Grand Lodge

Grand Lodge

Esteemed colleagues,
Some of you know of the opportunity that our Society has obtained in Varisia to reconstruct the wizardly learning of Thassilon while we take care to avoid the moral taint that the doctrines of Sin brought upon the empire.

Pathfinders have asked my assistance to support a study group, under the kind accomodation of Venture-Captain Wulessa Yuul within Farseer Tower in Katapesh, to promote cooperative research and application of necessary resources to this task.

Ekasa will present details of her proposal, which I commend to your attention.

In service,
Venture-Captain Pherazi

Silver Crusade

Enter the circle of story, fellow seekers.

Many Thassilonian manuscripts and relics are still bound within the Dark Archive, as they should be. We'll compile copies for members of translations and theses that the Grand Lodge has released for study.

Our sponsor has arranged exchanges for post-graduate staff from the Acadamae in Korvosa who can teach general spellcasting and arcane theory to those just starting out.

We must share and increase our understanding of the Thassilonian language. When the wanderer Hattash can visit, he provides us unusual experience in this field.

May the spirits guide our path.
Perhaps we can begin by discussing what brought each of us here.

I am Ekujae. We know how to live with nothing. The shine of material things shall not distract me from my purpose to wield the arts of transmutation for charity and justice.

Why do you think you were chosen for this learning? Do you have a sponsor or a mentor in the Society? Are you fit to keep your mind safe from the excesses where these secrets led the Runelords?

What Sin will you embrace? What do you think it can teach us?

Do you have any findings or theories to present?

Ekasa, Student of Greed

The Concordance

Honour and respect to they who seek knowledge with a pure heart.

For the first time I have visited Varisia, the land where all our thoughts turn. Such beautiful vistas and such haunting echoes of the secrets of the past. Seven paths of magic, seven words from the depths of time. An artist in Kaer Maga has found a way to inscribe the traditional tattoos on my less than traditional substance. Soon, I think, their power begins to awaken in me.

Yellowstone, Student of Wrath

The Concordance

A day full of interest! Our gracious host asks our assistance to unravel the secrets of a Jistkan relic that has come into her possession. There has been some disturbance, but surely this is within the skill of a scholarly group dedicated, as we are, to delve into the perils and wonders of ancient magics.

Yellowstone, Student of Wrath

Dark Archive

My own sponsor, whom shall not be named, is a native of Varisia as am I. My sponsor has not gone through the training I have, but does understand the commitment required to fully master the Arts Arcane.

I have found the mixing of the pure, ancient Specialties with more modern training in Schools leaves some room for doubt which must be combatted at all times. I am Wizard of the Specialization of Wrath, and I must avoid the lures and distractions of my Prohibited Schools, those of Envy and Sloth. The pureness of the power of destruction, which I can harness beyond the ken of modern practitioners, is sullied by the desire to reach into those Prohibited Schools, and I must focus my efforts on Specialty.

I feel that I have somehow failed in my purpose when I reach for a potion of Envy to face the claws and teeth of some great beast as my power is insufficient at this time. I struggle to focus my Wrath, but as I am young in my studies as yet, I need to engage that focus, grow it so I can come into my full power.

Cinzia, of the Sorshellis, out of Varisia.

Silver Crusade

Greetings sponsors,

I am Klair Loon, a pupil of Kreighton Shaine, a devoted Nethysian and a wizard devoted to Sloth magic. You may have guessed this from seeing my familiar - yes, it is indeed a sloth. He says hello, by the way.
I find Wrath and Pride to be utterly vulgar, and have sworn against befouling my spellbook by pursuing these dead paths within the arcane studies.

The frail girl yawns widely and scratches one of the many tattoos on her left arm.

Recently, I came across the enormous untapped power of the First World, and the highly developed arcane hypotheses theorized within the Mwangi Expanse. Much has changed since the Runelords commanded magic in it's entirety.

She blinks sleepily.

I aim to push the limits of magic even further by combining the powers of a Sloth mage, with the conjuration techniques perfected by Old Mage Jatembe's Sun Magi. This approach requires a kind heart and a strict departure from Krune's teachings.

It is my hope that this project can find a dedicated student in all seven of the Thassilonian schools of sin magic.
Already we have specialists in Wrath, Greed and Sloth.
Now, we need only apt pupils of Pride, Gluttony, Lust and Envy.

Should we send some servants to scour the realm for likely candidates? I would go myself, but it is so comfortable here.

Silver Crusade

Indeed, it has been pleasant to devote some time apart to the exploration of books and the seizing of knowledge, but it is time I ought return to the field.

Grand Lodge

Reads the letter, then tugs on his beard with worry.

The Schools of Sin are not for the faint of heart and I worry that some of our, shall we say, less experienced mages might meddle with forces they don't understand. If you're asking for the Society to take inventory of such deadly magics, I recommend keeping a close eye on those who seek the power of the Rune Lords.

Stories have spread of Sin magic tainting the mind and driving men mad. I'm not implying that this is not a worthy pursuit, we are Pathfinders and the study of such arcane arts is the purpose of this organization. I merely hope that those who do participate in this study understand the true dangers involved, not just to themselves but to those around them.

Takes a long chug of dwarven ale, then burps

Then again, the idea of unleashing pure Wrath upon the universe makes my nether regions tingle. If you're looking to cast such magic at all then just make sure yah pick a target nobody likes and blow it up good. Good luck boys, try not kill any of the "nice" gods because all those little whiners in the Silver Crusade still haven't gotten over Aroden.

Silver Crusade

Your concerns are most valid, indeed, I share them. Fate has gifted our Society great responsibility to forge new paths in arcane understanding. I trust that we can consider in wisdom the rightful purposes that justify why we should attempt this notorious path, besides the marvels that we will invoke for our own amazement.

Ekasa, Student of Greed

The Concordance

Truly, the sensation of the burning force channelled through fragile consciousness, like a dark lava surging through strata of stone, brings a joy nearly indescribable. I wonder if our predecessor felt such and if it guided her to delve her great capital within rock, and to seek alliance with that which dwells deep within the earth.

How fitting that so many of the Society's endeavours confront the foul undead, the fiendish and the verminous, which we may justly bathe in the many-coloured energies of our glorious works, and not burden ourselves with the pain of fellow mortals. Which no doubt we should regret. Even if they were bad and probably deserved it.

Yellowstone, Student of Wrath

Sovereign Court

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If you're feeling a sensation of burning force, a visit to your cleric should clear that right up. I'd recommend the Calistrians, they have a great deal of experience and they're very discreet. *ahem* I'm Lord Haywood, and sweet Shelyn has seen fit to guide me to the path of love. As the Thassilonian Sins are but corrupted forms of their great virtues, yes? I, then, am a student of the purest form of Love.

Silver Crusade

Absalom seems so familiar, though all records show I have never visited the city before this. Perhaps the course of time is not so simple a matter as we presume.

Dark Archive

Welcome abord the love train Haywood. Dr. Phil Moore Love.

Grand Lodge

It is my regretted duty to tell you that Ekasa will not be continuing her studies. She has met with dangers that still persist in the Varisian ruins. Fate was not on her side.

Stay sharp! With all your secrets, the lesser things of this age still can overwhelm an inadequately prepared group.

In service.

Scarab Sages

My fellows in the Art,

While not a student of 'Sin' magics, I am one of the Pathfinders who found the lore you study. Having fought more than one Sin Mage, I can say that the magic and lore is potent but it takes a strong will not to be twisted by them.
So, like I told my student, take a care in your magics. Of course the same could say of my own magics.

Venture Captain Cindrana Longpath
Venture Captain of Korvosa, Runekiller, Lady of the Rods, Lecturer of Admixture Magics at the Academe of Korvosa

Dark Archive

Sorry to hear that another poor Pathfinder is waiting in Pharasma's final queue. That's a bummer, but Love will find a wayyy.

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