How are people using their half-orc thugs?

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I'm getting close to my 4th faction goal, and checking out my options, Tavern Brawler x 2 is head and shoulders above three squishy pig farmers or a weak Ruffian.

I'm looking forward to having two Half Orc Tavern Champions to boss around with my Skald. Having a pair of 40-odd HP rage machines with shadow spirit totem rage companions should be awesome.

I'm wondering how people handle them in actual play? Do you just mention that there are two half orcs hanging around off-screen with you? Do you summon them in a puff of sulfurous smoke?

Also, anyone else noticed that they don't have the Power Attack pre-req for their Improved Bull Rush feat?

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I find their ability to bypass walls by smashing them down with their adamantine lucerne hammer to be an asset without compare. Granted, the outbursts of loving to murder evil people can get bothersome in social occassions, but--Oh, Oh I'm sorry, I thought you were talking about my associate Frederick Savage.

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If you use the term 'thug' to describe members of my noble race once more, I'll have you busted down to latrine duty and throw away all the toothbrushes.


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Aldrid points at Markov.

His words, not mine.

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