Poetry of Lord Byron

Sovereign Court

Sovereign Court

I chanced upon a weeping Irisani Monk
Dear Sir why are you in such a funk

My Lord he wept I now truly know
Why not to eat the yellow snow

Sovereign Court

I strolled among the dusty books
and obtained a series of silly looks.

From readers, writers, and archival peasants,
Dear Abadar! I have forgotten my pants.

Sovereign Court

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On public drunkenness

What wonder we find amidst the earth
When below the bar is our berth.

Or sleeping in sluices of heady waste
To dream of better things to taste.

Sovereign Court

My paths have led me back
From those critters that I whacked

To a long forgotten home
Bearing a devilish tome

The dear VC tells me wow
You are alive but how

For all the others we sent
Now pay Pharasma's rent.

I reply my dear VC
I see you weep for me

But are they tears of joy
Or a crocodile's heartless ploy.

Sovereign Court

Brave they are that trod
Hao Jin's magic sod

In fabric sealed are
Treasures to be revealed

Yet now we see the game
That not all gifts are the same

Is this an ancient wine
Or poison aged with time.

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