only goes to the knee and is pleated, and the arms are sleeveless. Her leather opera gloves and thigh-high boots match the same style. Most of her wavy golden blonde hair is back in a ponytail held by at least half-a-dozen ad hoc ties, but a few loose locks frame her face.

Two engraved tomes hang from belt cords on her right, and a longsword modeled after Iomedae's holy symbol hangs in a ruby-encrusted scabbard on her left. Her spring-loaded wrist sheaths are the same ivory and gold color as her gloves.

"Today, your are Blessed! For the Providence of the Inheritor has placed Her Favored Soul here to tend to you." Despite her lofty words, her tone shows the honest joy of honest--if perhaps a tad fanatical--belief.

She waves her hand over Twillika, then calls out the name of the spell.

"Cleanliness of the Unblemished Soul!"

And the paint is gone from the wayang's armor.

DC 15 spellcraft:
She cast Prestidigitation.

She leans down and pat Twillika on the shoulder, her other hand holding up a finger, much like a teacher giving a lesson to a small child.

"That is what I call it. The name--as with the names of all my spells--came from the Inheritor's Divine Inspiration, so it is the True Name of the spell. Let no one tell you differently!"

Silver Crusade

"Lady Avelina, your pride is showing." Grim chides, a man wearing clearly mythril chainmail and glasses, and with clothing in the colors of Iomedae's faithful, walks over to them.
Grim takes 10 on Kn. Local to get a max of 10.
Spellcraft: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (3) + 14 = 17
Grim sighs before speaking, and gestures to his holy symbol before he speaks. "Iomedae is humble, so do not turn her away from the truth. Even I know what you did, but I will not argue it. Each and every one of us has their own part to play in, and their own means to do so for any god they choose to follow." Grim relaxes and turns to the Wayang. "I did not think I would see a Wayang in such a bright place. But it is nice to see you here. My name is Grim Shartruce, it is nice to meet you." Grim finishes speaking and bends over slightly to hold out his hand to the Wayang.

Grand Lodge

Knowledge (Local), Spellcraft: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (4) + 9 = 131d20 + 13 ⇒ (13) + 13 = 26

"Oh! Another Wayang? Cool!" Exclaims a brightly colored Gnome as she enters the room. "I met one of your kind before, he was an excellent wizard, had some pretty cool spells, shame I couldn't understand how to cast them, but then again, I don't think I could cast them as well as he could."

"Wyra, this isn't our lodge is it?" Chirps a small grey parrot on Wyra's shoulder, seemingly expressing concern with Wyra's eccentricity.

"Hush now Flix, we're all Pathfinders here, and many of us have taken up a good cause. Like this young lady, look she's even helped our Wayang ally here, with a rather well flourished use of Prestidigitation. Good work!" Wyra replies before complimenting Avelina.

"I-I suppose you're right Wyra, but you still really shouldn't-"

"Now now Flix, you needn't be such a worry wart, its not as though these pleasent folks are going to object, it's not as though they're a grouch like Hevno." Wyra cuts Flix off, clearly dismissing his concern. "Now, can I help with anything? Oh! How's about introductions! I am Wyra Fraym, Gnome Arcanist and pyromancer extraordinaire, and this is my companion Flix, he's a Cockatiel and my closest friend!"

"Yeah, but Hevno's...Hevno." Flix mutters before realizing that he's been brought to attention. "O-oh...yes hello, I am Flix...and thank you Wyra..." Flix says somewhat shyly as Wyra casts a spell of her own.

Spellcraft DC 17:
She's casting Floating Disk

Wyra then climbs into what seems like an invisible floating dish, sitting comfortably inside.

"So, who're you three?" Wyra asks in a friendly, yet somewhat pushy way.

Silver Crusade

Grim turns to the newcoming gnome. "The name is Grim Shartruce, cleric of Iomedae, Healer of the Society, and Doling out lectures apparently." As he said the last part with a shrug. "It is nice to meet you too Wyra and Flix." As Markov said with a nod.

Silver Crusade

With the paint removed from her armor, clear religious iconography is revealed to be embossed on the Wayang's Mithral breastplate.

Knowledge Religion DC 10:
Her breastplate bears the holy symbol of Grundinnar, Dwarven god of peace, loyalty, and friendship.

Oh my, so many new friends! The wayang moves over and takes both of Avelina's hands in her own, giving her a heartfilled handshake.
Oh thank you so much. I was on a recent trip to Rahadoum, you see, so I had to cover up Grundinnar's holy symbol. It pained me to do it, but I'm sure he'd understand. The mission was for helping some captured people and making new friends after all. Anyway, thank you so much.

The wayang turns to the group as a whole.

Oh, sorry, I didn't introduce myself. I'm Twilika, adopted into the Lastwall House of Saiville, so I think that makes me . . . Twillika Saiville? I'd introduce you to my partner, Rainbow Legacy, but she's back in her home plane. I think she said she had to preside over a gala there or something. I suppose I could summon her anyway, but that would be quite rude.

As for Wayangs and darkness . . . yeah, I have to admit. That's kinda why I left my village and set off for Lastwall. They were all so serious and dower. They were always like "We belong in the shadow plane, this place is too colorful." I never got it. I always liked the stories of brave knights and divine paladins. So I went to Lastwall. Long story short, I eventually became a pathfinder when I heard about the silver crusade.

Oh? You aren't Silver Crusade Miss gnome? Well, I'm not in charge of the lodge, but I'm sure Ollestria wouldn't mind. It's always nice to meet new friends! The short Wayang stretches her arm up to shake the gnome's hand.

Golly! How do you do that? I mean, I have a little magic, but it's mostly just protecting me from evil and making people go faster. Nothing so nifty as floating in a little dish thing!

Silver Crusade

Avelina stands up straight once more, placing her hands on her hips, a dainty guffah accompanying her indignant posture as she stares down Grim.

"Humility does not mean that one should ignore their own accomplishments or take no pride in them. Considering the unique Gifts that the Inheritor has bestowed upon me, I think myself quite humble. Why else would she have given them to me?"

She raises her head and smiles with her eyes closed, as she continues her lecture.

"I reiterate that the spell is called exactly what I said, and nothing you say can convince me otherwise. As a fellow servant of the Great Goddess, you should know better than any that all things are possible through Her, and small-minded preconceptions should be discarded."

Without even rolling a sense motive check, it's completely obvious she is completely telling the truth about the spell, as far as she is concerned. She is 100% convinced that that is the "true name" of the spell, and that it was a divine spell.

She has no ranks of spellcraft or knowledge (arcana) to know better ;)

Avelina frowns at the mention of Rahadoum, turning back to Twillika.

"Oh, Rahadoum is a dreadful, stupid place full of idiots deservng a sound trashing for denying the Grace of the Inheritor, the Greatest and Most Beautiful of all Goddesses. I do not know how you were able to stand it!"

Grand Lodge

"Nice to meetcha Mr. Shartruce! A healer? That's cool, its always nice to meet someone who's devoted their lives to the betterment of others." Wyra says, eagerly shaking Grim's hand.

Knowledge Religion: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (4) + 9 = 13

"And nice to meet you too Twilika! Home plane? Oh! You must be a summoner, that's pretty impressive. It'd be fun to have a friend that you could summon from another plane. And you revere Grundinnar? So, then house Saiville is a Dwarven family? That's pretty neat." Wyra spouts, once again eagerly shaking the hand of whom she's speaking to. "My floating disk? Honestly its a pretty utilitarian spell, for transporting gear, and giving me a place to sit. I've managed to perfect the application of force in the spell to make it pretty comfortable too."

Knowledge Local, History: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (7) + 9 = 161d20 + 9 ⇒ (2) + 9 = 11

"Rahadoum? That's that land near Osirian, right? The one that swore off faiths about two thousand years ago? Yeah, kind of a shame that they made that choice and all, but they have had a streak of peace longer than any other nation in recorded history, so I suppose there was some benefits to their system." Wyra says, her enthusiasm turning to a sagely wisdom, she then quickly turns to Avelina and shoots her a disapproving look, "Also, they are not idiots, they made a decision long ago to end a war, and said decision has provided them more good than bad. I suppose they could lessen the penalties for foreigners and their beliefs, its somewhat oppressive and rude that they do that, but otherwise its a pretty sound system."

Speak With Master (Su)
"Uh, Wyra, she doesn't seem to understand that the spell she cast was arcane. Maybe she might be a bit of a religious fanatic, and if so, you might not be able to convince her about Rahadoum." Flix says to Wyra with a tone of concern.

"Oohh...well, that would make for a rather annoying conversation...but really, she casts arcane spells, how can she not know that the cantrip she casts is nothing more than Prestidigitation, even you know that!" Wyra replies, with an expression of mild incredulity.

"Yes, but I share all skills you have, even if some o them I might not be as good at. Largely the intelligence based ones. So by nature, as well as experience, I'm able to identify some of the lesser spells people cast. But yes, perhaps avoid any sort of philosophical discussion about Rahadoum and their policies with her..."
/Speak with Master (Su)

Silver Crusade

Grim gets a stern look about him when they mention Rahadoum. "I have been there as well. To seek assistance from a group of Riftwardens. Didn't go all that well thanks to a witch with us." Grim lets out a loud sigh as his shoulders slump. "As Wyra mentions, it was a lesser of the evils than siding with one of the groups at that time. I cannot blame them even though they wanted to keep my birth mark on my hand covered, even though I wear a gauntlet already covering it! Though they did not know about my gauntlet in question though! I still had a holy symbol even though they thought it was only a sword." Grim lets out a slight chuckle while holding up his left hand, mailed in a gauntlet with a emblem on a piece of cloth with in the wrist of the gauntlet.

Spellcraft Or Religion 21 on Gauntlet:

The Gauntlet is a Inheritor's Gauntlet. A magical item of the faithful of Iomedae.

Grim relaxes then turns to Twilika. "A Dwarven Family? They can be nice folk if stubborn at times." Kn Religion: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (10) + 9 = 19 Grim looks thoughtful for a few seconds, then looks back at Twilika. "Ah, Grundinnar. A god similar to Erastil, of community and family. It is interesting to see the different followers of other gods in addition to my own." Grim grins as he finishes speaking.

Silver Crusade

What? No! A dwarven family? No no, the Saiville's are human. The brother of the man who adopted me is some higher-up mukity-muck in the inner workings of the Lastwall nobility, I think.

No, see, I kept on signing up for the Paladin training academy in Lastwall, and they kept on rejecting me. It was always something like 'we don't know how to train Wayangs' or something, but I think it's because they were a bit racist against my kind. I originally worshipped Iomede, but all of her paladins were mean to me and wouldn't let me into the training to become a paladin. So I decided to prove I could be paladin material by summoning my own paladin mount!

So I worked a few years with Sam Saiville in the stables. Earned some coin, got to know Sam. He adopted me into the family and even gave me one of his training lances. Twillika points to the lance on her back. Anyway, saved my money and went out and got some books on summoning mounts and studied for a few years. It was REALLY hard, but I eventually figured it out. Turns out my mount wasn't quite what I expected. The paladins said she was an abomination for . . . some reason. Might have been because she spoke infernal. Turns out I had become . . . A summoner you said? I'm not really sure on the terminology. Anyway, all that bad blood with the paladins left a bad taste in my mouth with Iomede, so I went to the few other churches in Lastwall and found that Grundinnar was much more to my liking, so I converted. I mean, I appreciate Iomede and all, but, well, I just don't get along with most of her Paladins. Ollystria is nice, though.

Oh, and Rahadoum isn't THAT bad. Most people there are nice, very friendly if they don't think you worship someone. I mean, their anti-religion people are a bit rough, but that's their job. I just think they've been through a lot. I heard from someone that the dawnflower cult did a number on them. I mean, I guess I can understand being burned by a religion. Just wish they'd learn to live and let live, right?

Grand Lodge

Spellcraft: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (17) + 13 = 30

"Ooh, that's pretty cool gauntlet you have there. I'm not sure if I should be impressed with your clever ploy, or disappointed that the Pure Legion was unable to identify it as magic item related to a deity. Maybe both!" Wyra muses, her eyes locked on the guantlet with a mystical glint.

Spellcraft DC 15:
Wyra is using Detect Magic

"Ahahaha, my mistake. I guess I assumed that due to your reverence for a typically Dwarven deity that you had been taken in by Dwarves. Again, I'm sorry for the mistake." Wyra apologizes with a sheepish grin.

Silver Crusade

Wyra Fraym wrote:


"Ooh, that's pretty cool gauntlet you have there. I'm not sure if I should be impressed with your clever ploy, or disappointed that the Pure Legion was unable to identify it as magic item related to a deity. Maybe both!" Wyra muses, her eyes locked on the guantlet with a mystical glint.

** spoiler omitted **

"Ahahaha, my mistake. I guess I assumed that due to your reverence for a typically Dwarven deity that you had been taken in by Dwarves. Again, I'm sorry for the mistake." Wyra apologizes with a sheepish grin.

Oh no, it's okay. I should have clarified.

Twillika turns to Grim.

Uh, Mister? I don't . . sorry but I'm not well-versed in magic item stuff, or really magic stuff in general. Too busy training on how to joust and work with the animals in the pathfinder stables. Do you know there's a guy who keeps riding bees in there? Anyway, anyway, I don't know what that gauntlet means. Usually I have my friend, my Eidolon friend, to help me figure that stuff out.

Silver Crusade

Hm? Buzz something. I think I seen that zooming through the coins district with an earth elemental with him. Both riding the same wasp... I wonder how he managed to do that, even small earth elementals can weight near a ton! Grm looks a bit confused with the thought of weight. He then quickly refocuses and looks back at Twilika. It is a Inheritor's Gauntlet. A relic that is rather important to my faith, I guess. But anyway, my apologies, With the Dwarven God, I'd assume that you meant a dwarven family. I need to try to remember that human followers often take up dwarven gods as well. And on behalf of my faith, apologies as well for the rude behavior. Lastwall can be a rather grim place. It resides between the Hold of Belkzen and Ustalav where Tar-Baphon is imprisoned. Grim's face takes on a somber appearance after what he just said.

Silver Crusade

Knowledge (religion): 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (19) + 6 = 25

Avelina recognizes the gauntlet instantly, nodding approvingly towards Grim.

"Ah! How wonderful, one of the Inheritor's Gauntlets! I have thought about picking up one myself, but I saw these gloves and just had to have them. Being able to call out a rod instantly is delightfully useful."

Avelina turns increasingly intense shades of red as Twillika recounts her story.

"The paladins in Lastwall were mean to you?!"

Her wand suddenly in her hand, Avelina punctuates each sentence with a rampant wave.

"Dreadful! Despicable! Shameful! I shall have to have a word with Ulthy next time I see him! Aunty and I are holding off the legions of the Abyss while having to make-do with rapists and murders, and Lastwall is turning away perfectly nice and devoted candidates."

She stomps on the ground, her fist clenched.

"Shameful! Despicable! Dreadful!"

DC 10 Knowledge (nobility) or DC 20 Knowledge (local):
"Ulthy" is probably some kind of familiar name for the current Watcher-Lord Ulthun II of Lastwall.

Silver Crusade

Twillika looks taken aback by all the apologies on Iomede's behalf.

Please, please, no need to get so riled up. I mean, there's no guarantee that I would have been able to pass the trials and become a Paladin anyway. And, if it hadn't happened, I surely wouldn't have ever met my best friend. Plus, this happened over ten years ago, so I've long made peace with it. Anyway, the Paladins and I eventually worked things out. I started volunteering at the local Pathfinder lodge in Lastwall, preparing to make the long journey to Absolom and all, and I was called on to help the city when the orcs tried to invade. My valor that day earned me a bit of respect from them . . . and my field commission to pathfinder by the venture captain himself. So it all worked out in the end.

Twillika ends her speech a little sheepishly. She clearly thought that the end part came a little too close to bragging.

Silver Crusade

A beautiful Qadiran woman, dressed in a manner similar to a belly dancer, walks into the room. She is well muscled, but moves somewhat awkwardly. Just before she is about to walk into a chair, she seems to hear something and steps quite gracefully out of the way.

Her haramaki glows with a golden radiance. Her clothing is a mixture of purples and whites. She is wearing a silver necklace that ends with a figure covered in colorful sashes. The woman is also carrying a few weapons, including a nodatchi that seems to be made of Adamantine, a cold iron bardiche, an alchemical silver warhammer, and a couple of chakrams.

Knowledge Planes or Religion DC 15:
Her necklace is a holy symbol of the Empyreal Lord Arshea, also known as the Spirit of Abandon, the Empyreal Lord of Freedom, Physical Beauty, and Sexuality

Take 10 on Knowledge Local for max 10, to identify the Wayang
Knowledge Religion: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (10) + 10 = 20

This woman smiles at the assembled people.
“Ah, it is so good to be back in the halls of the Silver Crusade. Avelina, dear, it is always a pleasure to see you.” Honor gives her a wink before turning to the rest of the group.

“I don’t believe I’ve met any of the rest of you. My name is Honor, I just returned after examining the most beautiful, but strange ship. It was made completely out of some sort of crystal. I was told it was ancient and Azlanti by design.

Anyway enough of that. I’ve never met a wayang before. You are remarkable, your features are so sharp and defined. You sir, look like an experienced fellow, dressed much like the crusaders from Avelina’s homeland. Your glasses give you quite a distinguished look sir. Oh and a gnome. I’ve only met one gnome that I can recall. He seemed a bit shy, which surprised me. Your eyes are very lovely.”

Silver Crusade

Oh! Hello! My name is Twillika! the wayang blushes slightly, at least, you think that's how wayangs blush. . That's about the nicest thing anyone has ever said about my features. Most people call them 'unsettling' or 'off-putting' or 'super creepy.' Thank you.

Silver Crusade

Greetings Ms Honor. And thank you, I have been through a lot, possibly just as much as you. I try to keep to my faith in my own way, though that also meant having to get my clerical outfit cleaned more than once. Grim shrugs slightly. My name is Grim Shartruce. Follower and healer in her name, Iomedae. Grim notices the Holy Symbol around Honor's neck. Kn. Religion: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (9) + 9 = 18 You are a follower to the Empyreal Lord Arshea? And, are you a Paladin too? I haven't seen one for your faith before, though I have met other followers of your god though. There is one that is a normal bookish bard in the Grand Lodge that I know of a bit personally.
Grim turns to Twilaka and tilts his head slightly in thought. Wayangs appearances are different, but not weird. It can be more of a personality problem. I know of a wayang that is an Alchemist, looks rather normal for a wayang, but.... Can be a bit unsettling at times.
Grim then notices the time of day and sighs. Looks like it is about time for my assignment, so I must depart. Farewell and may you all live long lives. Grim then leaves to do what he must.

Silver Crusade

Honor's entrance makes Avelina turn an all new shade of red.

Avelina suddenly no longer knows what to do with her hands, quietly panicking at this intercession of her private life into her public one.

"Oh, yes. Um...a pleasure. I am sure."

She tries to maintain a certain sense of noble indifference, not giving eye contact to the scandalously dressed Arshean.

She clears her throat, having regained some semblance of composure.

"My apologies, Darling. I had meant to write, but I have just been so busy."

Silver Crusade

". Oh poor Twillika, I try to find the beauty in all that I see and meet, well except perhaps Demons. I don't think there is any beauty to be found there no matter the appearance."

Turning to address Grim before he leaves. "I am indeed a follower of Arshea, and a paladin. Sometimes my faith inclines me to be a bit less lawful than my duties as a paladin, but I work hard to balance them in working for the greater good. Yes, we who look to the Spirit of Abandon often get to know people on a fairly intimate level."

Honor's attention seems focused on the people she has just met rather than on her friend at this statement.

Sense Motive DC 10:
Honor seems to be trying, though poorly to help lesson Avelina's embarrassment

"I have a good deal of respect for The Inheritor, though I find many of her followers are a bit too serious for my preferences. I think it is important that while we are out doing good in the world, we also try to experience the beauty and joy that can be found in it. Many of Iomedae's followers are so focused on the admirable task of the destruction of evil, they don't take enough time for themselves and those around them. May all of the good deities and Empyreal Lords bless you during your next assignment. I was told something about taking a magical book to a Giant Wizard, but nothing seems to have come of it yet. I am still waiting for the proper team to be assembled for the task it seems, oh and forgive me I forgot that this particular state of dress makes you uncomfortable."

Honor sets down a backpack and pulls out a cloak to wrap herself in.

Turning toward Avelina
"Write? Oh, that is awfully sweet, but you don't need to worry yourself about such things. I hope you have had good travels and fine companionship since last we saw each other. Before my trip the strange ship here in the Absolom harbor, I was had the opportunity to recruit some allies to your aunt's work in combating the Worldwound. My companions and I vanquished some moderately powerful demons and secured the aid of some mighty mammoth riders, enough of my deeds though, surely your's are much more interesting. Oh and please forgive me, I forgot that this particular state of dress makes you uncomfortable."

Honor pulls out a cloak from her backpack and wraps it around herself.

Silver Crusade

Bo wannders in, his shirt a patchwork of tailor mends and odd rust colored stains. He looks over the assembly and finds a quiet space on the floor to sit.

I went into some strange emerald dungeon, lots of wierd things. I hope I can do some sky key missions soon, or turning those Aspis agents into gardeners. Or finding a strange woman in a veil...although my buddy in the sovereign court claims his father wants revenge or something. Just live and let garden that's my policy.

Except Demons and Undead horrors...no reasoning with them. He looks at his shirt, tried it once just not practical I guess.

Silver Crusade


Honor Whiteveil wrote:

"I have a good deal of respect for The Inheritor, though I find many of her followers are a bit too serious for my preferences. I think it is important that while we are out doing good in the world, we also try to experience the beauty and joy that can be found in it.

(slash snip)

Twillika perks up at Honor's words
Yes yes, that's it exactly. I think maybe that's why the paladin's of lastwall didn't accept me. They were too focused on fighting evil. So they thought I might have been a spy or some evil creature, and that's all they saw. A potential threat, instead of a potential ally. But like I said, that was a while ago. Now that I've proven myself, some of them let me train with them whenever I get a chance to go back up there.

Silver Crusade

Avelina lets out a breath, realizing now that no great drama was imminent. She seems almost...disappointed.

"Oh, well...then..."

Avelina's eyes dart about, searching for a new topic.

"How wonderful of you to send Auntie more help! I knew from the moment I met you that you were the kind of person that had the best interests of Golarion in mind and heart!"

She averts her gaze from Honor.

"You do not need to change your attire on my account. My spiritual fortitude is unmatched, so such distractions are of no consequence to me."

Her gaze now turned back towards Twillika, Avelina suddenly realizes that the others were talking about her Beloved Inheritor.

Avelina accusingly points her wand at Twillika and Honor.

"What is not joyful and beautiful about the Inheritor? I feel great joy when I destroy demonic and undead abominations, and since I am Her Favored Soul, She must feel the same, and She has sent far more demons back to the Abyss and souls to the Boneyard than I, so She must be even MORE joyful."

She holds her wand straight up in the air, triumphant.

"The logic is as unassailable as the Starrise Spire of the Diamond City!"

She lowers the wand, then begins to tap it against her other palm.

"As for beauty, have you ever looked at the depictions of Her? I have--many times, I might add--and I can say with absolute certainty that you have to look no further than Her."

Avelina cradles her once more red face in her hands, bringing even more attention to her delighted, wistful smile.

Silver Crusade

Turning to regard the new comer, Honor seems a bit confused.

"Gardening? hmm... I sometimes wear a veil... Oh I agree there is no reasoning with Demons or the Undead."

To the wayang, "I am glad that they are now accepting you for who you are Twillika."

Smiling widely at Avelina, "Ah, The Inheritor is certainly beautiful and zealous, and I know that you take some enjoyment from things other than the destruction of evil."

Honor winks at Avelina. She keeps her cloak on and wrapped loosely around her though.

"But Many of the other followers of The Inheritor I've met don't take the time to see around them the good things that they protect. They are so focused on the good deeds they are doing that they don't take the time to experience the things which they fight so hard to protect. I respect them for their sense of duty and righteousness, but it also makes me a bit sad for them."

Silver Crusade

Twillika's eyes dart around, as if looking for a prepared speech or some aid that is not there. Finding none, she sighs to herself, then takes a deep breath, trying to psyche herself up.

Oh, I do wish Rainbow Legacy was here, she is much more tactful than I. She usually knows how to phrase things.. She takes a moment to orginize her thoughts. I suppose that I am trying to say that none of us are gods; so none of us can be perfect. I know people who follow Grundinnar have sometimes put loyalty above common sense, and tried to befriend people that were not deserving of such friendship. I think for Iomede, maybe sometimes some of her followers get so caught up in smithing evil that maybe that's all they see. We wayangs often descend into using vile shadow magics, so one comes knocking at the door, they might just turn her away to be safe. Sure, gods can give us guidelines, but it is up to us to interpret them. It is our message to misinterpret, we do have free will after all..

Twillika looks at the other assembled pathfinders in anticipation, hoping her words have not caused further strife.

Silver Crusade

Honor Whiteveil wrote:

"But Many of the other followers of The Inheritor I've met don't take the time to see around them the good things that they protect. They are so focused on the good deeds they are doing that they don't take the time to experience the things which they fight so hard to protect. I respect them for their sense of duty and righteousness, but it also makes me a bit sad for them."

A man in Sarenite monk's robes that cover his head and face walks in as she says this.

"Speaking for myself, though I am not a follower of Iomedae, such is a sacrifice I willingly chose. I fight that others may live, and I do not mean that in the purely biological sense.

I may have forsaken the pleasures of the flesh, but it gives me no small amount of joy to save the innocent or redeem the fallen."

Silver Crusade

"Ah but pleasures of the flesh are best shared. Such things are not necessarily to bring the self joy, but to bring joy to others. Not that there is anything wrong in enjoying it yourself either.

I do plenty of fighting, and have no intention to stop fighting evil wherever I may encounter it. I encourage my friends to do so as well, and will even look past minor evils if it helps in the destruction of a greater evil, such is my Oath of Vengeance. I especially dislike those that control the actions of others, whether with magic or coercion.

That said, I find the time to spread joy and pleasure as well. Physical company is but one way of doing this, I try also to praise peoples beauty and otherwise provide friendly company. I seek to encourage people to express themselves as they wish, without constraints unless such expression would impede or harm others. I find this is as important in my duties to The Spirit of Abandon as destroying irredeemable evil.

The Silver Crusade has more to offer than the destruction of evil things, we must also seek to spread light and life to the downtrodden. Show people that there is reason to hope for a better life. I prefer to lead by example in this regard."

Honor looks around after her fairly passionate speech. After a moment she seems a bit embarrassed.

"Ah, I am sorry if my words offend; I did not intend them in such a manner. The Spirit of Abandon has quite different teachings than The Inheritor, or The Dawnflower, and I feel quite strongly about such things, having sworn a Celestial Obedience to Arshea.

I certainly don't mean to say that dedicating one's life to fighting evil is wrong, certainly all here in the Silver Crusade are to be commended for their efforts. Much more so than many of the other members of our Society. Please accept my apology if my words have caused offense, or seemed disrespectful. Such was not my intention."

Honor looks directly at the newest person in the group, Voren.

"And you sir have the most exquisite eyes, smoldering with the righteous fire of your Goddess."

Silver Crusade

Voren seems genuinely surprised at the compliment. He blinks a few times and the black, leathery cord around his waist twitches.

"No one has ever described my eyes that way. Most only see the taint of my heritage in them."

After pausing again, he continues, "And I do not take any offense at your words. You do a great service to the cause of Good. I do not begrudge you your methods, or see them as frivolous or unprofessional. However, your path is not my path. I serve in the way I know best."

Silver Crusade

"Uuhhh...." A man wearing mythril chainmail and a pair of glasses walk into the room. He seems a bit disheveled after an ordeal.
"I should have spoke up more... Ah, I see everyone is still here, greetings." He moves to find an open chair, and once he does, sits down on it. He gets out a waterskin and takes a sip from it, then puts it away. "So, what are we talking about now?"

Just went through the Darkest Abduction on high teir. It was brutal.

Silver Crusade

"Oh, I bet Her eyes smolder with Righteous Fire, too!"

Avelina shudders as she pictures her Beloved Inheritor's eyes.

When Grim reenters the room and inquires about the current topic, Avelina makes no visible indication that she even notices his presence (or anyone else in the room for that matter), still daydreaming.

"Hmm? Oh, we were talking about how the Inheritor is the Greatest and Most Beautiful Woman ever, and how Wonderful and Glorious She is."

Avelina sits down and rests her arms on the table, cradling her head in her hands.

"And how Righteous Her eyes are, too."

She sighs a contented sigh once again.

Silver Crusade

Avelina of Mendev wrote:

"Oh, I bet Her eyes smolder with Righteous Fire, too!"

Avelina shudders as she pictures her Beloved Inheritor's eyes.

When Grim reenters the room and inquires about the current topic, Avelina makes no visible indication that she even notices his presence (or anyone else in the room for that matter), still daydreaming.

"Hmm? Oh, we were talking about how the Inheritor is the Greatest and Most Beautiful Woman ever, and how Wonderful and Glorious She is."

Avelina sits down and rests her arms on the table, cradling her head in her hands.

"And how Righteous Her eyes are, too."

She sighs a contented sigh once again.

Twillika, tiring somewhat of Avelina's fanatical devotion to her god and utter inability to think of anything else, tries to change the topic.

I have noticed, though, that some of the other pathfinders find us as sort of a punchline, a joke. Mostly the exchange, but I have received disparaging stares from members of the Scarab Sages and Dark Archive as well.

Twillika thinks long and hard about how to phrase what she wants to say.

I think we may have an . . . an image problem. People don't respect what we do. Many think us unthinking crusaders, with nothing but a blinding hatred in our hearts for evil. Others think us idiotic dreamers, too enamoured with the dream of making the world a better place to see the world for what it really is.

We should do . . . something. Make our faction look better. Let our fellow pathfinders know that we aren't idiots, we know we can't change the world overnight, but that we want to start on the road to a better tomorrow. That might attract more followers, and might make the other factions more helpful towards us. Any thoughts on how to do this?

Silver Crusade

Grim nods in agreement"Indeed we do. But do we truly need to make a better image for ourselves? I think just by our actions alone should do well. We are nice people, some not registering on a detect alinement scale, but still do good for the people we meet." Grim shoulders slump after saying his piece, then continues. "Though if we look at it, it is not just us, but the whole Society as a whole, with an image problem.

I mean, I just recently got back from Ustalav, and the people just do not like us there. At all! Had a scarab sage more interested getting into my pants than the mission at hand. And also the group I was with decided not to pay for information, even though said information had nothing really to do with our mission at the time at all." Grim sighs and takes another sip from his waterskin. "Due to how we all carried out the mission, We barely got paid for it. And no recognition by the society by how it was handled. Though maybe that is a good thing, I don't think I want to remember my time there either.

Silver Crusade

Rhon strides over to listen to the on going conversation before finally hearing something he likes. "Ahh, finally a conversation worthy of having. You are both quite correct in your assumption that both the Society and our little part of it are in need of a better image within the world at large. While, yes our actions should speak and show us for who we are not all see or hear of those actions. Nor do all believe what they hear. We need to seek and strive to create a new legacy for ourselves, our fellow crusaders, and the Society. For it is that legacy that will be remembered." Rhon takes a long drink from his tankard, pulls out a seat, and sits so that he might better interact with his fellows.

Silver Crusade

A small seemingly mutated half orc walks by before his ears perk up at the subject being discussed.

Rook not have many nasty things happen but le..lega...Being not forgotten, is nice though Rook not care about things like that, Rook joined Crusade to do the good thing, no matter what people think of Rook

Rook then walks away again humming what appears to be a nursery rhyme.

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