An urgent delivery for the Paracountess (Spoiler for 7-5: School of Spirits)

Dark Archive

Dark Archive

Ushered into the office of Zarta Dralneen, the head of the Dark archive faction, Aldur bows gracefully. "My lady, Aldur Sanvell, at your service." The half-elf is relatively new to the Pathfinder Society, but his masked figure moving among the shelves of the Archive have been a common sight as of late, as he has thrown himself whole-heartedly into both his positions as librarian and Pathfinder.

Zarta waves a hand casually. "Yes, yes, of course you are. I'm very busy, so spit it out.

Aldur produces a folded slip of paper from a pocket. "I have just returned from an expedition to the Precipice Quarter, in the company of Junia Dacilane. We retrieved an item which may be of use. Much of it will become common knowledge to the Society as a whole, but I was able to prevent my companions from seeing this page. It refers to Lady Miranda Dacilane, of Cheliax, and her... indiscretions of youth."

"If anyone can put knowledge such as this to good use, it is you. I would simply ask you to consider the ramifications to her daughter. Junia, or J., as she prefers to be called, has been admitted to the Society, and I believe her talents could be of great use to the Dark Archive. Alienating J. may prove harmful to the Society, the Archive and yourself in the long run. As always, of course, the choice is yours."

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