Melodic Voice from the Enterance

Silver Crusade

Silver Crusade

"Hello, is there none here to greet new members?"
The young lady with Pale Blue cat-like eyes stares in the Enterance

"How unfortunate that none is here to meet me... Oh well.."

With a Yell she sees if perhaps someone has heard her.

Silver Crusade

"Now, now young lady. There is no need to yell." Rhon steps into the doorway gesturing for the young lady to lower her voice. "If you would please follow me inside I will see to that you are introduced." Rhon looks back over his shoulder as he enters the hall to make sure she follows along. "By the way, my name is Rhon Delver. What is yours?'

Silver Crusade

A man in Sarenite monk's robes comes running down the hallway. He stops and slips into a battle stance before realizing there is no threat present. He shifts to a more relaxed position, looking a little embarrassed (though it's tricky to tell with his face and head covered).

With a bow, he says,"Forgive me, but I thought I heard a cry of alarm. It appears I was mistaken."

Silver Crusade

A tengu with white head-feathers, a black ring of feathers around her neck, and the remainder a humble brown clad in mountain pattern armor and looking distinctly uncomfortable in it pipes up while radiating 'good' from a small garden plot outside filled with bushes.

"Child, what brings you here? New member? Congratulations on seeing the light of the Crusade! May Grandmother bless you with wisdom and insight along your journey!"

And with that, she goes back to weeding.

Silver Crusade

"Well hello there, aren't you all lovely to come and say hello, My name is Helen Adorabella, I have been travelling for quite some to reach this place.."

The Girl appears quite tired from her travels, that her powers seem to let her White Fox like ears show.

"It is quite a long way from the Land of Linnorm Kings to here."

Silver Crusade

An over-armored woman clanks down the hall, and surveys the entrance. She looks over those gathered and passes Rhon with a solid clap to his shoulder. She is decorated with the symbols appropriate for a worshiper of Iomedae, and a pair or greatswords hang on her back

"Greetings, Ms Adorabella, and welcome to our hall. All those who strive for Good in the world are welcome here. I see you are..." her eyes go over Helen's features, and she places a hand on the girl's shoulder.

Lay on hands, with the fatigued and exhausted mercies, removing those conditions.

"My name is Bree-Bran, or Bree for short. I haven't been that far west, but I am familiar with the lands of the Mammoth Lords, and more familiar than I ever wanted with the Worldwound. It is your story that the folk here want to hear, I am sure."

Silver Crusade

"My Thanks lady paladin, I come from a area more closer to boarder of Irrisen, then closer to worldwound, However I did travel there a one stage. Not my kind of area, I'm bit put off by Demons most of the time, I hardly even find myself near Tieflings, but alast, I have travelled among even Winter witches, but even that is a bit far for me..."

She seems to be slightly unhappy talking of Demons and the Worldwound.

"But even then my family does not come from the Land of the Mammoth Lords, we just find ourselves more home there then our original home"

Silver Crusade

A disheveled man in a torn shirt wanders over to the growing gathering. His manner is an odd muxture of Tien and Kellid.

Its always nice to see another Kellid. Not that I am looking to go back, Ear IS In is a good place to be from.

*Hallit* Daen Taldane language keeps tripping me up.

Silver Crusade

Helen 'Allure' Adorabella wrote:
"...I'm bit put off by Demons most of the time, I hardly even find myself near Tieflings..."

Hearing this, the Sarenite monk shifts to the least aggressive stance he can.

Silver Crusade

Noticing the quick change of stance on the monk, Helen, seems to look sorry towards the monk

"I'm sorry if you have friends that are tieflings or you yourself are one, I did not mean to sound angry about them, I'm a Kitsune you see and well my family fled our ancestral home because of Demons that is all. So as you can see I'm a little jumpy around them."

The Kitsune tries the best encouraging smile she can towards the monk.

Silver Crusade

Demons! Bo looks around over his shoulder. Tricksy demons pretending to be all sorts of nice and peaceful, then wammo try to eat your eyeballs and be all wierd n stuff talking nonsense in my head.

Eh Rhon's here if there were demons he'd detect em. You would right Rhon, unless you were a Demon! Nah, Demons wouldn't impersonate Rhon that would be too hard to pull off.

Silver Crusade

"I apologize. I wished to avoid making you uncomfortable, given my less than pleasant ancestry. Although my lineage does not include demons, it does flow from an equally vile source."

Silver Crusade

Looking skeptical towards Bo giving a smile to him, but seem to feel wierd near Bo
"Yes.. Right, anyway, I understand we can't all choose our parents, even I hate being a Being with Fur... Flees are bad.."

Silver Crusade

A strange, small shadow-like creature with a long pointy nose and a wicked-looking, toothy smile comes riding in. She has a child's training lance strapped to her back, and is wearing a mithral breastplate with some iconography on it. She rides strange, flying pink creature. The Creature resembles a child's drawing of a Pegasus mashed with a unicorn, sporting a rainbow mane, large eyes, and a diminutive muzzle.

The small creature has one arm around a bushel of apples and has the reigns casually. She lands near the entrance.

Knowledge Local DC 10:
The rider is a wayang, and the only explanation for the mount would be that of an Eidolon

Knowledge Religion DC 10:
The symbol is the holy symbol of Grundinnar, Dwarven god of Friendship

"Oh my, is this a new friend? The rider says in a sing-song voice.

"Oh, she must be, she looks so pretty! the mount says, after finishing the last bite of her apple. Excuse me miss, would you like an apple?

Silver Crusade

A tanned woman hustles by with an armful of books and a katana strapped to the hip of a dusty explorer's outfit. She lets out an exasperated sigh at the group gathered in the entryway.

"Coming through, I'm late for my appoint to study that jetpa-- Oh, fresh blood? Welcome, don't let the crushingly sanctimonious vibe in here get to ya; they all mean well."

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