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The Exchange

A young woman entered the temple of Abadar. Her leather apron was marred by several black burn marks, but otherwise her appearance was that of a craftswoman who had cleaned herself up to pay her respects to her god. She paused to converse with two of the priests.

”Father Morgan, Brother Chase, I am hoping that you can share your wisdom with me, regarding a point of theology. Is it possible to serve the god of law, civilization and trade by operating outside of the law?”

The older priest stroked his beard thoughtfully before replying. ”That is a complicated question, Ms. Silverblade. Is it purely theoretical, or do you have some specific example in mind?”

”You have seen right to the point,” replied the woman. ”I do have a specific example, on which I hope you can advise me. It has come to my attention that a group of vigilantes has started watching over the trade district at night. They call themselves Vault Security, claiming that they do the will of Abadar - protecting merchants and craftsmen and discouraging activities like thievery and extortion that disrupt the smooth flow of business. Is it possible for such a group to serve the law, while simultaneously working outside of the law?”

The younger priest was quicker to answer the question. ”Surely if they are found guilty of breaking any laws, they must be punished just like anyone else. Do we not already have a city watch and a judicial system to discourage thievery and extortion?”

The older priest replied more thoughtfully. ”Your words are true, Brother Chase, but consider them carefully. Do we not often speak of the invisible hand that guides the market? Could not an anonymous representative of Abadar’s will accomplish much that you or I could not, teaching in the temple.”

”But surely disrespect for the law in one area breeds disrespect for law in all areas!” The younger priest was not ready to give up the argument.

The woman interjected, ”It is not so different from a random passerby trying to stop a robbery in a situation when no city watch was present. This Vault Security group is simply more proactive in seeking out robberies to stop.”

The older priest gave the woman a knowing look. ”One would have to be careful, lest the anonymity of a mask tempted one to act more chaotically. If you should encounter any of these vigilantes - I’m sure they could make use of the fine weapons you produce - remind them that though they may hide their faces from the common folk, Abadar knows who does these things. He will reward those who serve him faithfully, and bring ruin upon those who stray from his teachings.”

”Thank you for your wisdom, Father Morgan.” The young woman gave a respectful bow. She continued with her morning prayers, made a donation, and left the temple.

Given the long history of super hero teams - Avengers, Justice League, etc. - it would be interesting to form a Pathfinder team of vigilantes. If anyone else is interested in making an Abadar serving vigilante, out to protect the world from chaos, feel free to join in. Maybe we will get to play a game together some day. Maybe we will just enjoy knowing that our characters are part of a larger group, and share the stories here.

Grand Lodge

A Chellish man with shoulder-length black hair, wearing a rather haphazard suit of heavy armor and no visible weapons approaches. He bears a holy symbol of Abadar on his vest.

"I apologize, I could not help but overhear. It is a strange moral quandary you pose. On the one hand, Abadar is the god of laws, on the other, he does not hold laws as immutable.

If one of these . . . vigilante types . . . were to act in the name of Abadar, I suppose it would have to be from the point of view of the Paladin Code of Abadar. I personally am not restricted to it, being a humble paralegal, but I do strive towards it.

First, the code says protect the weak and innocent, by teaching them to fight for themselves, and stepping in where they cannot.

Second, it says to respect lawful authority. So, if this proposed vigilante were to earn the respect of the city guard, and work with them, I suppose that would help.

Stop corruption in the courts, stop banditry, ensure equitable trade in the markets . . . these are all things the Abadaran Paladin must strive for. I see no contradiction in this by doing it from the shadows. It is a fine line one would have to tread, but not an impossible one."

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