What does innate magical trait mean? [Energy scarred background]

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Pretty much as the title says. I am fairly new to pathfinder second edition. My first pathfinder 2e character only hit lvl 6 recently, but something has bugged me since the creation of my character. Our DM is also new to pathfinder 2e and we are all learning the rules together as players and DM.

In the description of Energy Scarred background it say, "Your innate magical trait is primal." and then continues to list energy types and mentions resistance which is all pretty straight forward and clear, except for what is meant with innate magical trait. I've searched and nowhere does it explain what it means clearly. Does it allow me to learn spells with the chosen energy type as innate spells or is it just pointless information? What am I supposed to know or gain from an innate magical trait?

There are Pervasive Magic feats that care about your magical trait, they give you spellcasting based on the list your trait is, you choose a mental score for the spells. It also should give you a cantrip, I would advise you to talk with your GM if you meant to introduce the pervasive magic rules because, by default, everyone has a trait with pervasive magic.

Energy Scarred is from the Pervasive Magic variant rules in Secrets of Magic.

If you aren't using those Pervasive Magic rules, then Energy Scarred isn't going to work quite as well. You can still use the background, but the innate magic trait isn't going to do much.

You might consider a behind-the-scenes change to Elementally Infused background. It should match up with the ability boosts that you have, and has a similar theme and lore that it gives.

Ah that makes so much more sense now reading the Pervasive Magic rules. Thank you very much

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