Grand Lodge

Grand Lodge Faction Status Report - Year of the Sky Key

The Corn & Cob Taverne

In the back of the Wounded Wisp


Out in the training grounds . . .

Out in the gardens of the Grand Lodge

New Rumors

Welcome to the Talky Goblin! (In Character)

There is an old drunk man in scholarly robes sitting on the front steps

Sitting under the ruined statue of Durvin Gest;

In the Infirmary...

In a Library Annex deep in the Absalon Lodge.

Letter From the Decemvirate

Rumors start circulating around the grand lodge

There's a commotion outside....

After work

A greeting to all dearest colleagues.

I'm sorry, I'm looking for a Dreng? Drendle Dreng? I think?

High upon a spire of Skyreach...

At a funeral...

Oh no...can someone help?

Early morning at the Ivory Flame Dojo

Oh dear, can someone help me?

Has anyone seen a Black panther?

Has anyone seen my brother?

Let's Make This A Grand Grand Lodge

So this is the Grand Lodge.....

Petros tells the tale of the Orphan's Sword

Petros tells a tale....

Have you seen a 7' tall, 300lbs, scantily clad Ulfen barbarian lately? Carrying a... homely Blakros woman?


A call to attention from the Deep Lodge

Tips on how to catch your enemies by surprise. In character

I wouldn't waste my life for a nation!

There's a commotion in the front hall...

Zaheeda's Journal - Atonement

Talia Smyth . . . An Announcement

A place for unorthodox ideas?

A Dwarf walks into a bar…

Singles Bar for Pathfinders

Grand Lodge Faction Status Report

How can we be so stupid? (some spoilers)

Loyal servant of the Pathefinder society available for any small missions

New to the Grand Lodge

Season 5 Countering Demons. Tactics, gear, suggestions?

The Eben Glade

Absorb all Factions into the Grand Lodge

Grand Lodge Faction Status Report - Year of the Demon

Congratulations for winning the faction war, Grand Lodge

Grand Lodge Faction Goals Status Report

A Pathinder seeks a faction worthy of him, can u find it for him? (in character)

Pathfinder Chronicle - The Kalkamedes Incident [Spoilers]

Daughters and Sons of Hermea

Look beneath the veneer of the lamplighter message

In-character: PC looking for martial mentors

A message to all true Pathfinders

Grand Lodge Season 4 Faction Goals

Lyrune-Quah Skirmish Ranger Day Job

In-character: PC looking for martial mentors

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