Thorek's Book of Grudges and Debts (For my records and enjoyment)

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Herein lies the continuing tale of Thorek Stonebeard. It contains some details of the modules he has completed. Do not read if you don't want to read any spoilers.


...You have been warned.

Character Background
[u]0 xp[/u]
[u]150 gold[/u]

Thorek grew up on the streets of Larrad without clan nor kin. His earliest memories were of being taken in by Slags, who trained him in the art of burglary. Only eating when he could earn it, in desperation he eventually attempted to steal from the temple of Torag. Believing it to be an easy mark, as nobody would dare even think of that, he was instead caught by the priests. Rather than be executed for his sacrilege, the priests took the child in. With a roof over his head and food in his stomach, the young dwarf went from layman to novitiate and eventually was trained in the art of the inquisition (where his skills and talents could be put to use). Still, with the weight of his past misdeeds hanging over his head, Thorek knew that he could not stay. When he came of age he left the temple, to find himself and to prove himself in the eyes of his god. At the recommendation of the priesthood, he joined the Pathfinders to give himself some measure of direction in this journey.

Adventure 1: ????
Note: The sheet given to me had everything crossed out, so I assume that the name on it is wrong too...
[u]1 xp[/u]
[u]430 gold earned[/u]
With it being his first time outside of the Five Kings' Mountains, and his first time interacting with any race outside of his own, Thorek stumbled through his first quest in a confused haze. Of what little he picked up, someone named 'Torch' wanted the pathfinders to under the secrets of a spy network. Together with other adventurers, they infiltrated a tavern and discovered that in its' sand gardens there was a creature hiding beneath the sands. It would listen to the 'private' conversations of the visiting merchants and would pass it on to the owner of the establishment. Upon presenting this information, with a number of veiled threats, the owner of the establishment agreed to join Torch's network. Thorek left more confused than ever, not knowing what it was that he had gotten himself into.

Adventure 2:Destiny of the Sands pt 1: A Bitter Bargain
[u]1 xp[/u]
[u]516 gold earned[/u]
Feeling displeased with the nature of his first adventure, Thorek signed up for an expedition to learn about a lost order called the 'jeweled sages.' Figuring that learning about the past was a worthwhile endeavor, he was dismayed to learn that he and his fellow pathfinders would have to earn their right to discover where the lost ruin was. In this, they killed a drug producer working with the aspis (freeing the alchemist's unfortunate test subjects in the process), stole a ship's ledger, and defended a warehouse from a retaliatory aspis attack.

Adventure 3: Destiny of the Sands pt 2: Race to Seeker’s Folly
[u]1 xp-lvl 2 reached[/u]
[u]515 gold earned[/u]
With map in hand, the pathfinders trekked into the desert to find the lost ruins of the Jeweled Sages. It was there that he saw the undead for the first time, an encounter which left the dwarf with infected with a lingering disease after he put himself between his comrades and the desiccated zombies that arose. Pushing into the ruins, he called upon the power of his god to allow him to communicate with a water elemental which was left behind by the ancients as a guard. This was important, as the party ran into fellow tomb raiders. It was here that Thorek's underhanded instincts arose...for the other tomb raiders, with weapons drawn said that they had come for a magical weapon. Thorek told them that they had indeed seen a weapon in a pool of water, but had not taken it because it "looked trapped." It was his intent for the water elemental to kill the tomb raiders when they stumbled in, and the plan would have worked, for they trusted him *because* of his trappings that showed him to be part of Torag's faithful. They would had died were it not for the paladin and cleric in his band who refused to allow him to lead others to their deaths.

Torag was apparently just as angered by this, for Thorek soon payed the price for this misdeed. A magical belt was found, which upon being donned proved to be cursed. Then, when the party made its way into the final chamber, a gibbering being of pure chaos arose. Thorek's prayers went unanswered as he was enthralled by it, and would have perished were it not for the powers of the party's cleric.

Even after they returned to civilization with the answers they sought, his troubles did not end. The disease contacted by the zombies resisted all divine efforts to cure. Even after Char, an elven invoker in his party, spent his gold as well to find a cure, nothing would work. For nearly a month Thorek wasted away (failing fortitude check after fortitude check) burning with fever, until he finally recovered. The recovery itself was long, and the party moved on with their quest without him to uncover the true secrets of the Jeweled Sages (need to be lvl 3 for the last part of the module, I couldn't get the xp in time so couldn't finish the saga). Filled with shame, Thorek took this as a sign of Torag's displeasure of being used for dishonorable purposes. Greatly humbled, he vowed to overcome his personal weakness.

Char the Elven Invoker, for spending 150 gold in an attempt to cure Thorek's disease. This debt must be paid either to Char, or should that prove impossible, to the elven people in his name.

Faithless and Forgotten pt 2: Lost Colony of Taldor
[u]1 xp[/u]
[u]530 gold earned[/u]

Greatly humbled by his last adventure, Thorek signed up for another archaeological adventure. A pathfinder ship was soon leaving for Cheliax. The pathfinder society had been invited into their lands to research a site that would (as Chealix claimed) prove that disputed territory in Rahadoum belonged to them. As the claim went, the ruin was supposedly a Taldorian one, from one of the wars of expansion. Through investigatory work, the pathfinders discovered clues hinting to aspis involvement in the area. They also found that the ruins were not Taldorian, and the evidence pointing to such a claim had all been recently manufactured. Unable to discover what the ruin really was, they delved deeper until they found the horrible truth. Behind a secret passage was a temple to the nine devil lords, and a complex which was used to infuse golems with their infernal power. For during the war, the owners of the temple had made the golems to fight summoned div.

With this information Thorek and company attempted to return to Absalon. They were instead waylaid by a Chealix Hellknight and the town guard. Cheliax had already arrested the pathfinders' contact and attempted to do the same to the adventurers. A brief skirmish erupted, in which the Hellknight and her minions were taken alive and left tied up so as to avoid further political complications. After returning safely to Absalon, they discovered that the Cheliax diplomat had already left on 'pressing business.'

While there was talk of some sort of reprisal for the Cheliax trickery, Thorek left with his head held up high. For he knew that he once more walked the righteous path, and reaffirmed his oath to no longer stray from it.

Current Character:

* Thorek Stonebeard

* lvl 2 Sanctified Slayer
- Conversion Inquisition (Use Wis instead of Cha for diplomacy, bluff and intimidate)
- Loses judgements, gains studied attack
- +1 HP per level of sanctified slayer

* Stats
- Str16 Dex16 Con14 Int10 Wis14 Cha5
- HP: 21
- AC: 18
- Touch AC: 13
- Flat Footed: 15
- CMB: 3
- CMD: 15
- CMD vs bullrush and trip: 19
- Initiative: +5

* Saves
- Fort (+5)
- Reflex (+3)
- Will (+5)
- +2 vs spells, spell like effects and poison

* Traits
- Vagabond Child (+1 disable device and a class skill)
- Armor Expert (-1 armor penalty check)

* Feats
- Point Blank Shot (+1 hit and dmg w/ 30ft)

* Weapons and Armor
- Masterwork Warhammer
- Masterwork Darkwood Composite Longbow (+3)
- Cold Iron Dagger
- 38 arrows
- 20 silver blunt arrows
- Masterwork Chain Shirt

* Other
- Clerical vestments
- Expensive clerical vestments (courtier's outfit w/ 50gc of jewelry)
- Hot and cold weather clothing
- Inquisitor's Kit (includes a backpack, a bedroll, a belt pouch, candles (10), a typical holy text, a flint and steel, an iron pot, manacles, a mess kit, rope, soap, a spell component pouch, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), a waterskin, and an iron holy symbol.)
- Masterwork Thieves Tools
- Wand of Cure Light Wounds (50 charges)
- 120 gold crowns

* Skills
Bluff 1 (+6)
Diplomacy 1 (+6)
Disable Device 1 (+10)
Intimidate 1 (+6)
Knowledge (Religion) 1 (+4)
Perception 2 (+7/9 with stonework)
Profession 1 (+6-priest)
Sense Motive 1 (+7)
Spellcraft 1 (+4)
Stealth 1 (+7)
Survival 1 (+6/7 when following tracks)
- Lorekeeper (+2 racial bonus on Knowledge (history) checks that pertain to dwarves or their enemies. Can make such skill checks untrained. This racial trait replaces greed.)

* Lvl 1 spells (may cast three times per day)
- Alarm (2hrs per level, password made at creation. 1 mile can wander. 20ft radius)
- Cure Light Wounds (1d8+1 per level, max +5, standard action)
- True Strike (+20 on next attack roll and no concealment penalty: standard action)

* Lvl 0 spells (unlimited casting)
- Detect Magic
- Create Water
- Read Magic
- Stabilize
- Light
- Detect Alignment (at will, can detect chaos, evil, good or law)

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