Do members of other factions recognize members of the Court?

Sovereign Court

Sovereign Court

One of the goals in the faction card says to recruit a named NPC without letting anyone except maybe the recruit know that the PC is a member of the Court.

My question is: Would the PCs from other factions recognize members of the Court and are they exempted from the "not letting anyone know" restriction.

Grand Lodge

Only if your character tells them or wears some obvious marking. Their players may know, such as by reading the sign-in sheet.

No, this doesn't exclude members of your party. They're precisely who you're supposed to conceal your faction from. It's intended that you can't usually get members of other factions to help with your Sovereign Court business, unless you're clever about it.

Scarab Sages

I make it a point to lie about my faction on every Sovereign Court character. This is usually good enough for the GM to acknowledge that I kept my true affiliation secret.

Have your player wear a grand lodge pin

Grand Lodge

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I randomly rolled on my coverstory each mission. I was a core drunken monk (no benefits just expenses and hangovers)

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