Raising Dralneen's Spirits [Minor Season 7 Spoilers]

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Somewhere in the depths of the Dark Archive beneath Absalom's Grand Lodge, the pitter-patter of halfling feet precedes down the soft stalking of a new figure.

"Oh, Mr. Orenzo, sir, I am immensely glad that even after all that's happened, you've shown a willingness to throw your lot in with the Dark Archive. I'm certain you'll get along swimmingly with Mistress Dralneen, she bears an immense grudge against House Thrune as well you see. Political issues, but then with Cheliax the way it is these days, what isn't political in that nation?"

The halfling woman stops at an intersection of hallways, looking down each in turn, allowing her hanger-on to catch up. The new guest to the archives has pale skin, sharp mandibles and a stink of rotting flesh about them. Gloved hands do little to help the image he presents as large gnarled claws twist out from the ends of his fingers, and a blood-red tongue wavers in the air outside of his mouth.

Knowledge Religion DC11:
The attendant is a ghoul.

"Just tell me there are no more clerics of Sarenrae down here," replies Mr. Orenzo in a gravelly voice.

"Oh, I know, but I managed to explain everything, and now we're safely sequestered away from them. Oh, all the stuff you must know about pre-Thrune Cheliax is bound to lift Dralneen out of the morose mood she's been in as of late..." Namaeva looked about, down each hallway again. "I just... need... Did we take a left or a right at the last corridor?"

Dark Archive

A fairly quiet 'click, click' of combat boots comes down the ancient stone corridor, and the light of an orbiting ioun torch light the passage as a lean, muscular man holding an unfamiliar polearm walks with some determination.

"Oh, excuse me," he says in a low, respectful voice with a distinct Egorian accent. "I didn't expect anyone down this far at this time. Do you require any assistance?"

perception: 1d20 + 20 ⇒ (5) + 20 = 25 ; knowledge(religion): 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 23

His gaze goes to the newcomer and a piercing evaluation happens quickly. "Are you where you are supposed to be? I could escort you, if you prefer. It might be safer that way." He doesn't say for whom it might be safer.

Marcellus is a well-known Seeker working with the Dark Archives for several years now. He also serves as an instructor with the Swords.

Dark Archive

A black armored halfling strolls down the hall partially singing and humming a tune.

...tainted love, whoa
Now I know I've go to
Run away, I've got to..

Wow people! Having fun in the Darkive?

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