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Grand Lodge

Grand Lodge

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(( The 'Later, while socializing...' section contains some spoilers for 7-05 School of Spirits. ))

It was always a sad time at the Lodge when a member of the Pathfinder Society permanently perished in the line of duty. This was no exception at the funeral of George, an aasimar Pharasman cleric of some regard in and out of the Society. Tara was pleased to see a fair turnout of fellow Grand Lodge members, as well as a large contingent of various Pharasman clerics all in full vestments.

One of them presided over the funeral service, saying rites and all those things that Pharasman clerics tended to due. Tara fidgeted with her sheet of paper holding the eulogy she had prepared. As one of the members of the Pathfinder team that had been with George, she had been invited to speak at the service ('And surely it is not so different from performing in that circus of yours, is it?' they had said, and Tara had agreed that it was not even though deep down she felt it was).

"And now a few words from those who knew him. Tara McGee?"

Tara lept to her feet and moved to the podium, composing herself.

"Yes, thank you. I hadn't known George for very long - we just traveled for a few weeks to our fateful mission. What I do know is that things would've been much worse for us if he wasn't there - and because of his sacrifice I and the rest of our team wouldn't be standing here today. I'm sure that Pharasma was looking forward to judging one of her favored servants..."

Tara's speech went on a little longer, full of the friendly banter one would hope. There were even a few tears in the audience; she supposed that meant she was doing her job right. Once she had finished, a few more people were invited forward to speak...


Later, while socializing after the service...:

Refreshments were provided compliments of the Lodge, as usual. People milled about, speaking of this and that. Tara found herself in a small group of people, including a young teenage girl.

"He was just here a f-few months ago, helpin' me out. I even got him to sign the chronicle from when I was rescued," sniffed J. The girl dabbed at her eyes, stemming more tears from flowing.

A gnome, a Pharasman cleric from the look of it, patted J's back. "There there. We clerics of Pharasma usually know when it our time to go to a permanent rest."

J didn't seem particularly comforted by that sentiment.

Tara added, "Well I'm sure he'll be looking out for you, in spirit, you know."

J looked at Tara with a curious expression, and then smiled some. "Y-yeah, I guess he is. I'm just gonna miss him, is all."

"I had heard about his work with you, J," said another Pathfinder, a halfling male with short brown hair. "Seemed to had ruffled some feathers with the Colonel."

"Maldris?" Tara asked.

"The very one. Heard they had a bit of confrontation - something about flicking the Colonel in the nose, that sort of thing."

J nodded. "They did. My b- The Colonel was trying to cover up some nasty business."

The halfling continued. "Now here's the strange thing. I heard some rumors that the Colonel was taking some particular interest in George's activities after that. In fact, I heard he had inquired about that very mission you were sent on, Tara."

Tara blinked. This was news to her. "It... it did seem very dangerous. Not that any expedition is without troubles..."

The gnome cleric looked sharply at the halfling. "Are you insinuating that Colonel Maldris had something to do with George's death?"

The halfling shrugged. "Not directly. But Maldris had a grudge against George, to be sure. Finding secrets, emasculating him as such..."

"That's a pretty big leap of logic you're making there," Tara said.

"Still, if it were true..." the gnome cleric mused. She rubbed her chin. "This might warrant some additional investigation. Nothing official, of course, but Pharasmans should watch for their own."

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Grand Lodge

OOC. More School of Spirits spoilers:
Let's pretend I actually called him Major the whole time instead of Colonel. (Whoops. I guess I interpret 'Colson' as 'Colonel' XD )

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