Above the Grand Lodge's lawn

Silver Crusade

Silver Crusade

You see a wayang riding atop a strange pink creature. The wayang's mount is as if a cartoonist's drawing has come to life; it is equine in nature, with a large head, large, round eyes, and a multicolored mane and tail. The creature's body is pink, and she sports both a unicorn-esque horn and a set of wings, which she uses to keep herself and her rider aloft.

It is clear that the two work in perfect unison, performing dazzling feats of aerial mastery (fly check-DC 34). It is obvious to all who care to watch that the two are not only in perfect synch, but that they are having the time of their lives, trying ever newer and more dangerous feats of daring-do aloft.

They pull out of their latest dive and stabilize for a moment. The rider, apparently unable to restrain the feelings of joy she is having, undoes her military saddle and stands up on her eidolon's back. Eyes closed, she spreads her arms wide and feels the wind rush against her body. As she does, there is a faint hint of light. Her ears glow, moving from their normal shape, to those more closely resembling her mount's. The spark of light leaves her ears in their new state and trickles down to the small of her back, all without the rider nor mount noticing.

As the light hits the small of her back, it begins to spread, taking shape and forming a luminous pair of feathery wings. The light fades, leaving the wings behind and, as the wings catch the air, she slowly rises off the back of her mount.

She hangs in the air for a moment, slowly separating from her mount, before the two seem to notice at the same time. Eyes wide in fear, the wayang begins to fall, and the strange eidolon moves to catch her in a spectacular dive. However, at the last moment, the wayang manages to catch the wind and slows her decent, landing on all fours with her former mount landing a split second afterwards.

"Twillika! YOU HAVE WINGS?" shouts the pink creature in a mixture of shock and excitement.
"Rainbow, I have wings! HOW DO I HAVE WINGS?" responds the waying.

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A shimmer in the air reveals a paunch man in inelegant robes eating a pastry.

I can remove them if you'd like.

Silver Crusade

The wayang picks herself up and begins spinning around, trying to get a good look at her new appendages. Absent-mindedly she calls out to the man as she continues to try and get a good look at herself in vain.

"I, uh, I'd prefer to know what's happening before I do anything rash."

Knowledge-Local DC 20: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (8) + 6 = 14
Not enough to identify the DC 20 abilities of a 10th lvl character

Silver Crusade

Bo wanders over to the crash and hands the... (sorry no knowledge local or planes)...a mirror.

Um, here you might want this.

Silver Crusade

"Oh, uh, thanks." the wayang says as she accepts the mirror. She tries a few different positions, trying to get a good look but apparently unable to find anything satisfactory. She hands the mirror back.

"Thanks, but I have a better idea. Rainbow, can you get behind me and look at them?"

"Oh? Oh, right! I forgot we could do that."

The wayang closes her eyes as the creature gets behind her. Suddenly the 'pony's' eyes start glowing.

"Amazing, they really are wings." she says as if looking through he mount's eyes. She flexes her wings a bit and gives a few test flaps.

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A robed halfling watches from the saddle of a grotesque red insect, clinging to one of Skyreach's lower spires.

"It is most pleasant to share a little with one's friends."

His hood mostly shades his face, but as it sways aside, there might be a hint of chitinous plates on his cheeks and forehead.

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