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The Exchange

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The Exchange

As the dusk gathers, in one of the Narrow House's narrow window-frames, a nondescript ragged bundle has become wedged in a corner, possibly a dead crow or a worn-out shawl. It twitches, exposing the glowing end of a cigar and leaking a puff of foul-smelling smoke.

From another fold, a hairy-backed little hand cups an orange gem with a bright linear flaw, casting momentary pink and green flecks of light on the halfling's dirty, whiskery face, as he rolls it from side to side, silently contemplating it in the dark.

Sovereign Court

Here I am, snake-tongue. I've got my eye on you.

Acrosto Nuri wrote:

Say, have you heard? There's a weird elf can fix you up with what you need to make a few coin, so long as you got no human blood.

Well, that eliminates all my characters. The tiefling, half-elf, human, and aasimar all have human parents, and the kitsune definitely has human ancestry somewhere in his family tree.

Grand Lodge

Many of mine too. There's a reason it's a massively popular choice for rangers. Ravi is only in this thread because he knew Shalanii from Vudra.

The Exchange

An elven figure bedecked in silver and green: mithril chainmail, silver clothes with silver thread, embroidered with green Soviyan trees that stretch out across his shoulders ending in green leaves...that seem almost real. All of his gear appears elven in make (especially an intricately carved dark wood composite longbow) save a strange longsword on his right shoulder. The elf taps his armor once. The sword speaks.

"Greetings Pathfinders."

The Exchange

The Mordant Spire elf seems to have changed little. He speaks in Elven, Once more a pleasure, Silver.

It seems the affairs of other worlds and times draw the Pathfinders' attention.

The Exchange

The silver elf speaks in elven (of course)

Thank you, and Gamin ceases to speak. Silver continues in elven. I am nearing the end of my tenure. A single mission remains.. and then I don't know. What would you do without the inconvenience of these Pathfinders? My family has a group of estates west of Absolom I could buy an adjacent lot, I could buy my way up in the Exchange, or take the suicide missions they offer "seekers", or perhaps another option exists.

You help those that come here. The silver elf glides about the room... as if to absorb the scene for later review. What would you advise?

The Exchange

Ah! I appreciate the confidence that you place in me.

Hurricane pauses and speaks with care. In my experience, the challenges that the Pathfinders and other parties across Golarion offer to those of Seeker rank .. equal the skills that such an individual might be expected to possess. Competent companions are a necessity. I have been fortunate to find some, even a little above that assessment.

And should a Seeker survive, the experience has proved most fascinating, unique in position and opportunities - lucrative, if I can mention it.

Yet we each have given much to the Society already, some of us, enough to sicken the heart. None could criticise retirement to well-earned rewards.

The Exchange

Should a seeker survive... you read my mind. Unlike my Talimah kin, life is something I treasure. Poor Telessar has forsaken his people's customs while that knave Righty has lived too long among the Taldans and adopted their odd ways.

I don't mind the monsters, haunts, and hazards of the Society's activities on Golarion. It is the next step .. heading into the planes. Only the damned, the foolish, the mad, or the desperate meddle in the planes. I forget the author..

Yet if I leave these things to men what horrors will they unknowingly unleash upon us. A hard choice.

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