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Liberty's Edge

A new ship,The Thunder road, is making the trade routes. It seems just like a normal trading ship except whatever port the visit the captain seems to find the local church of Cayden Cailean. He also almost always seems to leave with passengers or new crew. Passengers are Children.When they seem to be loaded up they head for Korvosa. There the crew hustle them to a bar called ,"Just My Luck". It is rumored that both the boat and the tavern are owned by A fairly famous Liberty's Edge member,The HalfElf Gelrtar Glentar. After a few day they are then movedto his farm outside the city. When asked what was going on, Gelrtar replied it was part of an atonement. He was helping and assisting escaping slaves and orphans. I also would like any help if anyone could be of assistance,said the Eagle Knight.

Liberty's Edge

After a few days, a lightly armored female warrior rides up to the farm, at a rapid pace. The horse does not appear to be winded from its efforts, and a discerning eye might notice that it is not entirely of this world.

"I hear that you're gathering a group here, who are looking to make a fresh start," she says as she swings down from the saddle. "Is this just a staging point, or are folks looking to settle here? I could help teach you a few things about taking care of animals, though I'm not much for growing things, myself. Staying in one place for that long is just not in my nature, even if Pathfinder duties allowed for it."

"By the way, I'm Mila and this, here, is Marishi." She pats her horse in a friendly manner, and looks around to see if anyone appears interested.

Liberty's Edge

We take all who are lost.feed them Cloth them as per Catdens ways.They can stay or leave. The children are looked after till we find their parents,a good family takes them or another orphanage has room. That of course is the last resort.
My names Taldren. This place belongs to my brother gelrtar. He is a Pathfinder himself(Fame 63,Lib Edge). He is on a pathfinder buisness right now. You are welcome to stay as long as you with. could always use the help. My brother is due back in a week or so depending on both the winds and how much he feels the need to worship.

Liberty's Edge

A silver phase fox wearing a pink bow Steps out from under a wagon next to captnchuck. At hearing what he says, it gives out a series of yips, and a halfling family covered in mud, blood, and gore move out of the woods holding makeshift spears and slings. One of the children, holding a wickedly serated kictchen knife, peeks over her fathers side "are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

Liberty's Edge

(captnchuck is me Gelrtar is the Char)
Taldren looks at them with a soft smile and says come clean up and have some food then we will get you settled in.

Liberty's Edge

A few hours later

The bushes rustle as a heavily scarred halfling in a breast plate leads an axe beak into the clearing. His clothing and armor is bloody an worn, but he looks alertly around the clearing before looking at Gelrtar firmly as he hands off a trio of sleeping children to the waiting people and nods to the haggard halfling woman who steps into the clearing.

"They'll sleep to full moonrise, I've given Gran enough to cover lodging, the trip and such till I finish my business here an can join them in Andoran." He says quietly as he checks his axebeak's saddle as it sniffs the breeze and hisses in the direction they came from. "Damn, how many Dash?"

The axebeak gives several long hisses as he mounts the bird and pulled out a sponge and flask, passing the sponge to the bird. It cheerfully chews on the sponge and vanishes as he uncorks his and likewise vanishes as the sounds of a hound is heard.

"I'd suggest you take your folk and leave, I'm about to upset some very nasty folks." He says before the sound of running axebeak vanishes in the distance. The old lady sigh as she takes two of the sleeping children and starts moving away from the direction of the hounds.

"Best we get going, my grandson has too much of his grandfather in him. We shan't see him tonight, win or lose, he'll be making a statement with the hunters if he gets them an if he lose we will have fun of our own."

Liberty's Edge

The halflings hear the word "Food!" and advance past at a run. One of them appears back outside with a few rolls, handing Gelrtar a large crystalline flask labeled "Elixir of Fox Comprehension" in both common and Tien.

Here. Drink this. It will help. In more ways than one. I swear your "scout" there was leading us INTO the patrols!

the bottle:

Appears to be a rather ordinary bottle of some fairly decent brandy

Liberty's Edge

We are not moving anywhere. This is first of all our land we do as we please.Just getting the Barley and hops in for next years brews.
Gelrtar should be back in a week or so. There is no way any one bothers us with him around. Plus,we are keeping the Thunder Run close as well as the People from Just My Luck and the Church in Town,they always help cuze
little bro always Tithes and gets drunker than all get go.

Liberty's Edge

Mila surveys the crowd that has started to form around her and her horse. Eventually she singles out a young girl who is peering out from behind a woman who might be either her older sister or her mother. "Would you like to feed her an apple?" Mila rummages around in her pack, cuts it into several pieces and holds them out towards the girl. "If you want a horse to be your friend, you can't really go wrong with apples. But don't give them too many apples at one time or they may end up with a bellyache."

Marishi gives what can only be interpreted as a skeptical snort, and stretches to take a piece of apple from the girl.

"If you are going to feed a horse treats," Mia continues, "then you'll also want to make sure they get some exercise too. Otherwise, you end up with a fat, lazy horse."

Marishi snorts again.

Mila gestures for a lanky teenage boy to come forward. "You look like your legs are long enough to reach the stirrups. Have you ever ridden a horse before?" The boy nervously shakes his head no. "Let me help you up . . . Put the balls of your feet here . . . Keep your back straight. Don't hunch your shoulders." Mila walks beside the horse, then jogs a little. The boy, who was initially hesitant, seems to get more comfortable and more confident, even cracking a smile.

Mila continues to chat with the crowd, mixing stories of her adventures with Marishi with practical advice about riding and taking care of animals. "Now the horses you have on the farm, here, they won't charge into battle unless you spend a lot of time training them to do that, but they're strong workers. They'll pull a wagon so that you can transport goods from town, or a plow to prepare the fields for planting. I can only imagine the disaster if I tried to hook this diva up to a plow." She gives Marishi a playful pat. "The whole field would be plowed in circles because someone was out to prove that she was faster."

Liberty's Edge

From down the road the mild rattling of a wooden cart can be heard. Several minutes later a large wolf emerges around the bend, steadily pulling a covered cart behind it.

The wolf comes to a stop a few short feet away from Gelrtar, sitting calmly, and giving a short, if quite baritone yip. From the covered cart emerges five halflings, a couple emaciated humans, and four half-orcs. All are dressed in rags or poorly kept clothing, and look as though they need a good meal. One halfling, a child, steps up to the wolf, pats her leg, and says,

"Thank you miss Gloria, I'll miss you." The wolf nods in reply with a warm smile, and seems to be keeping track of the rest of the freed slaves as they gather with the rest of the masses. The wolf nods in confirmation and turns to Gelrtar.

"I've been told that you are a handler, and that you will take good care of them before they can move on with their lives. For your sake, I hope this reputation is well founded." She says slowly, ending her sentence with a low growl of warning.

Liberty's Edge

"Oh sure, they get the big one AND it pulls a cart. Of course we get the discount canid"

"Huh..." the male halfling takes another swig of the vial in between bites of biscuit "Didn't know this worked on wolves too"

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