Lectures on Preservation

Scarab Sages

Scarab Sages

A bearded elderly Aasimar clothed from head to toe in the stereotype of an old wizard stands at the lectern of the lecture hall. The only deviation from the wizardly stereotype is the designs on his clothing which depict all manner of symbols of Nethys.

He clears his throat and then speaks loudly, his voice thick with an Ustalavian accent, "This lecture on best ways to spot and preserve ancient sites while on mission." He pauses for a moment, mutters a short incantation while tracing designs in the air with a bit of fleece. After he finishes, oversized images of heiroglyphic symbols display on the walls to the left and right and on the ceiling and floor. The symbols seem to have the same characters on each surface.

Ancient Osirian:

"We begin with the spotting. When dealing with Ancient Osirian places it is a simple case of look around. Not just walls but ceiling and floor," as he says these he gestures to each of the surfaces. After, he slams his fist on the lectern with a small 'Boom!' "Those of you I just woke up for you fell asleep already, this next part extremely important to you. There purpose for finding writing. Writing tells you not just story about place but often about traps placed. So please, look before walk. That is our first point lecture..." the aaismar looks around expectantly. "Write down please! One! Look before walk!

Scarab Sages

An eager diminutive oread sitting in the front row is busily jotting down notes. She is wearing a pink dress with many pockets on her belt.

"Excuse me! Captain?" she says, waving her hand about like a hyperactive child. "Last time I got in trouble. I was so busy looking for traps that I didn't take good notes about the stonework or architecture or stuff. Then another pathfinder smashed all the pottery stuff during a fight. What am I supposed to do?"

Scarab Sages

"Yes, yes.." Sasha begins again waving down the hand of the Oread."This bring me to next point; preservation. Once ancient...desirables are located, like wall carvings or paintings, or pedestals,or even pottery," as he say this he gestures at the Oread," nobody break it. That number two. Nobody break it!

Grabbing a bit more fleece out of a side pouch, he begins a similar incantation with similar designs and then a small bead of fire slowly moves away from his now pointed finger toward the center of the room. As it passes one can feel the heat. "Number two not only apply to you folk who swing around sword bigger than you. It also apply to you magic users as well." as he says this the bead of fire makes it to the middle of the room and then explodes in a giant ball of fire encompassing the entire room. A strong wave of heat washes over the lecture hall for all inside.

Will Save DC 23:
This is an illusion

Quickly, the fire visual and heat disappear and Sasha continues, "Because, as you can see," Sasha gestures to the walls which once held the images of hieroglyphics, now show charred walls with the faintest of the previous writing."Such spells, be them arcane, divine, or psychic can cause damage. So I repeat..NOBODY break it!"

Scarab Sages

will save vs illusions: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (16) + 9 = 25
Knowledge-Arcana: 1d20 + 8 + 1d6 ⇒ (3) + 8 + (2) = 13
The Oread frowns for a second. "I, uh, venture captain, I don't know what that was meant to represent. Anyway, the point is the same, I got yelled at for doing what you said and for what other people did."

Dark Archive

A Varisian woman with pointed ears and elf-like features raises her hand. "And what if looters got there first? I was on a mission not that long ago to a temple that the Aspis filth went out of their way to desecrate."

Scarab Sages

A gruff, muscular half-orc woman with a huge flail strapped to her belt sits listening intently and taking careful notes. A small, feathered biped with a row of very sharp teeth lies down on the floor beside her and begins preening.

Scarab Sages

When the lecturer slammed his fist on the lectern, the feathered creature looked up at him. "Rawr?"

The half-orc woman reaches down to stroke her pet's head until it settles down.

Scarab Sages

A burly half-elf shifts a bit in one of the seats further back. With the vacant sort of stare in his eyes and the rather gruff mannerisms, some might even wonder how on Golarion he became a Scarab Sage...

"So, y'r mention'n 'bout preservation an' th' like, it's importan' t' poin' out tha' there's folks what can put things back t'gether, but if somethin' is broken, gotta remember the most importan' thingie, which is DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT. Can't count th' number of missions what 've been on tha' were successful f'r th' Sages because even if'n I didn' know what the writin's meant when I wrote 'em down, SOMEONE in the Sages might."

...and yes, he's taking notes. Some of them have more pictures than words, but he's definitely paying attention and taking notes as best he can.

Scarab Sages

"Yes well..," turning to the small Oread.

chants some incantation

Spellcraft DC 17:
Psychic Reading

"Mr. Kruger I believe? There is expectation, not break. Make sure others don't break either. and Miss..?" Sasha turns to the Varisian woman.

chants same incantation

"Casrua I believe? And.."

chants same incantation

"Mr. Shieldarm, that is an excellent point and helps lead me to three:" turning back to the rest of the room, "Write down! Once desirables are safe for few moment, write down! Record the find and preferably record message themselves. I know some can barely read common, but you don't have to know what it say to draw symbols or characters. As Miss Casrua pointed out," gesturing to the Varisian woman, "there are people who destroy and desecrate locations. If we have writing from before it was damaged we will have more than nothing. And, in answer to Miss Casrua's specific question, if you come across previously damaged relics and such, all we can ask is that you salvage what you can."

Beginning to gather up the papers in his lectern Sasha concludes, "And that all. Just three simple points to help with spotting and preserving valuable information. Look before you walk. Nobody break it. Write down. If you have more questions feel free to stay and ask, but I am aware that the Master of Swords has something for some of you so I made brief.'

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