Has anyone seen my brother?

Grand Lodge

Grand Lodge

An ordinairy day in the common room, interrupted by an earth elemental crashing through the doorframe.

'Ah, my apologies for barging in so rudely but I appear to have lost sight of my younger brother, I have not been to the grand lodge before and appear to be a bit lost.'

'Any advice would be greatly appreciated, my brother is of great sedimental value to me.'

The Elemental waits patiently for a response from one of the present pathfinders, before looking back at the entryway.

'And my apologies for the door, everything seems so small here.'

Grand Lodge

Umm, hello dear friend with a mountainous stature... You've come through that door in a hurry, walking and talking like you belong. Are you or your younger brother Pathfinders?

The slim elf still in dirty field attire eyes the talking earth elemental with caution.

Grand Lodge

The earth elemental lowers himself to meet the gaze of the elf, eventually landing with a noticable thud.

'Yes, my younger brother and I are pathfinders, before this my brother and I would mostly operate from Tian-xa, it was only recently that I had a chance to see the rest of the Inner sea.'

The earth elemental once again stares back at the door, a look of embarresment easily read on his face.

'Pardon me, I forgot to introduce myself, I am Sakuchi the Tiny, though most of my colleages in Tian kept it to Tiny for convenience.'

'Sadly my brother is rather unadjusted to the Inner sea, so like the wild child he is, he just runs off to gods know where.'

'If you have seen him at all, any directions would be most appreciated.''And while we are talking, may I have the pleasure of knowing your name, dearest colleague?'

Grand Lodge

I am Sir Jetanmerun Tinunsae the Dragonkiller and Dragonslayer. But for your accented tongue, Jet will suffice. Jet sneers at the sound of anyone using his full name that does not speak elven or is not trained in linguistics.

As for your brother, I have not seen him, nor any other earth elementals at the Grand Lodge. I'm sorry that I will not be able to aid you today.

Sakuchi the Tiny, I have never witnessed an elemental speak before; how did you come to be? What wizard enchanted you so and to what purpose?

Grand Lodge

Sakuchi looks visably disappointed but this fades quickly as he opens his mouth once more.

Hmm, I suppose I could share that story, though I must disappoint you, no wizard created me ; it started many years ago, shortly after the Nation of Cheliax settled on it's Diabolical convictions.

I was but a pebble, born in the peaks of Storval, but that was what I was, a pebble. My community would belittle me and my brothers and sisters would ridicule me, picking me up with fingers or rolling me around with their feet.

At a certain point I became frustrated with my predicament and left for the lower grounds of the plateau. After a long period of wandering I came across a vast port and hid myself on a ship as a stowaway, tired of the land I was born in.

Whatever the original destination was or the fate of it's crew is sadly lost to history, for the ship was caught in a massive storm and I washed ashore on what I now know was The Forest of Spirits.

While I am frustrated to admit it, the prospect of being stranded in a land I did not know was more than my fragile psyche could handle and I ran into the woods without looking.
Eventually I ran into healthy tree with great force, flinging myself backward onto the ground after wich, my gaze met that of a lesser

After being verbally rebuked for attacking it's ward, it asked me from what village I was, sadly I had no answer.
He directed me to the very center of the forest where I saw a tree greater than the highest peaks of my youth.
But I was not in awe of the tree, but of the giant that sat in front of it, complete with a makeshift table and great kettle of tea.

The great spirit took me under it's wing and raised me like my family never did, I learned to respect nature and it's majesty but with wisdom came what was missing ; growth.

By the time I came of age, I was no longer a pebble but a mighty boulder and the great spirit bidded me to leave, to find my own ward worthy of my protection.

I came into contact the the Lantern lodge and after some prelimenary missions, I transferred to Absolom where I stand before you today

Sakuchi closes his eyes and his previously painful expression turns to one of nostalgia and warmth.

Thank you for listening Sir Jet and my apologies for the length of my story , but it is not often that I get to talk about it.

Grand Lodge

You've been on a long sojourn, one that is not yet complete. I wish you the best on your journey, so you may in time return to your long abandoned community and mend the relations sundered. The heraldry of Erastil as apparent on the elf's armor and longbow, a devout worshiper by all appearances.

But your tale said nothing of a younger brother, where and when does his adventure join yours?

Grand Lodge

Sakuchi's warm expression turns to one of joy as he speaks.

Ah yes, the bold story of Daikyou 'the Grand' as he likes to be called. Daikyou and I are not family by blood or even remote species.

The Forest of Spirits is not a place of singular joy, it is still a place where rules of nature rule supreme.
While I was training with the great Spirit I came across a young Panther with a regal black coat dark as night but covered in wounds.
He was ousted from his pride by an older, more powerful male.
I brought him to the tree, nursed him back to health and he stayed with me as thanks, as a gift to both him and me, the Great spirit linked our lives together, as long as I live so will he.

Since then he has saved my life more than once and I have done the same, we may be of entirely different species, but he is my brother through deed and friendship and I would not prefer anyone else at my

Sakuchi breaks out in thundering laughter.

True family is a bond that lasts through all ordeals, I have known Daikyou for over 300 years now and I do not regret a day of it.

Sakuchi reaches for his backpack and retrieves two ornate red dishes as well as a beautifully decorated flask, fit for a large humanoid.

It is extremly rude of me to not provide refreshments, would you be willing to share a drink and perhaps tell me of your youth and exploits Sir Jet?

Sakuchi grabs two large pillows from his backpack on lays them out on the floor, sets down the two dishes, fills them with what appears to be hot tea and motions for Sir Jet to sit down.[/b]

Grand Lodge

After an uncomfortable look at the pillows on the floor, the elf visibly steels himself and sits, partaking in the foreign custom.

After receiving the hot tea, Jet recites a grace inspired by Tiny's talk on family: I show respect to my elders, for they have done much. I show respect to the young, for they have much left to do. I show respect to my peers, for they carry the load. And I shall carry it with them.

I have also left the community of my birth, and will not return soon. My elder's and advisers in Kyonin have tasked me to sojourn as a Pathfinder, 'What better way to see the wonders for the world' they say. Bitterness enters his voice, Ha, wonder? Mishap and terror, slavery and plague, demons and dragons rampant... yes the wonder beyond elven borders... Sorry, I slipped there. We won't speak of that.

Tales of youth and exploits? I spent my youth stalking the Fierani Forest, hunting stag and scouting the movements of the Treerazer minions. It was a glorious time, but the time of adolescence must end. The son of a councilor has duties, "my community comes first, and I will contribute to it all that I can." and my duty is to be an ambassador of my people. So, that brings me here! With the pathfinders to learn the customs of the inner seas and beyond.

Ha, to go back now, hunting stag and scouting the movement of demons would be a dull life after having stood against the charge of a full grown dragon! Unleashing shaft after shaft into the maw of the terrible beast, protected from it's acidic breath by my compatriot's gnomish magic, and my hand stiffened my human arcana. Mere feet away from certain death as twin warriors blunt it's charge with brawn and steel. Yes, there has been no shortage of exploits...

The elf smiles as he reminisces on fighting alongside a team of well-balanced Field Agents.

Grand Lodge

Sakuchi's face has a look of both confusion and enjoyment.

You appear to be a firm believer in the rites of...Old deadeye if I am right? Religion has never been a strong subject of mine.

However, your devotion is impressive, even when working as a field agent, your family doesn't leave your mind.

Sakuchi takes his staff in both hands and smiles.

Sadly the peaks of my youth are empty of my kind, a tribe of humans lives there now and they sadly did not take well to my visit.

Sakuchi pours more tea, filling the dishes exactly to the edge.

I am thankful for you making some time to chat with an old man,your colleagues do not seems very talkative however.
Forgive an old man for rambling on, please continue Sir Jetanmerun.

Linguistics: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (13) + 4 = 17

Grand Lodge

If you would be willing to tell me more about your youth with your family, I would most appreciate it, I did not have the pleasure of pleasant bloodties.

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