At a loading area within Skyreach Citadel

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It is a decent day within Absalom. Not many clouds, or blustery winds. People are moving about, doing what they were told to, or doing what they wished.

A covered wagon pulls up to one of the loading areas within Skyreach Citadel. A regular every day porter of the Society drives the wagon. And next to him sits a dark haired Chelaxian woman in dark robes. Once the wagon is pulled in, the woman pulls out some paperwork and hands it to the porter. He nods and glances towards the back with a grimace. "Right. Looks like you git your work cut out for you. Them guards..." He shakes his head. "Them things... Shouldn't be here. But, we git paid ta do the haulin'" He waves at a couple of laborers and they get to work unhitching the horses and they move to the stables, leaving the woman with the wagon.

The woman sighs and leaps down from the wagon onto the ground. She walks around to the back and grasps her hands in a right fists before waving them out. She smiles as she speaks in a commanding voice. "You are under my command! You will listen to me and Obey! Now stand!" And when she finished her words, something big slowly gets up. It staggers as the canvas covering it. Also can be heard a clicking of bone, and a jaw of an animal snapping shut. "Right... By the orders of the Society, I can't use you anymore. But I can at least donate you to the Archives as guardians. And who knows, maybe other... Undead users will be able to perfect their school knowledge with you." The canvas slips off the lumbering giant of a creature, it is clearly dead and rotting. Next to it is a skeleton of a wolf, completely clean of flesh. "Alright. Come."

The Giant Undead Creature Kn. Local 18:

The giant undead creature is clearly what was once an ogre. It has rotted and clearly is sickening to look at.

Bought a Robe of Bones and used up quite a few patches. But these two lasted to the end of the scenario. So might as well use them for other things.

And yes, the Robe of Bones is also in the Core Rulebook

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